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Finally, finally, SHINee is releasing a Japanese title track that isn’t a remake of a Korean one. The choreography is complex and sharply executed, and I wouldn’t expect less from SHINee.
I do like the choreo though, it reminds me a lot of something INFINITE would do (and I love all of their dances so it’s a compliment). Tbh, I miss simple SHINee, back when they had the urban chic thing going on and their dances were less complicated but creative. I really think they have evolved as artists and for that, they need to experiment with every type of song. As for the costumes, I think someone has already mentioned Minho and Onew’s skirts along with the bedazzling and the fur.
Its a really weak song and its like deja vu when I hear it because it sounds so familiar to me.
I was talking to s friend about the outfits in the mirror room, when alla sudden i realized why certain design elements felt SUPER familiar.
It was like I was seeing a toned downed version of some of the older Johnny’s Entertainment groups wardrobes. SM is aptly named – for what the company is doing to ShinEE and its customers is painful indeed. I agree with most everything in this article–but I do love the song a lot, despite the overprocessed parts. I also didn’t like all the fur–if they just took out all the fur (and those skirts! I am reminded because of your comment.  Just to post a skirt-wearing-GD because he wore one last week in their Jakarta concert.
I really like Shinee, but their latest music advetures have left me scratching my head and feeling like instead of progressing they are going backwards…I hope the boys can find their groove again and gives us some great songs in the future. I here what you are saying about womens ups and downs being normal but I also think our lady symptoms are getting more severe due to the un natural environments we live in and the typical western diet. I know there are some Holistic docs that treat minor hormonal imbalances by adding things like natural progesterone creams,and supplements and bio-identical hormone therapy. The 2-3 days before, I just eat all the chocolate in the world, and watch terrible rom-coms (which I usually hate).
Your sister is right, just be more kind to yourself (which is really a good motto for life broadly as well…). I’ve had the same problem, my period stopped for three months and then lasted for six months , on September 26th2013 it stopped and now I feel dizzy when I walk and it scares me ?? Dont know what to do. It sounds like you may be anemic due to an iron deficiency caused by having your period for so. Thank goodness for my understanding husband, who cuts me some slack when my hormones go crazy. Back in tthe olden days women did not use anything special to catch their flow, so they just bled through their skirts.
Claire’s right a WFPB diet really helps a ton check out dr mcdougall with his it has cured endometriosis, also slices away any risks of breat it ovarian cancer. Aunty Flow stopped visiting me a couple of years ago, so now I’m free to be a cranky bitch (or not) whenever I want. Really after all us women complained about being tired, you have new stem cells for more kids? I think sometimes our period might be trying to tell us something, but in some cases it might not be what we think. I have noticed if my exercise levels are up, and my diet is optimal, that I have far less discomfort during my period. But anyway, regarding PMS… yeah, I totally lose my edge for the week right before my period (and sometimes for 2 weeks before) but I begin to feel normal again as soon as my period starts, so I actually prefer the week of my period to the week leading up to it. And, whoever came up with that “Have a Happy Period” campaign can bite me no matter what my DefCon rating is!
I get what you get too – however, luckily (sorry), mine only lasts a day or 2 at most. While exercise helps in the moment (sometimes), it doesn’t do anything long term and I usually just take it as a rest day, or at least, do something mellow like the elliptical. The vast majority of the children were delightful - well mannered, kind and generally pleasant customers.
Upon arriving at the tattooing table, the young lad tried to snatch a £10 note that was resting comfortably in the cash tin.
A week or so ago I boarded that very bus on a Sunday morning, the sort of time where buses are so infrequent you have to look up what time they’ll actually be coming so you can get one - an unusual experience in itself for a suburban dweller such as myself. I was in my right mind to tweet directly to TFL - alas, the word count Twitter imposes stopped me from sending a strongly worded tweet.
I went to the seminar with little knowledge on the matter, though, of course, I’d done some preliminary research.
I came away from the seminar having learned a great deal and with a lot more to think about.
Reaching the latter of those questions, I again looked toward my sociology GCSE for guidance.
