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I wanted to make this post based on the fact that if I wasn't trying to conceive, I would have written this month off as an early period. Hay am having similar problems I think I ovulated between the 13th and 15Th august on the 21st I had pinkish blood on wiping myself in the morning followed by brown discharge that day only on wiping tho and the same the following day now today nothing am due in 5 days time u think this could be implanation?? We tried to conceive for two years, and finally got our bfp with lots and lots of prayer and prophesies. My symptoms during the TWW were really minimal (compared to my January symptom-spotting month).
DH and I know we haven't made it through the woods yet, but we're optimistic and excited and are looking forward to all the adventures to come. This month the only thing different was that I used an app called "ovia" it definetly helps with showing you your fertile days in a graph type of form. My period was due may 13th, 2016 the day my period was due I had some brown tinged cm that was really thick and some light cramping , I put on a pad thinking that I was about to start and NOTHING.
8 days late and suddenly I just got the weird urge to buy a pregnancy test , I hadn't tested all day , I tested at 2 a.m. I wrote this post to help you ladies during the tww hope you all get your bfp's and just keep hope alive things always happen when you least expect it I had seen a lot of post that were saying that a bfp after 19 dpo was nearly impossible but I'm here to let you ladies know that ITS POSSIBLE ! Short story here was with my ex for 5 years, after 3 we talked and i got off the BC and we left it in gods hands at that point! I wanted to share my BFP story in hopes of giving someone hope abd motivation like this website has given me.
I had an MC at 15 weeks in march, my DH and I were heartbroken but wanted to keep working on our now rainbow baby! CD 24- 30: negative opk, felt like we missed out since we only had the chance to get at it once sp bd every other day without giving it a lot of thought.
I found it strange that I kept getting blazing positives non stop and I've read a lot about the fact that if opk stays posituve for longer it could indicate pregnancy so decided to take HPT without any hopes and guess what faint positive, not a squinter. Next day (today) took more hpt's including the digital all show BFP and significantly stronger then yesterday! My husband and I are trying for our second baby, and I had the mirena removed 5 months ago. I've been pretty convinced that I wouldn't see a bfp without the help of clomid, but the plan was to try for 6 months before taking it again. Background - TTC for our first for 20mths, recently got a diagnosis of endometriosis and was told I have low egg reserve.
This month, we felt disheartened, we didn't even try that hard (just twice in the fertile period), and I was away over ovulation so we definitely didn't BD around the time I would have liked. After trying for so long, I admit that I don't bother recording my potential pregnancy symptoms anywhere near as much as I did in the early days!
Nausea - once on 12dpo, which I put down to travel sickness and being hungry, once on 13dpo when I saw something particularly gruesome on The Walking Dead! I have been waiting for my period to start so that I can call the hospital and get the Lupron injection. I'm very pleased, I know we have a way to go to see whether this will stick, but we have NEVER reached this stage before, I want to celebrate where we're at.
I have found it useful to read about other people's experiences, particularly when people have had the same issues we were facing.
We decided to download Ovia immediately and entered my last 3 periods (had the coil 5 years and the last 6 months my periods had restarted). DPO2 99.86 temp nausea hot flushes increased appetite diarrhea increased sex drive headache neck ache backache (major back ache which has been a constant to today) right pelvic pain and fullness fatigue bloating gas cramps dizzy spells frequent urination insomnia. Your posts on this site have kept me reading for hours so I wanted to share my symptoms here for others to read too.
So just a little background, I normally chart TTA, but got lazy one month and ended up pregnant. One more thing I wanted to mention is that my sinus began to drip from 7-11dpo so I kept telling myself that was why I felt the nausea, but deep inside I knew I was pregnant (sinus dripped with ds too!) I added the arguments with dh because that how I was with ds too! On Monday night (2 days ago) we went to dinner and it so happened that my OB-GYN was having dinner at the same restaurant.
We starting trying in July and my cycles were really long this summer, maybe bc my job scheduled changed or my anxiety about getting pregnant again. My cycles are usually 23-26 days but last month it was 29 cause my body was being a jerk and tricked me into thinking I was pregnant. The only thing I did differently this month was lemon water which I read makes implantation easier.
Sticky baby dust prayers and wishes would be much appreciated and I pray for you girls still trying every day. 14 DPO BfaintP when I took yet another FRER test on a whim that evening and the second line was sooo faint I had to hold it up to the light and still didn't believe it.
4dpo: Temp was highest it’s ever been this morning (since beginning BBR charting four months ago). I’m so excited – (it’s taking a while for my wife to absorb it) and looking forward to a healthy and happy 9 months! Like all the others that have gone before me, I have clung to the stories from this site hoping one day to add my own story! Looking back now, the symptoms are all there, screaming at me so how did I not know from this?
