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Here are some of the major milestones your pediatrician will be tracking during the first visit.
How to select a good-quality breast pump to ensure that your baby has access to your milk even when you are away from her. Being a grandparent is a cherished role, help them celebrate it this holiday season with these 10 gift ideas. Between feedings, changing diapers, and no sleep, moms need extra attention this time of year. Having three well-balanced meals is key because you are nourishing not just yourself, but another life.

New Parent™ Resident Moms are part of an exclusive group of expectant, new, and toddler-staged moms who review products, share their opinions, and basically rule the website (and universe). Sign up for exclusive discounts and the latest parenting news delivered right to your inbox. You probably don’t even have the words to describe how exciting it is to be preparing for the arrival of your baby. PLUS: Ask your breastfeeding questions, give answers, read tips from breastfeeding moms, and more! Pay attention to your calorie intake, too: Small snacks are encouraged between meals and keeping hydrated is especially important in warm weather.

With the endless stream of advice and recommendations from experts, websites, magazines, and well-meaning friends and family, it can be confusing—if not downright intimidating!—to figure out how to give your child the best start in life.

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