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I remember all too well when Tim and I first decided that we were ready to expand our family and turn 2 into 3. I guarantee you that this is when our little Darah came to be, based on how she measured and when my due date was.
It’s a really tough thing to navigate as you try to NOT STRESS OUT but of course even trying to do that is stressful in and of itself, and if you are doing all that charting stuff, that is also quite stressful! The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care.
This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Update: I got the results from the blood test and all she did was quantitative and the level was 31. So I assumed that taking contraception off the table was like moving the critical Jenga piece…the tower would fall, or in this case, I would just no longer NOT be pregnant, right?I mean, maybe. Sex Will ChangeThere is a very distinct difference between sex for fun and intimacy and sex with the goal of creating a baby. But I promise you that there was a time when sex was a lot of fun for you and your partner, and you really can tap back into that by opting for spontaneous, comfortable fun together!

I know that when we were trying for baby #2, the right mindset would have made the process a lot different.
I went into it with a desired birth month in mind (?!?!?!?!) and of course, I realized, no no no, it does NOT work out like that for most couples. I hope that some advice I can offer on this side of the journey can help those of you out there who are thinking about trying to conceive or already on that path, and maybe even getting a little stressed out! But let me tell you from personal experience that there’s something to be said for practicing some old habits and being spontaneous with your rendezvous, rather than simply focusing on doing what the chart says. Now, a year is still not THAT long, but, when you go in thinking it’s going to be instantaneous? But for healthy couples with no obvious obstacles in their way (such as advanced maternal age, PCOS, low sperm count, etc.), it is perfectly normal for it to take 6 months or longer to get pregnant.
With that said, one of the things I wish I had known about that would have made the process feel better (yup, I mean that literally) is a sperm-friendly lubrication.
I charted like it was MY JOB when we were trying for our first child, and distinctly remember leaving town for a few days for a business conference, at least 4 days past when all of my charts said it was even possible for me to conceive. I also took another test later in the day and yup, still pos.Go to my OB appointment today and they do a urine test on me, negative.

When I was expecting with DD I got the faintest line and being young I thought it could be a fluke but when I called nurse on Monday she said a faint line or not your pg..GL!!
I was totally clueless about that fact, and I wish I had realized and accepted it sooner and not spent those months being very frustrated.
I remember learning about the fact that many lubricants can interfere with sperm doing their jobs, and so it got the boot. Our third is a total gift and just what our family needed – but I do NOT enjoy pregnancy, so after his birth I had my tubes tied. They do another one just in case, negative.(Side note: I used 2 different tests yesterday) So they send me for lab work and we will know the results tomorrow but seriously WHAT THE HECK is going on!!!I grabbed some more tests at Walmart on my way home and STILL POSITIVE! Astroglide Trying to Conceive TTC is a fantastic option to consider, as it has been specially formulate to provide an environment where sperm has a good chance of survival. While it is true that most of your memories fade away about the pain of pregnancy and of labor, I remember it all enough to know that I’m done, thankyouverymuch!

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