It took me and my husband 1 year and 5 months to conceive our first little Baby girl naturally. Things we did differently that cycle: I started taking 1 teaspoon of unfiltered Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) with water twice a day. 5 months later, we still hadn't conceived again, and I was getting worried that our second child might be too far apart in age from the first. We bedded again every day from day 12 to day 17- this time in the mornings (apparently sperm is more mobile in the mornings and because my husband was on holiday leave, so it was easier to do it then.

Forgot to mention, we have always used a super tiny amount (1 drop) of organic canola oil as lubricant. 10 DPO woke up with full blown cold (cough, sore throat) went for hike with DH and dog and had no stamina about half mile in.
Same exact thing is happening with me right now (red bleeding at 6 dpo) and you have allowed me to not give up hope! When we layed eyes on eschother we knew it was going to be the end of dating and beginning of our future. DH and I agreed we would not use fertility treatments but we would get tested--to determine whether I would have to go back on birth control. All the signals were there leading up to the day it was expected--uterine heaviness, cramping, CM. Baby dust to all of you, especially those of you who are a little older and are losing hope. First cycle didn't happen for us so I got some OPKs downloaded an app and was determined to succeed. We were advised to start treatment as soon as possible - treatment being 3mths of lupron to try to shrink my endometriosis (for me, the main problem is cysts on my ovaries - one ovary appeared to be working fine but the other was not), followed by IVF.
And having endometriosis means I can get extreme PMS which can seem like pregnancy symptoms anyway - there have been months in the past that I've been nauseous or even physically sick in the lead up to my period, so I just didn't think anything of it this time. I ignored the potential symptoms as they have been SO similar to my usual PMS, so my first real sign was a missed period.
Convinced I had conceived on our 2nd cycle post Mirena coil removal but worried after seeing how long it took some following removal of this coil. Possibly ovulation bleed but was far too early according to the app as these were the first two fertile days according to charts. Last 2 kids I didn't get a result (but knew for ages) until I was 6 weeks gone as my HCG is apparently low rising. And also as a sort of "thank you" to everyone who has shared their BFP stories and symptoms that I read obsessively during this 5 WEEK WAIT (yep, you read that right!) that helped me feel less crazy. As soon as I got over the initial shock and began to embrace the pregnancy, I began to miscarry and ended up losing the baby at about 7 weeks in September.
Thought I was going to get my period on CD 28 but got a really faint BFP on first response!!! I have been stalking this website for two months now and last month I posted on Do You Think I'm Pregnant because I was convinced. I've been laying on my back with my legs propped up for the past year I guess the little guys just needed a more blastocyst friendly environment.
The two symptoms that really jumped out at me were the massive heartburn and I had cramping from 3 DPO on. I didn't want to have to stop but the month I had the chemical, I thought maybe that nursing was causing me to have a short luteal phase (it was between 10 and 11days). Using frozen donor sperm, my wife and I have tried 5 times (3 ICI at home, 2 IUI at the clinic) to get pregnant and last cycle I was pregnant but had a very early miscarriage because I thought early spotting was really my period and stopped taking progesterone (or at least that’s what I think happened!) This time around, we did our second unmedicated IUI at a women’s clinic 28 hrs past +OPK using the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor. NYE, and despite looking back on symptoms now, because of lack of 'real' symptoms like nausea, dizziness and because I often have a lot of the cramping, tiredness and generic PMS symptoms, I was convinced I was out this month. But as apart from the spotting, the other symptoms were all normal and could be explained away, I truly was surprised by my BFP!
It's now completely stopped (today is 15DPO) and I'm wondering was that the shortest period in the world or was it an implantation bleed. I used ovulation test kits beginning in December, which simply told me what I already knew.
I tested since 9 dpo and was pretty much getting nothing but BFN'S so I had pretty much given up hope . I moved out of state with my 7year old daughter and 6 year old son (not my exs) decided i wanted to hate everything man!!
This month we decided to skip trying, since i have a big trip coming up that I didn't want to be 6 weeks pregnant for (i had pretty bad morning sickness), so we weren't going to bd around ovulation.
Also, my initial reaction to bleeding so close to ovulation was that it could it be an ectopic pregnancy.
In all my time of tracking my cycle, I have never once had a period longer than 28 days, so in the evening of day 29 when I had no spotting, I bought a decent quality test and waited till this morning, day 30 (16dpo). All as DPO2 but really cranky and angry then suddenly happy and confident before being cranky and angry again.
The next two cycles I concentrated on healing physically and emotionally and then last cycle we decided to try again and thankfully got a BFP at 10dpo. I guess seeing him made me look at my calendar and think that although my period isn't due until this Friday, maybe I should test in the morning (I was having a beer when I saw him, and felt guilty!
When we got two BFN I decided to give it a rest for a while because I was worried about the losses and I didn't want to think about it anymore.
Bfn last month which was disheartening cause I tested on the anniversary of my miscarriage last year and I REALLY thought I was pregnant, had every symptom you could think of and we BD nearly every day. We had a chemical pregnancy two months ago and so we are still cautiously excited but things have already progressed longer than last time so hopefully this will be a little brother or little sister for my son who is 21 months old.
