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June 26, 2015 by Carla Wiking Pin15 Share221 Tweet EmailThe internet is full of suggestions to help couples make their dreams of a baby come true, but it doesn’t seem as though many sites are focusing on what he can do improve your chances of getting pregnant. Month after month turned year after year I waited not so patiently to see that second line finally show up for me. Every preggo walking around me only had one in their bellies, why did I have to be the one carrying two?
I tried shopping to ease things, working on the double nursery, but it still seemed so surreal still, and so not happening to me. Many couples get concerned if conception doesn’t happen within a few months of trying. You are right to be getting concerned as a year has already elapsed and you haven’t conceived. Initial evaluation will include sperm analysis, a confirmatory test for ovulation, and a check for the function of your fallopian tubes. People all around me wondering when me and my husband would have another baby, but it wasn’t quite as simple as they made it sound. I knew I wanted them close in age, but as time passed on my spirit grew weak, and my hope grew dim. I watched those positive pregnancy tests roll in by the day and I felt happy for them, especially the ones with empty arms, but jealous admittedly. I felt more and more pity for myself with every single one of the BFPs (Big Fat Positives). There was obviously two little bubble like sacs up on the screen, but so many things can happen that early. I wasn’t the most organized person, the most patient person on the planet, and I knew I needed my sleep.

At only 3 weeks early, 37 weeks on the nose gestation with the fear of the unknown as strong as ever, princess Alessandra and her soon to arrive little sister Annaliese made their amazing debut.
If you are young, below the age of 35 and in good health, you can always wait till a full year elapses prior to seeking help.
Reversible contraceptives, which include implants, do not usually interfere with future fertility potential. A basic assessment for both of you will direct efforts towards the most likely reason there has been a delay in conception. That was hard, as I continued to see an ever growing abundance of pregnant women all around me. Though it took a little adjustment, just like any new being in a family takes, those twins fit into our family like a key fits into a lock. If older, or have other issues like irregular periods, you should usually seek help within six months of delay in conception.
Depending on what comes up, you may just need reassurance and possibly a further wait say for six months or so.
Potential fertility interventions will range from simple things like just taking ovulation tablets, to more complex treatment options. There were times I felt like collapsing to the floor when too many would pass me by in one outing.
My deep fears that spanned over the past 8+ months were finally submerged and instantly dissolved when I held those tiny bundles in my arms for the very first time. Permanent methods of contraception are the only ones that will negate future conception, unless they fail or there has been a successful reversal.

It’s also likely that some tests may need to be done to exclude some possible causes for the delay.
The guiding principle is to settle for the most appropriate treatment option that will be successful within the shortest time. Two was never on my mind, until that fateful day came that would change all of our lives forever. Had we no other children it may have been different, or at different ages, different financial picture.
Sad to say that my dream come true turned into a bit of a nightmare as I even tried to wrap my brain around the thought of having twins. Majority of young and healthy couples who experience a delay in conception after stopping contraception have nothing to worry about. Certainly, there was a bond and connection between them, but still I wanted someone close in age for her, and a baby for me to.
Ensure you both have healthy weights by watching what you eat, and doing some physical activities.
Both of you must be cognisant of your sexual health; sexually transmitted infections are responsible for many cases of infertility. It should just be a matter of time before you miss a period, and confirm a positive pregnancy test.

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