But what hadn’t quite hit me was that the views the media has been putting out about young people for a fair while now are well integrated with society.
This may seem awfully pedantic of me, but I just like my blocks of cheese to remain just that - blocks. I opened a packet of cheddar on Thursday to use it with my packed lunches, slicing thin and even slices off the end one at a time, leaving the remaining cheese as a nice rectangle.
Friday evening, and, considering my crazy partying lifestyle, I was at home, and thought I’d have a piece of cheese.
You’d think ITV would want you to watch the drivel they put out, but it would seem they intend on throwing every obstacle in your way. Clearly ITV Player had other ideas, as it then un-paused itself and began playing a completely different part of the show. Amongst the youth of today, certain words and phrases come in and out of fashion in the same way you can be sure that day and night will arrive. Today, while glumly sitting on a tube at Brixton waiting for it to depart, I witnessed an event which I’ve always been fearful could happen to me. Just as the train was about to leave, a mother with a young girl of around six years old and an even younger boy came bursting on to the platform and began darting towards the train. The little girl opened her mouth and produced the highest-pitch, loudest and most shrill noise one could ever imagine. It made me think that maybe, just maybe, she could have spared us all the expense of restorative auditory surgery. I think I can pretty safely say that, at the very least, most people are incredibly irked by people joining together their Facebook and Twitter accounts so that every Tweet they send out appears on their Facebook page and, subsequently, their friends’ news feeds. What this means is that people Tweet far more often than they update their status on Facebook.

I began to question the very fabric of society as we know it - was this to be deemed more, or less acceptable than putting feet with shoes on the seat in front? After having a pleasingly regular check-up today, I can report that my appointment, which I’m assuming will be mostly the same to any other, consisted of opening wide, allowing the dentist to scratch a piece of metal against my teeth and allowing the dentist to blow air on to my teeth. I like having pictures like this on my blog because they question basic principles of life and I’m really, really deep like that. Every now and then, I like to post a really gruesome picture on my blog, just to remind everyone I have guts and passion.
Having done some research on the matter, the first thing I discovered was that leading psychologists believe those who refer to themselves in the third person to usually be narcissistic. It also doesn’t help the fact that every scene lasts less than 2 seconds, so it is tiring to watch and especially tiring to try to understand the story when the image changes every couple of seconds. There are some great segments, such as the intro segment where the whole group forms a tableau at the left of the stage and executes the choreography with discreet movements. As a song, however, it avoids all the awkwardness that comes with a translation and sounds fairly J-pop-ish. As for the video, the styling is awful and most of the members looked awkward due to the choppiness of every scene. It was so good and fairly original, and now they’ve kind of digressed into very normal, typical Kpop songs. Good, a pleasant listen, but not jaw-dropping or incredible or something I’d pay money for, really.
I’m not sure what they trends are for them the past few years, but from what i saw pre-2009 it kinda similar? The fact that they hired a Japanese designer for the stylism kind of implies they were going for a more Jpop-ish look, so maybe it’s not fully intentional but somehow they were looking for it.
ShinEE is capable of so much more in vocals and dance and this song is definitely not worthy enough.
I just felt it also suited their voices AND their style better, and they stood out more that way.
For 20 days of the month I am a writing machine, coming up with posts, working on my book, doing research, conducting interviews and enjoying every second of it.
My little Earth Mother sister might be onto something.  Historically in many cultures women were given a break during That Special Time.
If you lose your period it could be because you’ve over-exercised (ahem), dropped your body fat too low (learned that lesson), have an underactive thyroid, are overly stressed or even have cancer. I am almost considering this option because I am tired of the Rollercoaster, I have seen women on the PMDD forums saying that it works wonders. I took Yazmin for about 7 years, and it really messed with my mood (my anxiety is infinitely better since going off), but also, both are linked to blood clots, and a bunch of other heart issues (though cancer was not mentioned…). The week after my period im super cheerful, very energetic and my sex drive is through the roof. It’s trying to tell you to look after yourself and stopping running round like a headless chook. So I asked my yoga teacher (another earth mother) about PMS stuff, and she said something similar- that basically your period is really hard on your body too, so to take a little time. Courtesy of the pill, I barely have any other symptoms, but the day before my period or sometimes on the first day, I feel deeply sad and dissatisfied with myself. I have to remind myself of this before I send off e-mails (because man, can I get defensive)!
