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Regardless of the concern, studies done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Guttmacher Institute and other centers show that nationally as well as on state levels, pregnancies among girls age 15 to 19 have hit two peak highs in the past 35 years. Teenage pregnancies rates in different states differ depending on the number of adolescences in the population, however many states still reflect the races of women to be a factor in the numbers.
In 2005, teenage pregnancies across the states hit a peak high after a steady decrease from its earlier peak in 1990. During 2005, Florida teenagers ages 15-19 had a pregnancy rate of 77 per 1,000 women while the U.S. Only eight states had a pregnancy rate higher than Florida at this time, the highest being a rate of 165 per 1,000 women in the District of Columbia. Founded in 1968, Guttmacher Institute was originally formed as a division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
The data used in this survey as well as others conducted by the center is gathered from researchers focusing on the field being studied.

Some people in the United States wonder if the explosion of celebrity teen parents has anything to do with the recent peak highs after so many years of decreasing numbers. Although there is still no definite explanation for the sudden increase in teenage pregnancies, the numbers reflected in races help explain that some of it has to do with education and awareness. The debate over abortion arises and many worry about the health detriments to those who get pregnant as young as 15.
Studies conducted at a national level show that Florida is a main contender as one of the states’ with a high teenage pregnancy rate.
This statistic is represented at a state level for Florida, which was ranked as the state with the 12th-highest teenage pregnancy rate.
States such as California, New York, and North Carolina had similar or the same pregnancy rate as Florida in 2005.
This is an important dynamic to consider because many studies on different states or of the United States as a whole show that certain races almost always have higher pregnancy rates than others.

The rate for pregnancies among White non-Hispanic teenagers was less than half of that of the Black non-Hispanic and Hispanic teenagers at 30.8 per 1,000. In 1947, the institute became an independent, non-profit organization committed to finding information on sexual and reproductive health. Many of the females in the situation are those of races who are often offered less education. GI recently conducted an in-depth survey analyzing pregnancies, births and abortions in the U.S.

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