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Hi there, i have noticed there are an awful lot of threads on people wondering about when their female guppy's are going to give birth, so i have decided to do a thread detailing the changes that a female guppy goes through as she progresses in her pregnancy. We had 45Cdegrees here for three days in a row and lost a couple of fish I was suprised one of our male guppies went.
Some of the fry looked more developed and larger, at least a week older, but were all the same age. The gravid patch is a dark area located towards the back of the fishes stomach, as the guppys pregnancy progresses this area will get darker and darker. With the guppy fry eating thing, it could be just something to do with the gene's of your females.
During the birthing is it okay if I transfer the male and female that are not delivering into another 2 gallon? It is also well documented that guppys learn certain behaviour from each other, so its posible that you females are doing this because they have learnt the behavior from each other.
Guppy fry's eyes are usually black, however for example they can also be blue too, this will not create a blue gravid patch though, simply it will appear less dark on the outside.
She has probably given birth recently, this is the least pregnant a female guppy can get, she has most likely already mated with a male by this stage though, so will starting to get pregnant again.
Their brother often messes with them anyway.Usually females are mature enough to get pregnant at 3months old, sometimes a little younger. She may even choose to use the sperm of a male she mated with from a previous mating she had before her last pregnancy (as female guppy's can store sperm in them for up to 6-7 pregnancies maximum).
You should separate the females from any males in the tank which are related to them to help prevent inbreeding amoungst them- the more you let each generation inbreed with each other, the weaker the resulting fry from such unions will become.

I know back in the thread some people said that more than likely they are already pregnant when you get them from your lfs. However, the female guppy is still very slim and is showing no other visable signs of her early pregnancy. Inbreeding can result in guppys with poorer imune systems and growth (both eventual size and how long they take to attain it) and increases the chances of poorer, smaller and weaker batches of fry being born, and the chances of fry being born with bad birth deformities- inbred mature females also have a higher risk of suffering from birthing complications etc. If she has no sperm in her to further this stage in the pregnancy, she will just keep on growing eggs in her and the gravid patch will not darken any futher.Stage 3The gravid patch area is certainly getting darker at this stage (although it is still pretty pale in colour), there are certain signs that are beginning to take place like this that this guppy is most likely in the early stages pregnancy now, and she is beginning to look a bit plumper around the stomach area.
There are basically many negative ways inbreeding can affect guppys, so you should try to avoid it at all costs whenever posible. Stage 4As the guppy's pregnancy progresses, her gravid patch becomes darker and darker and she looks more and more noticeably plump around the stomach area. Even if your females are not mature enough to get pregnant, to be on the safe side you should remove any young males amoungst them as soon as the males become evident in the group.
The female guppy may be showing the first signs of being ready to give birth at this stage i.e.
So as time has gone by, guppys have become more and more inbred because of the breeders doing such things like trying to create new strains etc.The reason why the guppys themselves show no real objection to inbreeding amoungst each other is partly because of their high sex drives, but also because in the wild, wild guppys would exist in very large bodies of water (often going into the thousands of gallons) and in very large numbers themselves. The chances of a single guppy finding a sibling in such an environment is rather slim, so it is generally not an issue for wild guppys and so they have never really evolved to have any instincts not to breed with their siblings or parents etc.
So basically it is up to you to stop such things from happening in your tank, as a responsable guppy breeder, preventing inbreeding in your guppys should become one of your top priorities .
She will be displaying behaviour like she is about to give birth (see stage 6 for example), and will be trying to ignore the male guppy's attentions.

However the male guppy's will probably be giving her a lot of unwanted attention at this stage- chasing or following her around, pecking at her business end and displaying towards her to get her attentions. By eating their competitors fry, their fry will have more of a chance when they are born etc. The female guppy could technically give birth to up to 50+ fry, but 20-30 fry is a lot more common. A lot of these fry will be eaten in their first couple of days of life, which is why some people prefer to remove the pregnant female to a separate tank away from the main community. When female guppy's give birth, they express a hormone which stops their appetite and helps prevent them from eating their own fry, however as far as I know this hormone only lasts for up to 12hours, so the fry are only safe for a little while from their mother (this should still give them plenty of time to swim off and hide somewhere though). Guppy fry will instinctively hide in planted area's and the such like in the tank, so it is good to provide some heavily planted areas with an array of plants. Guppy fry do not all develop at once at the same rate inside the mother, some will be partly developed while some will still be eggs. When female guppy's abort their fry, you will often see some eggs and partly developed fry, the eggs and partly developed fry will not survive outside the mother.

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