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Besides Prenatal vits and Omega 3, I used Vitex from February till May and then gave the Vitex up as I saw absolutely no difference in my cycle. BD twice a day morning and evening (yes I know exhausting!):on CD6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and17. June 15th CD15- Positive opk- painfully ovulation, balloon feeling from right ovary typically on the left).
June 16th – 1DPO- Notice my nipples are very sore- they always hurt me but this time like someone had grated the nipples. June 17th - 2DPO- Nipples still as sore and continue like this till BFP- notice one is more sensitive than the other and then they swap sides – odd! I am so convinced I am out this month- peed on a stick on Sunday 23rd and of course it was BFN so I have 4 ciggies at the beach that day and a couple of beers to console myself. I change tampax twice that morning to see what is going on and both times I had dried up brown blood with a speck of fresh red- more than my usual mid-cycle Luteal phase spotting and darker in color more like the last day of your period when you don’t need a tampon but you put one on just in case. Anyhow after work, I cook dinner and scoff a load of chocolate and tell myself I am imagining it as this am was a BFN. Work up at four am busting to pee – good sign since the only other times I have woken up to pee so early I was pregnant.
Woke up and was constipated then I had the runs and quite a large amount of spotting when I strained on the toilet!
FMU shows a clear line – praying this little rainbow baby sticks and wishing all of you lots and lots of baby dust. Congratulations have a happy and healthy nine months thanks for the gross pic it is so true there is nothing online I looked it up and couldn't fine one then I remembered reading your post before so I went back to it .
Jess; Hey i think you should hold out as late as possible that way you get more accurate results, if the spotting you experienced is IB give it 2 or 3 more days. Same issue my tampon looked the same on the mourning of the 15th i was spotting for no more them 10 min per day brownish and red.. I've been on birth control for the last year, but if I were to ovulate it would have been around New Years. I had implantation bleeding before, this is how it started, I had clear discharge with a streak of red blood then it was clear the whole day the next 3days it was pink with brown on the last day then for 9!!
We are ttc but I don't know much about my cycle and when I ovulate and all that but I think I might be experiencing implantation bleeding.
When 29-year-old Swati Sharma was told that she had suffered a miscarriage, she was devastated. When 27-year-old Mansi Nath (name changed) suffered a miscarriage, she felt that her world had come crashing down.

By Ghanaian Chronicle Definition Miscarriage refers to the premature end of a pregnancy before the developing baby is able to survive outside the womb.
I had been abstaining since my BFP last October which ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks so this month I decided what the heck. I can see how some people might mistake implantation bleeding and think they were having a light period. It was very helpful to me I am now 13 dpo and still waiting to test (I'M SO NERVOUS ) I started having the some dark brownish red spotting at 8 dpo that lasted for 3-4 days. I was intimate with my boyfriend almost daily during that week and as per usual, because I'm paranoid, was waiting for my period to be sure everything was in the clear. It seemed to follow the usual pattern of a period -- started off light on the day it was expected to arrive, got heavier, and then tapered off -- but it didn't follow MY usual period pattern (start off light, get very heavy, and taper off only after 5 or so days). Yes 9 whole days I bled bright red heavy blood and had cramps that would go bad then back to mild I thought I was misscarrying it was that bad , I had loads of pregnancy symtoms too.
After the miscarriage I ended up with a follicular cyst which meant we had to wait until March before we were allowed to start trying again.
Looked at Fertility clinics in the UK today thinking if I don’t get a BFP by next September we will start looking at our options.
Reminding myself that this is a very early test to might be chemical though my body is telling me I am clearly pregnant. It’s early days yet but I am hopeful and grateful that I CAN get pregnant again as this was a major worry I had. Mines also wasn't enough to fill a tampon, it actually was almost the exact same amount as yours. Then later I discover that I've had a drop of dark brown blood like old blood and slight cramping.
It tells me when im ovulating, keeps track of my periods, lets me track when i have intercorse, & tells me when im fertile. On the exact day my period was set to start, I woke up in the morning and found a very very light smear of blood. A friend told me that after prolonged use of birth control your period can get lighter, but it seems like a drastic change from last month. Period was supposed to arrive today, but from January 17-January 19, I had what seemed like a period, but was lighter, absolutely. Went to my usual spinning class – as we were cooling down I has a few minutes of bad cramping down low. Now I start to hope it may be implantation bleeding as the time would be the same as the last time I was pregnant.

Keep on feeling slight buzzing in my boobs – think I must be imagining this and dismiss the symptom.
I actually took a photo of it- gross I know but I remember when I looked up implantation bleeding there were hardly any images online. No spotting after that one incident – trying to remain positive and remind myself that this pregnancy has the same chances of success instead of expecting the worse. Also I started spotting from 7 days post ovulation and was driving myself mad with the idea I had a Luteal Phase defect and low progesterone and that nothing was going to be able to implant so early. I decided to post it for those of you wondering what it is like as we have all seen tons of positive pregnancy tests. After so many BFNs I don't want to get my hopes up, but this is the first time I've ever had spotting like this.
I had intense cramps throughout the entire day but when I went to change my tampon I found that I had barely bled at all.
In fact I went privately and did blood work myself ( AMH 1.69 , FSH of 8 , Estridol- cant remember, Progesterone after ovulation at 33 etc) without my doctor’s go ahead as I wanted peace of mind Progesterone was fine but the spotting still remained.
Showed them to my partner via my smartphone and he is usually quite skeptical but he too could see the faint lines. Decided we are not telling anyone this time until after 14 weeks if I can hide it till then. I called my doc they said it is possible and sounded like and wanted me to test Monday when aunt flow is due. I put a tampon in to collect the blood as I want to see what color it is hoping it may be implantation but telling myself not to be so stupid. It's now the end of the day and it seems like it's come to a stop -- again, much shorter than my usual period. However I am not so sure as it seems like the same implantation bleeding I had last pregnancy. I am moody, weepy, a heavier urge to urinate, and I can hardly stand to smoke my usual smokes ( what told me I was preto last time).

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