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3 Signs Your Business Is In Trouble Entrepreneurs are fearless, relentless, passionate, optimistic . Of course sales growth is a very important factor in business success.A  There really is no business without sales and we discussed in our 3 Part Series, Get Real about Sales Growth, many of the ways to focus on sales growth. Achieving a healthy cash flow statement is not a challenge limited to certain types of business.A  This challenge occurs in every business . Cash flow does not have to be an elusive concept.A  Cash flow will give your company long term health and allow future financial flexibility that you may now believe is only a pipe-dream.
Positioning:A  Create a message around the benefitA your product or service provides the targeted market segment (the one group you chose).A  Do not skim over this! So youa€™re hanging on and youa€™re working hard, but you just cana€™t seem to get over the hump.A  Here are 3 Reasons your business is on life support. Your business model is flawed!A  Ia€™m a believer in sticking with a strategy, but you have to know when to pivot, change directions, or even abandon the plan.A  Therea€™s no reason to stay the course when you are headed straight into the side of a mountain. While this list is far from complete, it paints a picture for many struggling businesses.A  It also outlines the impact of how seemingly simple decisions have dynamic effects. Now you have to make sure your entire team is really ready for sales growth.A  Nothing is worse than getting new customers and then dropping the ball on delivering what you have sold.A  Here are 3 steps to make sure your team is ready and your desired brand experience is truly delivered!
Football season is here!A  Therea€™s nothing like watching my favorite football team putting some serious points on the board.A A  With the wonderful mobile technology these days, it doesna€™t matter where you are to have access to the score.A  For that matter, not only am I able to check the score at any second during the game, I can also get stats on first downs, passing yards, turn-overs, and tons of other data that is being collected and reported in real time! Here are a few questions that, if answered well, will help you keep score and ultimately be your indicators to winning .
How much working capital do I have tied up in my business?A  This should not be a guess.A  Ita€™s a real number . How much free financing am I giving my customers and for how long?A  Unless you are an ALL cash business . Do you understand how your balance sheet and your income statement effect your cash flow statement?A  This again does not have a generic answer .

How would the loss of your top 3 customers impact the financial health of your company?A  Dona€™t live in denial . Maybe ita€™s just the competitive spirit in me, but I like to keep score.A  Ita€™s fun, thrilling, and gets me fired up!A  In business, if you are not keeping score .
Small Business Administration(1), below are the top reasons why businesses fail.A  Ita€™s also fair to say, these are the same reasons why small businesses continue to stay small. A If you are not sure how these interconnected financial statements drive cash flow, then take the time to get some help.A  Study . I often told myself, a€?Soon this mess will be over, and when it is, wea€™re headed to the next level of glory that God has for us! Why not?A  If youa€™re not quite sure how to get your financial statements in scoreboard shape, ask for help! Wea€™re going from glory to glory!a€?A But one day I was pondering this verse and thinking deeply about what it meant to go from glory to glory. A Although, if that same non-profit is targeting the next generation of youth to engage in more youth-driven causes, then the campaign my focus on smaller donations utilizing text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to drive sales growth.A  Essentially, you want to add your content to a communication delivery system your customer is already accustomed to receiving information. It says we are going fromA glory to glory a€” in other words, from a current glorious place to another higher gloriousplace.A This clearly means that you and I wona€™t be promoted to the next realm of glory until the realm where we presently live is glorious. So if we want to go upward into a greater glory, we have to first make glorious the place where we are living and functioning right now.A When I saw this, it made me want to take a good, hard look at my life and ministry.
Because there are always more things to do than we have the time, money, or resources to get accomplished.
Only after we have truthfully seen and acknowledgedA what we are can we make a sincere decision to change. A truthful recognition of the facts is part ofA the process that removes the veil from our eyes so the Lord can correct us, change us, transform us,A and prepare us to move upward into the next glorious phase for our lives. The word metamorphoo is never used in the Old Testament Septuagint, and it appears only four times in the New Testament.

Paul also uses it in Romans 12:3 to tell us that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
The Holy Spirit lets us know through Paul that we canA actuallyA exchange our present appearance, our current status, for one that is more glorious.
In fact, denial of the truth will just keep us stuck in the same hard place for a longer period of time.
Telling yourself that everything is allA right when it isna€™t may temporarily relieve you from the pain of having to look at the facts head-on. But the kind of change I am describing to you today is only initiated when you are willingA to get honest with yourself and with God about your behavior, your attitudes, and the condition ofA every area of your life at this present moment. If youa€™re willing to remove the veil from your eyes andA let the Holy Spirit really show you the areas where you need to be transformed, HeA will change you. However, He isna€™t bothered if HeA has to wait until you correctly finish your current task. Show me every area in my life that needs to be changed, and helpA me give You complete liberty to transform those parts of my life. IA have asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes and to help me see those parts of my life that needA to be transformed. What are the areas of your life that are not glorious a€” the areas you most need to work on?A 2.

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