The odd month on the day or two before I’ll get cramps or a bit sensitive, but most months I just get rediculous hunger cravings.
I definitely agree, women on their periods get treated like they have a terrible disease, and that is really unfair, since it’s a perfectly natural thing.
I was told it was okay to use a cup…until it dislodged my IUD and I had to go to an after-hours emergency clinic to get it removed.
It was a seminar with the aim of evaluating the reasons for and against the inclusion of age as a category for discrimination in the editor’s code, a set of rules and guidelines that editors of publications are advised to follow. The question then arises - as a part of which editor’s code would this addition be most effective?
Of course by this point, it takes a fair few evenly cut slices to restore order to the cheese, by which point there won’t even be much of it left.
A member of my family, who, for his or her own safety, will remain nameless, quite literally cutting corners from the cheese.
No abstract meanings here, it really was used to describe a state of confusion, which may shock you in a culture where the word 'brainer’ is used to define someone who partakes in oral sex (how foolish of me for thinking it meant someone who is intelligent). But there was something about the way she chirped up within the train traveling between Brixton and the next station which really got to me. Finally, after what feels like a mile or two of trudging through the cabin, praying the next seat will be 37B, I get there. Surely, passenger after passenger boards the plane and goes through the same process that I have, ending up wallowing in their own self-loathing to the point of projectile vomiting.
You can follow whoever you like, friendship requests don’t need to be approved and once you post something, anyone else can see it (most of the time). Having been told this, I find I’m rather prepared when I see feet on seats - it no longer shocks me. I often find I fixate upon a particularly fascinating piece of ceiling, or perhaps a light switch.
I would say this is a contradiction; assuming everything is perfect, as it is in Utopia, bad feelings such as laziness and fatigue are no more. And it may or may not have something to do with the fact that they don’t have any other Korean tracks to remake. I used to be the biggest fangirl for them ever when they were doing those R&B songs that had a slight Micheal Jackson like sound too them, but they just seem to be going downhill. I appreciate that SM realizes that Super Junior is their boy-group cash cow and lets SHINee try the more risque stuff.
PMS is seen as a weakness, something that needs to be fixed, covered up or ignored – a disease even.
If your period is irregular it can be a sign of fibroids, nutritional deficiencies, stress and (again) cancer. I end up sitting in my office feeling nauseated from being so dizzy, it’s absolutely terrible.
I find that during the first day or two I have to spend a good amount of time sitting down or resting or else I start feeling like I have the flu. I then even out for a while til the week before my period when i get sore boobs, a crankier mood and a low sex drive.
I was on juliet pill and took ponstan prescription tablets at that time of the month for 10 years because I had such bad periods. Also the age of menarche for plant based cultures is very much later inset and earlier finish.
I totally have the over-sensitive, someone-broke-my-shell, weepy moments often in the days leading up to Shark Week.

I guess (purely guesswork) that it’s because my nutrient levels are better suited to prevent problems (maybe naturally higher in minerals like magnesium?), and that my muscles are in better shape to deal with potential problems. But it was only last week that I had a rather epiphanic experience, an experience that told me: no.
One young boy who clearly thought he deserved the world to be served to him on a silver platter. He then proceeded to tell my colleague, who was in the middle of applying his tattoo, that if it came out badly he would sue. I was sitting, minding my own business and dancing (as much as a plastic chair built for 6 year olds would let me).
But for some unknown reason, the drivers of our buses seem to see this as an excuse to use the streets of southern London as the F1 racing course. After a second treat of seven adverts and wondering what I’d done to deserve such rewards, the video playback was just as awful as before.
I sat through all the - for lack of a better word - crap ITV Player threw at me, just to see what is apparently an average of eight minutes of singing per episode.
