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Adults and adolescents with pertussis make repeated medical visits and miss work and school. The diagnosis of pertussis is complicated by the limitations of currently available diagnostic tests. Pregnancy is not a contraindication for use of erythromycin, azithromycin, or clarithromycin.

Local reactions to vaccination in the pregnant women were common, some of which were severe. The role of transplacental maternal antibody in infant protection against pertussis remains uncertain.
Neonatal tetanus (tetanus neonatorum) is associated with contamination of the umbilical stump. No vaccine containing acellular pertussis antigens without tetanus and diphtheria toxoids is available in the United States.

Pregnant women who receive a booster dose of tetanus toxoid have a measurable immune response within 5 days and a peak response in <2 weeks. The disease can be complicated by toxin-mediated cardiac, neurologic, or renal dysfunction.

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