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Now this study was specifically focused on a time that health-care officials labelled as a pandemic. These two studies together make a very strong case that for the sake of their unborn children, pregnant women should get the flu shot. Now please note that while I find the first two studies in this discussion very convincing, I don’t think this one is nearly as convincing. Dr Jay, your conclusion is wonderful: after stating clearly your support for the obvious likelihood of benefit, you send the pregnant woman off to get a shot of knowledgeable advice from her doctor, rather than commanding then to get that flu shot. Having not yet gone through the studies in detail, I can’t say for sure, but it seems to me that the benefits may not be due to the flu shot exclusively. That is certainly a possibility, LtRommel, since it is nearly impossible to compare two sets of people absolutely equally.
I find it interesting that you did not discuss the fact that most flu vaccine inserts state right on them that the safety and efficacy has not been established in pregnant women.

If you are interested in purchasing his elementary, junior high, or high school courses , you can do so at Berean Builders Publishing. This is the blog of marine biologist Sherri Seligson, the author of Exploring Creation with Marine Biology.
The author of Science's Blind Spot, Darwin's God, and Darwin's Proof offers his opinions on science and religion. Radar is claiming that Ryan Gosling was taken aback when he first learned that he was going to be a father, especially since things weren't exactly going in the right direction with Eva Mendes. If until today Ryan has seemed reluctant to give up his bachelor ways, he's now been forced to make a commitment because of his unborn baby.
It also looks like the news that he's going to be a father has changed the flirtatious actor completely. It seems to me that those who do get the shot may be more likely to do other things that benefit their child as well, which may produce the same results.

The couple had been plagued with rumors about a possible breakup since the beginning of the year, and people actually started believing that they were going to part ways.
There was talk of not seeing eye to eye on certain matters such as marriage, but it seems that Eva solved their problems with a tried and tested method – by getting pregnant. The same insider reports that Eva has already moved into Ryan's bachelor pad and made herself comfortable while she waits to give birth to the baby. She's trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps, and Ryan is making sure that there are no outsiders invading her personal space. Sarfati, made me aware of a couple of studies that I had missed over the past couple of years.

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