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As a mother, I care about the health of children and the state of the earth they’ll inherit. Welcome soon-to-be mothers, second-time-or-more mommies, postpartum moms, aunties, BFFs, husbands, and all those who love a good-looking mom (mais oui, that’s a maman jolie)! As I run around my tiny, newly renovated Belmont Shore apartment like a little chicken trying to find a seed, all these thoughts creep into my mind as if I don’t have enough to worry about already. As I continue trying to talk myself out of leaving the house and keeping the kids today instead of dropping them at the sitter’s so that I can run to this interview (one that I felt lucky to land!), I feel all sorts of emotion rush over me and I want to cry.  So I do.
I finally gather myself and, “MOM, POOP!” interrupts my thoughts bringing me back to reality. My clean laundry is still sitting in the basket from three days ago because I was too busy and much too tired to fold any of it.  But that’s fine because I wont be having company at my place this week anyway! The truth is, those other mommies and me—we’re the same, but so different.  These women who have perfect lives, perfect shoes usually accompanied by a perfect mani-pedi too, and their kids are fully segregated at the playground.  I’m not one to look sloppy or slummish, but I’m definitely more of a, “Quick! As I grabbed everyone, ran out the door with snacks and practically carry-on luggage in tow…I thought, “I’ve got this!” That was a first-world problem. I wished I hadn’t looked so postpartum at the interview, wearing those tight Spanx under my slacks and feeling a little rounder than the barely 20-somethings who were staring at me from the other side of the sales floor. That afternoon marked my first experience as a mommy going back to work, approaching an environment where I felt I didn’t belong. With so many To-Dos, and the endless unfinished projects planned in our busy little minds, who wants to add another task?
I wanted to give my dear friend Nicole a keepsake that she could have forever, something that she could look back on and share with her daughter for many years to come. Final steps include checking for imperfections, setting a couple layers of gloss over the inside and outside of the cast, and of course taking pictures. We wanted to reach out to our fans, and give you all an opportunity to play a fun little game with us.
Then, you just need to sign up for our mailing list for special offers and coupons, which is just to the right of this announcement in the side bar. LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 11, 2012 – Women everywhere have questions about childbirth.  “Am I prepared to have an enjoyable, comfortable childbirth? This fabulous new book offers support and helps build confidence in modern women who strive to have a more natural childbirth. Written in a fun, informative format, the authors ask, “Where are all the worldly stiletto wearing women who want to birth their babies naturally?” Co-authors, Patricia Grube and Sara Smildzins found them and the stories these women share exclusively in Posh Push will have pregnant women everywhere saying, “I want that too!”  For women that are intrigued, Posh Push arms you with all the information and tips on how to do it. Sara Smildzins and her doula and pre-natal yoga teacher, Patricia Grube, bonded over the idea that women needed a modern, fun source of information for a more natural childbirth. In a nutshell, lets just say that I much prefer my second trimester to my first… and from what I’ve learned, this is a commonly shared feeling by most expecting Moms.
So I say bask in this time Moms, get as much out of your day as you possibly can, spend as much active time playing and laughing with your little ones as your energy is still on an ultra high.
Sadly, for most of us this too will come to an end in a few short months when you hit the Big 3rd Trimester, but maybe not. Some of my favorite memories with my 2 yr old have been in the last 5 months, she has gone from a baby to a little person in such a short period of time.

