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At 36 weeks, we went to see the consultant, I was preparing to beg him for an early induction in the coming weeks. I was taken to theatre, given more drugs (I tried to kiss the anaesthetist, I loved him so much at that moment).
They scanned me and found our little girl had moved down, but after 20 minutes of people pushing on my tummy to try and move her further, she refused to budge.
Just after Christmas (cripes – nearly a whole month ago!) Mike, the kids and I went on our first family skiing holiday to Chantemerle in Serre Chevalier!
A year ago today I started a challenge; The castle challenge, where I aimed to see all the castles in Northumberland with Reuben and anyone else who cared to join us.
For an unplanned pregnancy, we were certainly surprised when we discovered two little beings on the first ultrasound. To achieve my desired birth outcome, would require much planning, discussion and negotiation. My midwife, obstetrician and I had several meetings to discuss the birth, which I felt challenged his comfort zones somewhat, requiring some negotiation and compromise, but in the end I was happy with his assistance and the birth plan we had agreed on. Although I knew women are designed to give birth to babies in a breech presentation, and had witnessed the naturalness of this myself during my frienda€™s twins birth, I still held some fear of my impending birth.
After much discussion, planning and negotiating, Molly and Claire arrived at 3:10am and 3:37am respectively on 17th Dec 2011 a€“ both breech!!
The breech book said that a full term babya€™s bottom and head were an equal size, however at 37 wks I felt that Mollya€™s head was bigger than her bottom and it seemed my easiest delivery yet.
I also gave birth to breech twins back in 1974 but I would not put my babies through that again and would opt for the caesarean that the doctors wanted. Diane - you have come to believe that c sections are safer than a vaginal twin birth but One of your twins still could have almost died if they had of been born via c section.
Carla, since you have raised the issue of data and evidence, I have to challenge you to provide the Australian evidence for an excess mortality rate for scheduled elective caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for twins. If you are talking about maternal mortality, there are no Australian data comparing maternal mortality of elective caesarean delivery versus maternal mortality of planned vaginal birth, twin or otherwise. This found that the maternal mortality rate for scheduled caesarean sections was 20% lower than for planned vaginal birth.
The end of the first paragraph she even states that she only wanted the interventions if they were 'absolutely necessary' and in the 'best interests of her and her babies'. Doctors and midwives do know a lot about potential complications and how interventions can increase the chance of a good outcome for mum and baby, but for women to discard their professional advice, just because they want a 'natural delivery' is stupid.
Im have reached 35 weeks now and my presenting twin is breech i am hoping to discuss delivery with specialist at westmead to find out the risks as i dont want to be limited to one option.
In this section of our website you can read stories about other parent's experiences of being pregnant with and giving birth to twin babies. Jude and Jesse's Birth StoryMy twin pregnancy was a long and arduous journey, and tested all of my physical and mental limits. Rosina and Lilian's birth storyWhen Penny arrived at the birthing unit doors she could not have imagined that 30 minutes later she would have birthed her twin girls. Twin Breech Birth StoryFor an unplanned pregnancy, we were certainly surprised when we discovered two little beings on the first ultrasound.
Twin Home Water BirthJustine Caines is the secretary of Homebirth Australia and a respected advocate of natural birth. You will definitely want to get informed sooner than later in a multiple pregnancy, and make sure you not only find a doctor you feel comfortable with who has an amazing bedside manner, but who also agrees with your choice of birth plan. My greatest fear was the risk of having one baby born vaginally and one born via c-section.
Tags: birth plan, birthing twins, breech twin delivery, c-section with twins, delivering multiples, delivering twins naturally, delivering twins vaginally, delivery a breech, delvering a breech twin, doctor for twins, emergency c-section, identical twin delivery, midwife for twins, multiple delivery, natural twin delivery, planned c-section with twins, twin birth plan, twin birth positions, twin breech birth, twin delivery, twin pregnancy complications, twin VBAC, twins in the womb, twins via c-section, vaginal breech birth. My mom had triplets vaginal yes triplets I was the first 1 out then my sister and brother where the next 2 out my mom said it was a very painful birth she said she screamed so loud they herd her down the hall. You spend ages imaging how you might be in labour, planning how you’d like it to go, but you never really know do you?
After being told it would never happen, 3 rounds of ICSI (IVF) and we were finally about to be lucky enough to have not one, but two precious babies.

