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Miscarriage: The term commonly used to describe the very early delivery or loss of a baby in the early or middle stages of pregnancy. Incomplete abortion: The baby leaves the uterus, but the placenta (life-support system for the baby) stays inside.
Placenta previa: A placenta attached too low in the uterus and too close to the opening of the cervix, which can cause bleeding. Placental abruption: The placenta partly or fully detaches from the wall of the uterus, which may result in bleeding.
If ultrasound reveals the baby is no longer living but is still inside the uterus, this is called a missed abortion. Placenta previa is the medical term given to a placenta attached low in the uterus and too close to or over the top of the cervix (the opening of the uterus into the birth canal). If placenta previa does cause a problem, it usually begins with painless, bright red bleeding from the vagina in the third trimester. With placental abruption, the placenta partly or fully detaches from the wall of the uterus. I will definitely be participating in this event in remembrance of two grandsons who returned to heaven much too soon. In early October, Lotus, Lia, and Minnie were each bred to their respective dates for the season. Some breeders, especially those with larger herds, will use a simple blood test to diagnose pregnancy, however, as our herd is small we prefer to use ultrasound to confirm pregnancy in our does. Although a blood test will help distinguish pregnant, from non-pregnant does, it tells you nothing about how many fetuses a doe may be carrying. We don’t pen-breed, so we have accurate breeding dates, but if you do pen breed, confirming pregnancy via ultrasound can help to better approximate breeding dates, and help prevent surprises in the barn, or unexpected kiddings outside in frigid weather, risking kid survival. Most importantly, goat nutrition can be optimized during the late stages of pregnancy, when the nutritional demands of the fetuses are at their highest. Lotus was bred to Darby, and as this is Darby’s first breeding season we were very interested to see if this pairing was indeed a success.
This year one fetus was very clearly visible, and there was a hint at the possibility of a second, but the ultrasound transducer couldn’t be positioned to clearly visualize another fetus. If Lotus is shown to only be carrying a single fetus at that time, we’ll have to be especially careful with her diet in late pregnancy. It can be difficult to assess whether does are carrying more than two during an ultrasound though, as things are moving around a lot, and fetal positioning can make counting a little tricky.
Haha, not quite as many goats as bees (although our bee numbers are quite low at the moment). Fortunately, most of the time it turns out to be no risk to either the mother-to-be or the unborn baby. Each trimester is about 13 weeks long, and each carries risks for particular bleeding problems.
This exam may determine if a miscarriage is going to happen or may rule out ectopic pregnancy or diseases of the cervix as the cause.

The woman may be given the option of waiting to see what happens naturally, taking medication to cause the miscarriage to be completed or have a D&C. This condition affects about one in 250 pregnancies and has risks for both mother and baby. Now with breeding season (hopefully) over we’ve been waiting, for approximately six weeks, to confirm pregnancies. This not only helps to prevent having an under-conditioned doe at the time of freshening, but may also help to prevent overfeeding those does that are only carrying single fetuses. So this morning Lotus was first up for ultrasound, and we confirmed that she is pregnant again. We already had enough fun pulling this big-headed buckling from her earlier this year, and he was one of three kids! We know that Zedoary has already sired offspring, as he was bred to a few does before we transported him down to the farm from Oregon. Please forgive that this Farm Woman was multitasking at the time, and this hand-held camera doesn’t have the best resolution. We her love her to pieces, but as herd queen she can be prone to more than just a little drama on occasion. We’re still looking for a flatter farm property though, so hopefully before the herd gets too big we can move. However, to be sure that all is well, a history and a physical exam (sometimes including special tests) must be done. This usually happens in the fallopian tube (tubal pregnancy), but can also happen elsewhere in the pelvis. Most of the time, no cause is known, although problems with the placenta (the babya€™s life support system) may be found. While very common in the second trimester, 95 per cent of cases correct themselves by the end of the pregnancy.
Bleeding caused by placenta previa is usually treated in hospital by caesarean section close to the due date.
Leave your candle burning for an hour to help create a continuous chain of light to honor and remember all babies lost due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS and newborn death. It's a pain that I remember as being soul consuming and my heart aches for all those who've had to endure that circumstance. Too great a plane of nutrition for does only carrying singles may lead to an over-sized kid at birth, resulting in dystocia (birthing difficulty). Lily, however, is only potentially 28 days pregnant, so we didn’t ultrasound her today.
As soon as we started to scan Lia there was no question she was pregnant, with at least twins. However, you can see teeny goat babies bouncing about (and they’re feisty, even at this age). I was in charge of goat wrangling this morning, in addition to trying to man the hand-held camera (hence the slightly skewed orientation of the image from time to time).

I do have a few winter projects I need to get done before these girls kid though, as I’ll have my hands full by March!
If you just have the one doe to scan, I’d suggest taking your doe to the vet, rather than having the vet come to you. At this stage, abdominal cramps with bleeding are much more cause for alarm than bleeding or cramping alone. The expectant mother may bleed from the vagina (birth canal) and feel sudden severe pelvic pain a few weeks after her missed period. It may help to know that, of such placentas found by ultrasound, only five per cent are still low by the time of birth. In this video I have included a couple of captions to help point out heads, and a placentome*. Unfortunately, I needed both hands to hold Minnie up in a standing position so we could ultrasound her. For me the field call is more than it costs to scan two does, so if you can put your doe in a crate and drive her to ultrasound you’ll save a lot of money. Knowing this can help many women who have lost a baby to avoid unnecessary guilt over what more they might have done. Diagnosis can often be made by examination, but sometimes ultrasound or fibre-optic surgery (laparoscopy) is needed.
She decided we had absolutely no business looking around back there, and insisted on laying flat down on the stanchion. Needless to say, I think next March will be a little busier here than last year, but I have to admit, I already miss having kids running around. I think this year it was around $50 per doe scanned (not including the field call), and that’s about on par with what I hear others are paying for US too.
As a result, at this stage a low-lying placenta with no bleeding problems is not a cause for alarm! I ended up being in the early stages of a miscarriage after a long day in our local hospital.
With a little persistence we got the job done though, but as my hands were full I couldn’t shoot any video of her. Really, if you’ve never seen five day-old dwarf goats racing around in circles around a coffee table, you should find this video to be at least a little entertaining! I need a much larger herd before I can cost justify my own ultrasound machine for the farm though. Minnie looked a lot like Lia though as she’s at the same stage of pregnancy, and Minnie was confirmed to be carrying 2+ fetuses.
If today was any indication, training Minnie as a first freshener to be milked should be an immense amount of fun next spring!

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