There was a short moment of silence and panicked expressions, the quiet before the storm, or perhaps the eye of it. I can only imagine this horrendous noise was so penetrating it made it’s way through to the driver, as the doors then opened. I look over, and by golly is she looking cheap and cheerful; it was as if the whole thing had never happened! She had not a care in the world as she assumed it was okay for her to not only take up another seat, but to put her naked feet upon it. But I won’t say that too loudly, just in case they decide to start remaking the B-sides. The chorus, however, in its two variations, feels awfully awkward, especially the steps in the first chorus which are repeated when the chorus is later repeated a third time. Sure I get all the usual PMS crap like cravings (for like two weeks, so basically half the month I’m fighting sugar), bloating, moodiness and cramps. But either way women were generally expected to be different during their periods. It was normal to not be your normal self. If your period is excessively heavy then you could possibly have polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, are overly stressed or (you saw this one coming) cancer. I also hate how it feels trying to live in a society that expects women to be on a perfectly even keel 365 days a year. I almost wish I had worse cramps, and no dizziness, because at least I can help cramps with advil, I have no idea how to cure dizziness (more water, etc. If the dizziness is severe, constant, gets worse, etc PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see a doctor. After being kept at the same hormonal level for so long by the pill, im really enjoying the super positive week of the red-ruled-roller-coaster.
You’d treat it differently right before and after a hard race, so kind of do the same thing at your period.
And yes, I’ll probably treat myself to a whole row of silly TV shows on hulu ?? and I indulge in copious amounts of expensive dark chocolate.
I started journaling to vent my feelings so that I don’t accidentally say wrong things to the people I love. This grand claim did not worry me; I doubted he had either the financial or the legal means to pursue such an effort. Such loutish behaviour is inexcusable; to think what visitors to our very own 2012 Olympics must have thought! Instead of punching a hole in my laptop’s screen, setting it on fire and throwing it out the window, I decided to write this post as a way of venting my anger instead, pausing playback so I could focus on creating a first draft. In what looked like a scene from a film, the little girl flung herself at her mother, burying herself in the large coat she wore, overcome by emotion and started crying. Yes, here I am, walking to my seat, just like any other passenger aboard this Boeing 337 - is there a problem? They are built differently and so people use them differently, which is why it makes no sense whatsoever to merge them. She looked as if she was relaxing on the veranda of some sort of five star suite in the Maldives - well I’m sorry madame, this is no Hilton. Granted, they probably look ten times less ridiculous than I would doing the same step (or any K-pop step for the matter) but it still doesn’t make matters any better. SHINee is definitely among the top groups talent-wise, but they’ve never quite hit where I wanted them to when I comes to their music. I think the way the piano accompaniment blends into the heavier beats and voices of the chorus sounds fun and refreshing.
The lack of sleep then necessitates OD’ing on sugar and dark chocolate to keep moving. Us ladies are fine-tuned machines and perhaps our menstrual cycles are the canaries in the coal mines. She also said that the foods they say to avoid because of bloat (like salt, caffeine and bready starchy foods) can also make emotional roller coasters worse, for what that’s worth. I just dislike rude children (a category into which I have since decided most children fall). This is the 319 to Sloane Square, and I would advise you to remove your feet from that seat immediately and spend the rest of your journey on your best behaviour, so as to convince the rest of us you have at least one redeeming quality.
The furs are just too much, and the guys just seem to always have way too much fabric on them. I actually didn’t mind it because they layered Minho and Kibum rapping over the broken down beat.
The side effects felt too scary and I already have an IUD for birth control so the risk wasn’t worth it for me. A lady was sitting there, casually munching away on an apple, with her shoes on the floor and her bare feet on the seat in front of her. Jonghyun barely manages to look better off than his groupmates, mostly due to the fact that the majority of his close-ups happen in the other outfit. It’s gotten so bad that I actually have a calendar alarm set up to remind me not to send any ill-advised e-mails for those couple of days.
That being said, it hasn’t stopped me from liking the song overall and adding it to my playlist. They should do what they do best, which is great dance moves and silly pop songs that are catchy and easy to repeat.

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