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Every time you become pregnant unexpectedly, it means you have unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. In a gut-wrenching report on abortions the Washington Post reveals that twenty-two percent of the world’s pregnancies end in abortion every year.
Only two solutions: to have baby or visit your doctor for safe abortion (with mifepristone). Citing the Alan Guttmacher Institute, partially funded by Planned Parenthood as proof, the report states that “thirty-eight percent of the estimated 210 million pregnancies that occur each year are unintentional and 22 percent end in abortion.

In case you have no choice and are forced to terminate your pregnancy, remember that modern medicine can provide safe medical abortion by using just pills (mifepristone). It is your responsibility to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies by using modern contraception. Sometimes unplanned pregnancies becoming wanted and millions of healthy children were born as a result of unplanned pregnancies.
But in majority cases unplanned and unwanted pregnancies are ending with abortion which can damage your physical and psychological health.

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