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The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. 8 DPO - Cramps, extreme fatigue, tested with internet cheapie & saw a super super faint line, re-tested with second morning pee straight after FMU with FRER (early one) & faint line but there BFP BFP BFP!!!!!
9 DPO - Cramps, extreme fatigue, tested first thing & line was darker, tested again in evening & it was even darker!!!!! All my cheapie tests are neg but I took a FRER test and I see the slightest line when held to the light.
Cramps after working out felt like AF would arrive any minute, had the left tugging sensation again a few times throughout the evening. DB left for work, and I bought some FRER last night for Saturday, so decided to "test one out" - lo and behold, BFP!! Took a Dollar Tree test that was negative within the 2-10 minute window for results (and for almost an hour after I took it).
Cramps this morning are the strongest they have been, and have shifted more to the left but are still pretty central, feels like AF could show up any second but it's way too early for that. Boobs are definitely more sore than I've noticed before, but that could just be that I am suddenly more aware of my body.
On and off I've had a loud ringing in my ears today which, after a little research is not uncommon in early DPO??

Didn't really have a lot of hope this month, as was not really trying officially yet - but we happen to BD at O time (thought I would O later). Slept horribly, kept waking up every hour or so - which means I'm going to be tired ALL day. My DB and I have been together almost 2 years, and decided we were ready to start a family. BB's a tad tender, but nothing too out of the ordinary, however they do feel heavier - but that could just be my progesterone after O. BBs were extremely tender when I woke up, the tenderness has lessened but it's still there.
Also still noticing some cramps as of 7:30am - but there aren't as pronounced at they have been.
I find myself getting increasingly more irritable, and when I just worked out my cramps actually got worse :( Had a little bit of heartburn last night, but nothing really noticeable and it went away on its own. Fatigue is already getting bad, and heartburn started around 4pm and hung around until about 8pm.
I also started working out more to get in better shape to carry a baby whenever it did happen. Bloat is awful - even though I haven't eaten much today, or anything different than normal. Just got out of the shower, and overwhelming feeling of nausea - so I probably won't be eating dinner.

Went out to dinner, one drink made me a little tipsy which is unusual but since I don't really drink anymore it could make sense.
Later in the day, fatigue has set-in, some mild cramps happening, and mild heartburn as well. Little bit of heartburn here and there, some mild crampiness but barely noticeable, but starting to pee a little more than normal.
Cramps also seem to get worse at night, and I hope this means that little bean is getting extra comfy and snuggly in there for the next 36-37 weeks!! BFP still getting darker AND took a digi at 6:30pm, didn't hold it or anything, and "Pregnant" popped right up!!! Testing on Saturday (12 dpo), but only because I may want have a few drinks with friends and I want to be sure. Just feel like there's no point in even trying, knowing what my history is - DB doesn't understand, so it's hard for him to be supportive.

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