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The baby still looks like a tadpole as a tiny tail (extension of the tailbone) is still there; but, it is retrieving fast and will disappear within a few weeks [3]. Sensory organs and facial development: The lens and retina attaches themselves as the eyes develop. Internal organ and system development: This is also the week when the liver begins producing red blood cells until the bone marrow is mature enough to take over the job. Growth of the arms and the legs: The limb buds start to flatten and form cartilage (which will later turn into bones) [1], preparing to grow the hands, foot, fingers and toes.
Nervous System Development: Your baby’s nervous system continues to grow [1] as about 100 nerve cells are developing every minute [4]. At the seventh week of growth, the embryo is about 1.25 cm long (crown-rump length) [1] – almost as big as a cherry [2]. Most women are likely to gain some weight by this time while those suffering from severe morning sickness may even lose some weight. Another major change occurring during this period is the formation of the mucus plug in the cervical canal opening to keep the uterus safely sealed.
A pelvic exam will show an increased size of the uterus [10] but, the baby is still too small for you to start showing.
Ultrasound scan performed during this stage shows two black dots partially covered by folds of eyelids, which will later form the baby’s eyes [11]. Most women continue to experience the common early pregnancy symptoms while it is also normal to have few or no symptoms [3]. The symptom of morning sickness is likely to be comparatively severe in women carrying twins due to higher pregnancy hormone levels.

Watch out for the following symptoms as they may indicate certain complications such as a yeast infection, kidney infection, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. A child entering the world, whether it’s your first or third, is a huge occasion that will impact upon every area of your life, so it’s no wonder you feel a little stressed at times. The jaw, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue [4] and the tip of the nose also begin developing at this stage while tiny veins start to grow beneath the thin skin layers [3].
The appendix and pancreas begins to form, which will later produce insulin hormone to help in digestion.
Your doctor may be able to hear and see the heartbeat on an ultrasound and show it to you as well [3].
Ultrasound pictures also show the head to be disproportionately larger compared to the body due to the rapid brain development [6]. There are different symptoms and causes of panic attacks in pregnant women.Pregnancy is generally thought to be a time of happiness and emotional well-being for a woman. A part of the growing intestine connects to the umbilical cord for carrying oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels in the area [5]. Although, it is too early to start wearing maternity clothes, you may pick some loose clothing to stay comfortable. Panic disorder is different from the normal fear and anxiety reactions to stressful events in our lives. The sex glands also start to form; however, it is still too early to see whether it is a boy or girl on an ultrasound picture [4]. Women who have a history of panic attacks are more likely to experience panic attacks when they are pregnant.

The kidneys are already in place and will soon begin to produce urine which will form a significant portion of amniotic fluid. On the other hand, there are other women who will complain about being depressed all the time. When you then suffer from panic attacks, it can turn your whole world upside down, and lead to a significantly stressful pregnancy and worries about your future.Causes of Panic AttacksThere are different causes of panic attacks in pregnant women.
Most likely, there is some type of genetic ability to have a panic attack that affects some people and not others.Symptoms of Panic AttacksThe most common symptoms of panic attack are a racing heart, shortness of breath, trembling feeling, palpitations, hot and cold flashes, upset stomach, etc. The technique may involve going to a peaceful environ, or taking up a lighthearted, fun activity.
There are deep breathing exercises which can also be practiced to get rid of panic attacks.A It is advisable to consult a gynecologist about the same. Depending on the condition of the woman, he may recommend medications to get rid of the condition.
Panic Attacks During PregnancyHowever, it is very possible that the doctor will avoid recommending medications, as they can have adverse effects on the growing fetus. In some cases, therapy may be recommended to the woman, so that the woman is able to overcome the fears that she is facing. If the stress levels increase during pregnancy, then measures will have to be taken to lower the stress levels, so that the panic attacks can be brought under control.

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