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Begin assessing where you are on this journey and determine where you can begin making changes. Ditching toxic skin and hair care for products that aren’t harmful {or not AS harmful}. Healthy living is a day-by-day process of making better choices for our health today and for our health in the future.┬áStart making better choices today!!
It's time to nix those frozen TV dinners and fill your life and your stomach with healthy options.
Start a plan offers personalized eating plans and interactive tools that help you set a health-conscious plan.
Cheat We're not saying to devour the entire bag of cookies, but one cookie here and there won't hurt you.

ListenPay attention to your body — are you really hungry, or are you just trying to fill time between work and primetime TV? Not all fat is the same Saturated fats increase your risk of coronary disease but monounsaturated fats found in things like olive oil can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Go for the pretty colors Fruits and vegetables that are brighter and deeper in color contain higher concentrations of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential to a healthy way of life. Following a more health-conscious routine may seem more difficult, but it's actually easier than you may have thought.
This way there is a lower caloric intake, while both moms and kids can still enjoy the juice taste. Pay attention to the labels on your food — just because it says organic on the front doesn't mean it's necessarily your best option.

I find getting plenty of sleep on a regular basis makes the biggest difference in how I feel.
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By the time your brain actually catches up with your stomach, you'll already be in a food coma.

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