Mr TT got into his theatre scrubs, they gave me an episiotomy (joy), forceps, three pushes and G was out. Despite never having skied before, I finally agreed to have a ski holiday under the condition that I could have some lessons in advance.
Over the year, Reuben and I, and our motley crew of friends, family and people we didn’t know, visited over 40 castles. We had initially planned a homebirth, with our midwife who had supported us at our daughter's birth at home one year ago.
Although my friend was essentially happy with the outcome of her birth, I wanted to avoid what I came to discover as a€?standard hospital procedurea€? for a vaginal twin delivery. However, to complicate things, one or both twins remained in a breech position towards the end of the pregnancy.
I felt this was preventing me from going into labour, so flicked through a book my midwife had loaned me on Breech birth.
Molly arrived shortly after our arrival, too fast for the obstetrician, but gratefully caught by my midwife.
So I paid close attention to Clairea€™s delivery which felt the same, confirming for me that in my experience, the breech position was far easier to birth than vertex.
Think of the life long health problems you have avoided for your children by having a vaginal birth. Much of the maternal mortality of caesarean section is due to the underlying condition leading to the need for caesarean delivery, and often includes mortality for caesarean required for complications of vaginal birth.
The finding was obviously unplalatable to the Maternity System planners, and none of the subsequent reports have included similar comparisons with this subgroup of scheduled elective caesarean delivery lumped in with other elective caesareans, many of which will be for signigicant maternal illness (pre-eclampsia, major grade placenta praevia, diabetes etc).
Pregnancy and birth stories are a great way to learn about situations similar or different to your own. It was with some relief that I noted my mucus plug at week 35, on a Monday; I was a little bit nervous at how 'early' this sign of impending labour was for the babiesa€™ sake, but I trusted my body and knew the babies would come when they were ready. Yet at 39 weeks, with her husband, trusted independent midwives and two year old daughter at her side, that is precisely what Penny did. We had initially planned a homebirth, with our midwife who had supported us at our daughter's birth at home one year ago. I would assume, and my doctor backed me up on this, that some of the other roughly 45% are elective c-sections, which makes your chances better. The thing that gets me though, is that she’s churning out fantastic blogs left right and centre, all while looking after twins! Then suddenly there was a flurry of activity and two nurses ran out, getting me to sit down and asking me if I was okay.
We started at each other and giggled nervously, we hadn’t expected to go home with any babies quite yet. It was amazing; I slept, husband ate wine gums, time ticked by and I was eventually fully dilated and ready to push.
Everything was a blur, more drugs, lovely anaesthetist again, feeling tugging, pulling, people coming and going and then suddenly, our little H appeared over the curtain.
The hospital staff were wonderful, they came to help us feed every 3 hours all week, a lovely private room and Mr TT stayed with us every night. Today I thought I would reblog my Easy Pancake Recipe, which I first published here on the blog back in 2013 when Reuben was a mere year old.
However due to the increased risks associated with twins, we decided to opt for a hospital birth.
I did not want to be given an ultimatum between an epidural and a caesarean; I wanted neither. My midwife had an excellent working relationship with an Obstetrician who had significant experience in vaginal twin births. The visual imagery of women birthing breech babies helped me face my fear of delivering a bottom or two, and several hours later I was on my way to hospital. I look back now and realise how stupid I was to risk their lives just because I wanted to deliver naturally. I will always suffer the consequences of a c section birth, it annoys me that people think they are safer despite the Australian numbers clearly telling us that the mortality rate for c sections is double that of vaginal births.

On September 11 2015 I was at Dr's I saw the nurse practitioner I wasn't feelings ng right and had complications earlier in month but she insisted I was fine didn't think in needed to be monitored and said "its not like you are going to have two babies hanging out by their feet" well the next day Saturday September 12 2015 I had a spontaneous delivery at home alone!! However due to the increased risks associated with twins, we decided to opt for a hospital birth.
I talk about this subject in depth if you want to see a lengthy article on the subject of birthing twins naturally.
In saying that, if you are REALLY looking to have your twins via the vaginal route you have a far greater than a 1 in 2 chance, as plenty of c-sections in twins are in fact planned out of fear, or known-ahead-of-time necessity. A high risk pregnancy related issue such as certain types of identical twins, or a mother’s health issue that makes a vaginal birth too risky. The epidural was left to wear off so I could feel when to push and after a whole couple of hours of pushing (it only felt like 10 minutes or so) our little boy was stuck. Having birthed my first two children in hospital I held many reservations around birthing in this environment. I did not want the room full of unnecessary hospital staff eager to witness the unfortunately rare vaginal delivery of twins. Fortunately our obstetrician also had extensive experience with breech births and was heading a Breech Clinic within Westmead Hospital.
However, I believe our extensive preparation contributed to the success of Clairea€™s birth. Unfortunately, you will have a very hard time, I actually found it impossible in my area anyways, to get a midwife for a twin pregnancy.
The sheer weight of these two babies, plus a condition that causes extra fluid meant that it was all taking its toll on my hips and back. Excitement over, I was allowed home the following day after a sleepless night tossing and turning in the hospital.Back home, I went to bed with agonising back pain and stayed there most of the day. Suddenly the room was full of people and I was being rushed to theatre for them to give him a helping hand with the forceps.
I did not want to be confined to the bed, unnecessarily monitored, or have the second twin extracted by the doctor immediately after the first twina€™s delivery. I hoped the obstetrician would be open to our views and requests and help us achieve our desired outcome. Being the second twin, we had many concerns about the extent of intervention that could occur during her birth. My contractions came so quick and so hard I called Dr who thought I had time then called EMTs cause I knew otherwise..
Every single moment of infertility anguish, waiting, disappointment and heartache over the last three years was suddenly worthwhile. I needed to ensure that any intervention was ABSOLUTELY necessary, and not in the same context that hospital staff can portray as necessary, when in fact they are acting in their own best interests, not that of myself and my children. However we needed to do our research and with our midwifea€™s assistance my husband and I became well educated in the finer details of vaginal twin birth and all its possible variants. I had previously agreed to having my membranes ruptured in order to determine her presenting part.
At about 8pm, Mr TT came to check on me and found me stomping around using the labour pain techniques I’d be practising and hanging onto the radiator panting. Unfortunately there was a lack of research in the area and therefore no research to support the standard procedure adopted within the hospital system.
This was to assist obstetrician to minimise any risks that may be associated with potential presentations.
I screamed at the doctor when I said my ass hurt and she told me to put my legs back up, hold my breath and PUSH. Fortunately Clairea€™s bottom presented and I was left to give birth to her unimpeded, in a standing position.
Our preparation had paid off and with the help of my midwife and obstetrician, I had achieved a natural, vaginal birth, with minimal intervention and maximum safety to my children.

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