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ONE Fertility is a new and growing network of fertility treatment centres that have earned an internationally known reputation for excellence in the fertility field. A leading fertility treatment and research facility, ONE Fertility is focused on supplying the most specialized and professional fertility care, treatment and counselling available near Waterloo Region.
We regularly monitor our patients' success by measuring the pregnancy rates attained by way of our treatments and methods.
Our company is also pleased to report that we have had some excellent success with the use of elective single embryo transfer (eSET).
As a client, a crucial resource as you prepare to proceed through treatment is certainly reliable information.
Kindly feel free to explore the other pages of our website and connect with us should you have any uncertainties.
IVF success rates depend on a number of factors, including the particular cause(s) of infertility, age of the female patient, her ovarian reserve and the skill of the fertility specialist who oversees your fertility treatment. In general, because female fertility and ovarian reserve peak in the mid-20s and start declining afterward, the older the woman, the lower her pregnancy rates after IVF. While factors like the cause of infertility and ovarian stimulation protocol that your doctor prescribes are beyond your control, there are a few things you can do to improve your IVF success rates. Eat a balanced diet: A balanced diet is essential in both improving your IVF success rates and preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy. Exercise: Moderate exercise not only helps you maintain healthy weight, but also comes with a number of well-established benefits, and can even help alleviate the stress of fertility treatments. Take fertility supplements for IVF: Supplementing with high-quality fertility supplements that address your specific fertility issues may increase your IVF success rates*. Choose your fertility center wisely: Some fertility centers specialize in certain types of infertility, and have expertise in that arena. It is always a good idea to discuss lifestyle changes and supplementation with DHEA, CoQ10 and other fertility-focused supplements with your physician first. Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, offers a line of IVF supplements for couples trying to have a baby with IVF. We know how important this journey is to couples struggling with infertility, so we make sure that our fertility supplements make sense scientifically, by designing them with extensive input from fertility experts (reproductive endocrinologists and urologists), and having a strict quality control process in place.
OVOENERGEN™ CoQ10 is a supplement for women who want to increase their IVF pregnancy rates by supporting the health of the eggs*.
ANDROENERGEN™ is an IVF supplement for men, made of mega-dose CoQ10 to support healthy sperm development*. For more information about the medical research behind our IVF supplements, please visit the research articles page . For information on the latest live birth rates and the factors affecting success rates, please visit the HFEA website.

Mild stimulation IVF cycles is tailored to a woman’s natural cycle, using a short 5-9 day course of low dose stimulating drugs in order to achieve a mild response. Fewer side effects due to low drug doses and working with your cycle rather than using downregulation. Healthier babies - babies born from milder treatments have significantly lower rates of premature birth than those born following conventional IVF.
A high proportion of patients treated had low ovarian reserve or complex issues, and many achieved a successful outcome. Particularly successful for patients with a low ovarian reserve (low AMH and high FSH blood results).
With Natural IVF and Modified Natural IVF, we are able to help women who have been turned away elsewhere or told egg donation is their only option. Healthy babies- babies born have significantly higher birth weights and lower rates of prematurity than babies born from conventional IVF treatment.
At CREATE we will treat any woman under the age of 50 with her own eggs if at all possible. Transferring embryos in an entirely natural cycle means that the uterus is healthy and drug-free, which is favourable for implantation. At CREATE, we are strong advocates of using frozen embryo transfers to improve the chance of success for patients. You will be able to discuss your specific success rate with a consultant during your initial consultation.
We will be honest with you regarding your success rate and offer advice and recommendations for IVF and fertility treatment options that will allow you to make an informed decision. Please visit contact us to arrange an initial consultation or to visit one of our free open days. For example, the most current pregnancy rates achieved using in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are presented in the following chart by female age, in comparison to the most recently published national average for all the Canadian IVF centres (Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technology Register – CARTR).
This procedure allows for you to select one high quality embryo for transfer, thus producing outstanding pregnancy rates, while nearly eliminating the potential risks to mother and child linked to multiple pregnancies.
We are very happy to offer fertility treatments and services across this extended area, in addition to new clients within the Waterloo Region area. For all the medicine and scientific knowledge our company offers, our primary objective is a straightforward one: to perform our very best to create mothers and fathers in the safest and, most effective and most acceptable approach for you and your family.
To make matters worse for many couples struggling with infertility, insurance policies typically do not cover IVF, forcing couples to pay out of pocket for IVF. The female patient’s age and her ovarian reserve (the ovaries’ ability to produce good-quality eggs) play a particularly large role in the success of IVF. For 2012 (the last year the statistics are available), Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies reports 43% live birth rate after IVF for women under 35, with success rate getting progressively worse with age: 31% for women 35-37, 22% for women 38-40, 12% for women 41-42, and only 4% for women 43 and above (see chart).

If exercise is not in you and your partner’s regular routine, start with something light and fun, like walking in a park, taking a dance class or biking to work. Choosing your fertility center that has extensive experience with your specific type of infertility issue is one way to get the best care available.
Each of our fertility supplements addresses a specific aspect of male and female fertility, unlike many supplements, herbs and extracts that offer dubious and general fertility benefits. Many fertility specialists use our fertility supplements leading up to the stimulation phase or in conjunction with ovarian stimulation medications*. With antioxidant protection for the developing eggs, OVOENERGEN™ enhances your pregnancy chances with good-quality eggs and embryos*. ANDROENERGEN™ CoQ10 provides antioxidant protection and mitochondrial energy support to the developing sperm*. We have pioneered Natural and Mild IVF in the UK and on this page you will find information on our success rates. We have pioneered new protocols and methods to advance Natural IVF and to increase its success rates. It involves monitoring the cycle and keeping the womb healthy, ready for the transfer of frozen embryos. Your success rate will be based on your specific reproductive history, age, egg reserve, previous treatment history and any sperm problems. Our success supports the premise, that in this highly specialized and sensitive discipline, dedication, experience and compassion make the major difference. These solid findings are made possible only through ONE Fertility's clinic-wide attention to detail in addition to our integration of clinical and laboratory processes.
This financial reality is partially why it is so important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get the best IVF success rates you can.
When it comes to improving your chance of pregnancy with IVF, there is nothing better than kicking this habit. The pharmaceutical-grade DHEA in FERTINATAL® helps restore an ideal environment in the ovaries to improve egg quality*, which is essential for the success of IVF cycles.
Although egg quality is considered much more important for IVF success than sperm quality, healthy sperm also contributes to better IVF pregnancy rates.

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