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False pregnancy is a rare condition that is nonetheless a serious emotional and psychological condition in women.
False pregnancy (so called Pseudocyesis) is a condition in which a non-pregnant woman believes that she is pregnant, even though there is no physical evidence of pregnancy.
Also referred to as pseudo-pregnancy, women with pseudocyesis will often experience real pregnancy symptoms. Although this condition has yet to be fully explained, experts believe that there is a strong emotional and psychological underpinning pseudocyesis.
Psychologists believe that women who experience false pregnancy have an extremely strong desire to become pregnant and experience all stages of pregnancy. Research has also linked false pregnancy to the pituitary gland (which is the center of hormone production during pregnancy) and specifically, to an unusually high level of hormones.

Experts are unsure as to why women experiencing pseudo-pregnancy sometimes exhibit true physical signs of pregnancy. ONE – pregnancy tests are negative in most cases (urine tests, blood tests); sometimes could be false positive tests which always confuse doctors and clients. THREE – if woman keep false pregnancy long – up to expected “delivery period” – baby never can be discovered. For women experiencing false pregnancy the special counseling is recommended in order to treat underlying emotional and psychological causes of false pregnancy, including stress, anxiety and depression. Clinically, false pregnancy is most common in veterinary medicine (particularly in dogs and mice).
This hormone imbalance is often sparked by stress and anxiety, which in turn causes the emotional and psychological shifts that lead a woman to falsely believe she is expecting.

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What women are most at risk for false pregnancy and what kind of diagnostic and treatment options are available for women who suffer from false pregnancy?

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