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The growing skin forms a protective layer over your baby’s body; but, it is still quite transparent and will remain this way until the later part of the third trimester [1]. The fingers and toes continue to grow out of their webbed appearance and are almost fully developed by now [4]. This is also the week when the nail beds start forming while the hair follicles continue growing [3]. The fetus begins to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid (as if breathing underwater) as the lung development starts [6].
The uterus is now large enough to fill your entire pelvis while you may even be able to feel it in the lower abdomen area, just above the pubic bone [10].
You may already have started to show a little, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. The blood vessels are easily visible through the translucent skin [1] along with tiny ribs [8]. Many women find that the early pregnancy symptoms of morning sickness, fatigue, frequent urination and the heightened sense of smell begin to subside from this week [4]. Most of these symptoms get better once you enter your second trimester while your appetite also increases, making it easier for you to get all the nutrition you and your baby need [20]. ShareIf an ultrasound were to be carried out when you are 6 weeks pregnant you would be able to determine if you were carrying twins or not, however, it would not be possible to discern the sex as yet.
Up to a quarter of women will experience some form of light bleeding even after the pregnancy has been confirmed. The medical term for this first trimester bleeding is Metrorrhagia but you will often hear it referred to as Spotting.
As the embryo attaches and grows finger-like trentricles to embed itself into the lining of your uterus this can quite often cause a small amount of blood loss. It often occurs around the time a woman was due to have her period as her hormone levels are not quite high enough yet to prevent that initial blood loss from occuring.

A little light spotting is fairly common after sex although it can be quite alarming to some. Of course not all spotting is going to be completely harmless so it is worth understanding the warning signs.
Whether your spotting is light or heavy and accompanied with pain or not, you should always mention all episodes of spotting to your midwife in order for them to examine, reassure or advise you. Note: If you were to have an Ectopic Pregnancy (also referred to as a Tubular Pregnancy) then it would normally be around this time (up to 10 weeks) that it will be established. Determine Pregnancy Due DateThe most exciting thing after confirming your pregnant is then to determine pregnancy due date. Pregnancy Week 4 - The Baby's ProgressPregnancy Week 4 continues with the developing heart and nervous system. Stages Of Pregnancy DevelopmentVisit Pregnancy Planner for Pregnancy Journals, Keepsakes And Organizers. Some women choose to spread the good news among their family and close friends by this time while others decide it is still too early for such joy.
The head is still disproportionately large, but the growing body will soon balance the difference in size [5]. The intestines gradually move into the baby’s stomach from the umbilical cord where it grows [4].
Your hair may seem thicker and shinier while you may notice your nails growing at a faster pace than usual.
Women tend to start showing a bit earlier in their second pregnancies due to the already relaxed abdominal muscles [12].
An ultrasound image will show your baby kicking and moving those tiny hands and legs, but it is still too early for you to feel them [5].
The genital organs have almost completed their development, but it will take a few more weeks for your doctor to determine the gender through an ultrasound [14].

The acne outbreak you have been dealing with for the last few weeks may also begin to clear up gradually [9].
Don’t jump to any conclusions before consulting your doctor as there can be many natural, non-eventful reasons for spotting to occur. Whatever you do, make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and listen to your doctor, both for your baby’s sake and yours. The tongue and palate also continue their growth from the last week while the tooth buds begin to form [3].
The cord still carries necessary nutrition to your baby and assists the amniotic fluid to keep him safe [7].
These are some of the positive effects of the rising pregnancy hormone (progesterone) levels [11].
However, it is generally too early for first time moms to start showing enough for others to notice that they are carrying [4].
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