Thankfully for us, potty training has been a very successful endeavor with all its splendor! So no, you do not have to “let go” completely and thats not even possible, I mean really they are toddlers and you have so much time left to learn and grow with your little ones. Speaking of bonding time and things you can do with your toddler while your pregnant, Linda has come to be very interested in a few things that I really enjoy, hmmm maybe because I bring her with me everywhere? Bluff yoga is one of our favorites, it’s an outdoor, kid friendly yoga experience that I have been involved in for about 5 yrs, perfect for prenatal, postnatal and everything in between. These experiences and special memories are so important for your pregnancy and raising your toddler, it has helped me feel less “guilty” about getting pregnant again while I still had a baby. Lets face it, unless you have $150+ to spend on an amazing pair of designer Maternity jeans, the thought of getting your growing, curvy midsection into a pair of jeans may seem like a huge bother. Remember the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” there once was a time that our societies as a whole created a community, a village, to not only support the birthing woman but the whole family throughout gestation, birth and the postpartum period. I am having a hospital birth:  Hospital births are very common and a first choice for many. I have a great partner:  Partners are fabulous and doulas love supporting your relationship by assisting your partner in ways to best support you as well as educating your partner on what is going on around you and through the process. My mother or sister will be with me too: It is amazing to have a large support team, again creating the village we should have had all along. I am having an epidural or medicated birth:  Labor is often a long process and there may be time where you are seeking relief from your discomfort either at home or at the hospital. I have a scheduled c-section:  Did you know there are many options around your surgical birth even though you have it planned, however they may not be told to you as standard procedures occur unless you have requested otherwise verbally or with a birth plan.
As a birth doula and a postpartum doula, supporting families through the miracle of birth and the transition of becoming a family has by far been the most amazing work I have ever done.
Erin Fisher holds a degree in Child and Adolescent Development and is a CAPPA trained birth and postpartum doula serving the Los Angeles area. Her maternity range comprises of basic tees, comfy leggings, printed maxis and cowl-neck tops. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Smart casual outfit simply means mixing up your casual wear with your smart wear to achieve a fashionable blend.
Honor the father in your life with the REAL DADS DO YOGA t-shirt only at Maman Jolie Maternity. I’m sure all the women at Mommy & Me are also getting ready for important interviews—especially their first one since the baby’s been born.
I’m sitting here at the tub cleaning off Linda and her little potty-training butt and somehow Skye is still sleeping!
I am lucky to be where I am, I have a chance, I want it and damn right, I’m coming to get it! I wasn’t 18 and I hadn’t just interned at an unpaid internship for the past year and I didn’t know the current couture trends. Although I did not cast her belly(her awesome sister did), I made sure that it was done and ready for me when I arrived to go visit her and little Miss Isabelle Peggy.

Although its not crazy to give em’ a little freedom so they can learn from mistakes and start to distinguish their right from wrong actions.
These are the perfect maternity item — they stretch and move with you and have that added embellishment makes you feel instantly chic.' ended to work for every stage of pregnancy.
It’s all over the tile floor and her hands, but that’s fine because this is all a part of potty training, right? Nobody visits Long Beach shore cities because who likes to find street parking, but seriously, they just plain DON’T VISIT. Clearly I’m not pregnant anymore, but more obviously, I can’t fit my skinny jeans I was wearing last year pre-pregnancy. Tearing (literally meaning ripping through the house with tears in my eyes) through the house looking for the perfect shoe because I was headed to my first real interview in two-and-a-half years. I’ve been reading Parenting Magazine for two years because, well, I couldn’t really afford or even find Vogue on the newsstand.
She had her belly casted around 8.5 months, which is ideal time as the belly is full, round and voluptuous. As doulas, we support you in your birth choices and decisions and we offer education to be sure you are kept informed.
She explained 'Being pregnant for the first-time, I wasn't sure exactly what pieces I was going to need at different stages.
Mostly just their kids because Linda made a connection with them, but actually some are still my very best friends. That is pure luck and blessings right there.  Birthing an old soul is definitely a gift from above. Yes, I am damn good at taking care of my kids, but that doesn’t necessarily get you a J-O-B in the industry. So did I get the job because my friend made a phone call to get me the interview in the first place? For over a decade and from Los Angeles to London, Patricia has coached and empowered many birthing couples seeking positive and satisfying birth experiences.
So with my collection, I wanted to design pieces that other moms-to-be could easily wear from the first trimester, throughout their pregnancy and even after their baby is born. Moms, you may be laughing because you have, many-a-times, TURNED IT INTO A SONG.  Thank you YoGabba Gabba. You feel like your child was born and for some reason takes better care of you than sometimes you do of her.  To this day, she still gives me that look. However, to accustom to the CRAZY heat this year, I modified my dress to a “late Summer in SoCal” version using stretch Jersey, bleach tie dying, and cut off sleeves to create a cuff instead of long sleeve. Would you like to have___________with _______or ___________?”  They may say something completely different that is not one of the choices, or cry and throw a temper tantrum, but, eventually you’ll find success. I got out of my pregnancy yoga pants and went on back to work eight full hours a day, five days a week.

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