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The exact cause of edema in pregnancy is unknown but it is usually attributed to changing levels of estrogen and progesterone (read about the effects of estrogen). Many women experience swelling in the days after delivery - particularly in the hands, fingers, legs and ankles, but also in incision sites like their episiotomy incision or C-section incision. Severe edema is potentially a sign of an underlying life-threatening disorder called preeclampsia. Also call your doctor if you notice one leg is more swollen than the other - especially if it is tender to touch.
Women diagnosed with heart disease during pregnancy (or before pregnancy) are more prone to developing severe edema, and so will be monitored closely. With all that extra fluid in your legs and feet your skin is extra fragile, so you need to mind them. Over the counter or prescription water pills (called diuretics) are not recommended in pregnancy and could actually harm your baby.
My legs, hands and ankles swelled up in the last 2 months of pregnancy and it got worse after birth for about 3 weeks. My ankles were very swollen when I was pregnant but it got worse after delivery and my blood pressure also shot up.
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Also, your growing baby will put pressure on the veins in your pelvic area and the vena cava (the big vein on the right side of the body that carries blood back from the legs and feet to the heart). Preeclampsia is associated with sudden weight gain (at least 2.2 pounds in a week) and swelling of the face, puffiness around the eyes and hands.
Put the stockings on first thing in the morning before fluids have a chance to pool in the legs, ankles and feet. Ideally they should be raised higher than the level of the heart for periods of 20 minutes throughout the day. Water aerobics is particularly good because the water pressures pushes the excess fluid back into the veins for dumping by the kidneys. It took 4 months postpartum before it finally disappeared and I could put my wedding ring back on.
The main symptoms of edema are swelling in the extremities (ankles, feet, hands and fingers) and weight gain.
This pressure slows down the return of blood, causing excess fluids to leak from the veins into the tissues of the ankles and feet.
Most swelling tends to clear within a week or two, although some new mothers complain of swollen hands or fingers for some months. Note: sitting with your feet on a footstool restricts circulation at the hips and as a result is NOT effective. I had to have an IV during labor and the doctor said that was the cause for the extra fluids in my body.
It was a weird condition - my legs became so swollen that there was nowhere for the fluid to go so it was leaking out of a scrape on my ankle.

For this reason edema tends to be more common in women pregnant with twins and those with excessive amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios). But then in the last month I've been exercising, going to the gym and Ia€™m wondering if thata€™s what finally kicked things into gear and caused the edema to go.
If you press down on the swelling with your thumb for 30 seconds and then remove it, the area compressed will stay indented for longer than normal.
After about 4 hours on Lasix I started to deflate :) and felt like a new woman after a couple of days. Mild edema is very common in women, particularly before a period (PMS) and in late pregnancy (75 percent of pregnant women develop some swelling). You may find you urinate and sweat a lot in the first few days while your body eliminates excess fluid.
But, dona€™t panic if it takes several weeks (even a month or more) for your body to return to normal. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility.

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