She recommends getting refill of oral progesterone and stopping the cream because the dosage is too weak. Anyway our little girl is 2 years old now and we have been trying to conceive since April 2012.
I was on my first round of Clomid (50mg) and went to the doc today for a check-in and got the BFP today (it's a weak one, but positive)! In fact, they were the most sore the day I expected my period, which was the day I got my BFP. 7 days had passed and My period still wasn't here, I checked my cervix and had ewcm mixed with creamy cm and my cervix was pretty high , that seemed weird to me.
Tested with a cheapy and a digital - both came up really clear straight away, the digital says 2-3 weeks, which is spot on.

All same symptoms but then added to them with v serious cramping like AF was going to come early and was going to be the nastiest bitch ever this month.
We had sex one more time without protection (I forgot to get more) and figured oh well, no biggy.
This month I wasn't sure when I ovulated and we didn't BD much cause of visiting a family member in the hospital.
And I got out of the shower one day and went "When did my areola get so big and dark?" I haven't really craved anything other than sugar which made me think I was due for AF and out this month. Also lots of tightness in the abdomen which wasn't new for me, usually have it during non pregnant months.
So, the month after the chemical I went down to 1 to 2 times a day and my luteal phase went up to 12 days.
My doctor at the women’s clinic was not impressed with the motility of the frozen sperm, but apparently one made it!
After trying lots of things I started a diet in January 2012 and managed to lose 50 pounds.
Test this morning looks faintly positive, but it was second morning urine, so now I'm thinking hmmm. I am scared about having another early miscarriage, but as I never got a positive test on FRER or CBD last time, and because I believe God has blessed us in His perfect timing, I am fairly confident this is a sticky one! I know that the chance of falling pregnant even if you do everything right is only about 23%. I told the doctor that my husband and I had just started some new herbal supplements for this cycle.
I hadn't tested myself before as I used to have 39-day cycles and thought it might be too early.
This month they suggested an HSG Nd to skip an IUI cycle, but after finding out HSG was nearly $2000, we cancelled the test and figured, what the heck, we will give the at home thing a shot. I noticed I was running to the bathroom to pee a lot more than usual and getting up at least once during the night. Took a pregnancy test BFN , I had given up hope and honestly just wanted AF to start so that I could buy pressed and soft cups for next month since that was what dh and I were going to try. So my symptoms are totally different to my last 2 children and finding out early is new for me. OB-GYN had me taking Prometrium 200mg once a day, 4 days after ovulation but months went by with no bfp.
No other symptoms really except vivid dream last night of implantation bleed and walking in deep waters, very weird. So, here is to hoping this will be a sticky bean but I won't let myself get too excited until I hear the heartbeat and then when I pass the 12 week mark!!! Then this month I decided to stop completely as my son did not seem to mind going down to once a day. Still, my husband was starting to get over it as well and suggested to see a fertility specialist. I was taking "Fertile CM" 3 times a day and my husband was taking "Fertility Aid for Men" 4 capsules a day. I have been incredibly thirsty but I thought that was because everything I have been eating seems very salty. Depression kicked in and we decided to go on a "break"; no more OPK's, no more Prometrium, no more scheduling and counting days!
I also started with the apple cider vinegar again, which I had stopped after the last pregnancy. I also was hungry first thing in the morning, which isn't normal for me, and had these sudden urges of extreme hunger every 3-4 hours. I also have been taking oral progesterone and accidentally ran out around Christmas time when my doctor’s office was closed! I had all the same symptoms when I was pregnant in July as when I'd been pregnant with my son, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, migraines.
Looks like a BFN, but not sure if there isn't a tiny hint of a line, but as the weather is so dull and wet, there's not enough natural light to really see. So got out my last CBD and there it was, that word I'd longed to see for 2 years- pregnant 1-2! The doctor said that he couldn't do anything for this cycle, but that he would put me on clomid the next cycle to get me to ovulate earlier in the cycle and maybe then do an insemination on OV day.
One night while I was brushing my teeth (4 days before my BFP), my gums bled which is highly unusual for me; I'm a twice-a-day flosser and brusher. And well it looks like it might have worked to help my progesterone levels because my temps were the highest they've ever been and we got pregnant!!! Digi clear blue says 1 to 2 weeks which was spot on as I'm effectively 3 weeks and 2 days from first day of LMP.
As happy and excited as we were, it didn't explain the pain so I went to the ER that Saturday. They did a US and to our surprise and delight there it was, at 7 weeks and 2 days, a healthy bean and a beautiful heartbeat!
It's scary but staying in bed has made me appreciate the delicate nature of carrying an unborn child.
I still deal with pain even with the smallest activity and I spot every other day, it's so scary, but at 10w 3d, my Peanut Monster is healthy, happy, and growing on schedule.

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