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Pregnancy loss is all too common with up to 15% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage {pregnancy loss before 20 weeks}.
In 75% of miscarriages before 20 weeks, the embryo had the bad luck of not forming properly from the start.
When a woman has had one first trimester loss, the problem is usually assumed to be abnormal fetal chromosomes, if no other obvious risk factors are noted. Scliep et al reported in this month’s Obstetrics and Gynecology that patients who started trying to conceive immediately after a miscarriage had improved rates of conception and lower rates of miscarriage than those who waited 3-6 months to start trying again.
If you came across this post after recently experiencing a loss, I’m so very sorry for your heartbreak. When the sperm and egg came together, an extra piece of chromosome tagged along causing the baby’s genes to be abnormal. It is not recommended to perform an expensive workup; we simply recommend the patient try again.

Some women mourn deeply and need time to heal their hearts before they can even consider trying to conceive again.
This is not to encourage you to try before you are ready emotionally, but when you do feel ready there is no need to wait.
As with all medical decisions, please talk with your provider about your specific risk factors, but know that for the average woman it is perfectly fine to start trying to conceive again as soon as your heart is ready. Take a few minutes to look around, encourage your heart and connect with other moms like you.
Some patients experience a later, heavier period crushing their baby hopes a few days after the excitement of the positive test.
The most common types of abnormal chromosomes in miscarriages are turners syndrome {XO} and down syndrome {T21}. We had previously told women their rates of repeat miscarriage were possibly higher if they conceived within the first few months of a loss, we now know that is not the case.

Other more rare causes can include thyroid abnormalities, smoking, Lupus, immune diseases or an abnormal shape of the uterus. While we do have good data on how long to wait after a term delivery before TTC again, {approximately 18 months in a perfect world}, we did not have good studies to show when it was OK to try again after a miscarriage until recently. Previously, we recommended women to wait at least 3 cycles before TTC and even longer if they had a second trimester loss. A new study has provided reassurance for those women who are ready to try again quickly: it is actually OK to try again right away.

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