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To get the most out of your home environment, you could make good use of Vastu house facing. Therefore, no worldly troubles and disturbances come in way of the construction of any kind made in conformity with the principles and norms of Vaastu Shastra. The progress of any construction work is hindered or slowed down only if it is not in accordance with the procedure given in Shastras, where the good or evil effects of all the steps right from selection of site to residing in the house constructed have been considered. Generally it is seen that many cinema halls have been erected without caring much of the Vaastu-Gyan. These should provide proper entertainment and should be free from any danger risk. We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the theatres.
As soon as we start planning to paint the new colours in our house, the very first thing come to our mind is about different colours.
Divine EncounterFor quite some time, I've been constantly reminded of a most divine encounter with a god-tier woman. By establishing them in proper place as directed by Vaastu Shastra accidents and loss of property and persons can be avoided. Diving troubles can also be avoided or removed by performing certain rituals according to one's own belief and religion; and mental peace and self satisfaction can be achieved.

Such halls remain incomplete and inspite of several efforts it can not be completed successful; even if these are completed some how, they do not run profitabily. The oldest and famous Ram Prakash Talkies in Jaipur, Amber Talkies, Shalimar Talkies etc. Doors should be provided in proper auspicious position as per Vaastu Chakra. In alternative situation it can be near the north-west corner in the north. Lawn and park should be placed in the south west corner of the roof.
In astrology Venus (Shukra) is supposed to be the god of worldly knowledge, pleasures and art. Roof of the hall should also be sloping in east or north directions. If the rules of the vastu are violated, there will be fewer visitors and it can be open to some accident risk.
We hadn't been out in a while, so I put on my sexiest jeans and a new shirt and spent tons of time getting ready.. It is the moral duty of human beings to work cautiously and carefully and mould the actions and behaviour in accordance with the set norms so that there may not arise any sort of difficulty in his works or constructions ever in future; and he may lead a peaceful and happy life following the customs and traditions of the society and norms set in the culture.

Many Cinema halls have either been closed or these are being converted into a commercial complex or residential flats. If favour of Shukra grah (Planet Venus) is gained by special efforts, it would be much fruitful in the matters relating to music, drawing, dance, poetry and drama, writing, wearing new clothes, decoration, film shooting, get-together, etc. Enjoying the bliss of healthy long life with family, he may find out the ways and means of getting rid of all troubles and losses. If we go deep into the cause behind it, we find either the site was not selected according to the norms or foundation or was not laid in auspicious moment, or there had been some default as per Vaastu-principles in the construction etc.
Vastu shastra has used colours to create beautiful and healthy homes which attract prosperity and positivity. This is possible only on the basis of knowledge and knowledge requires experience. Too incorporate the deeds and experiences of the forefathers or of our own in current situations in life, so as to enjoy the worldly pleasures is what we call experience.

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