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Michelle asks her what kind of dress does she want, Nat tells her that she doesn’t want to say because her boyfriend is probably watching.
He tells them that Nat doesn’t have any blood on her hands, even with the nominations, that the POV holder is the one that makes the decision. Kevin tells them that right now Nat has the possibility of a mystery power at the end, a final two reversal. Jordan is telling Michelle what Nat has said to her, that Nat told her that Michelle is a better player than her.
Jordan passes Kevin and tells him that she’s going upstairs for the try for the tampons.
Jordan suggest that Nat and her boyfriend look for a house that’s in foreclosure that she can get a good deal on them. She says that her mom was so mad at her dad when they left that she left some stuff in the house. Jordan and her friends got into the house, and this was after some folks had begun to move into it, and went up to the attic..
Nat tells them that if she feels like someone is right that she’ll stick up for them. Jordan and Michelle are telling Nat what Kevin said outside, that Nat isn’t getting blood on her hands.

Jordan says that she thought that it was weird because Nat hadn’t said anything bad and he was.
Nat tells them that she thinks that Lydia won’t vote for her and that even Jessie may not vote for her. What he said is that whoever takes out Jeff, but I honestly think it will go to you (Michelle). Nat says she would too, it would cover her wedding and her credit cards and the princess cut diamond she hopes her bf is getting for her. Jordan says she was shocked because whenever they announced that Nat was HOH, she was sure that she (Jordan) was going on the block with Michelle.
Nat saying that Jeff still would have gone home because Michelle won the veto and he didn’t expect Kevin to put Natalie up as the replacement nominee. Jordan tells Nat that Jeff was mad because he thought everyone else was benefiting from him taking out the power players. Then that it didn’t benefit her to take out Jessie, it did personally for Lydia, but that not necessarily for Russell.
Jordan: at night, late at night, we can go over stuff like this (runs through a list of who was on the block in what order). We can have a mini-fight, whether about Jeff or something (more whispering) Michele getting up to go to the bathroom, says she’ll be right back.

Nat has turned on the spy cam in the HOH where we can see her watching Michelle walk back to the pool room. Michelle says sweet dreams, as she gets up from Jordan’s bed where they were laying very close to whisper. Anonymous says: September 5, 2009 at 11:19 amNATALIE IS A SMELLY BIOTCH WHO GOES 3 DAYS WITHOUT SHOWERING AND WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES!
Great to see that Jordo and Mich are finally getting tough and not letting PP play them like a fiddle any more.
Yes this site will be running year round and we still post on here year round whenever big brother news comes up of theres something about a former houseguest in the media. They won’t let BB houseguests have contact with the outside world where they could let news slip. A visit with a sequestered house guest for the purpose of strategizing or campaigning for votes in the jury house. Also, the remaining HGs might think they have a better chance with her because they believe that America hates her.

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