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To get there, fly to La Guardia or JFK (See discount air link below) take a taxi to our NYC meeting place and join the Party Bus. Macon's "Parcours Patrimonial" -- the heritage trail -- will take you along the paved streets of the town center, from Old Saint Vincent Cathedral to the remarkably high dome of the Hotel Dieu, from the 15th-century Half-Timbered House to the Soufflot Chapel. We use quality travel partners like Trafalgar, Celebrity, GAP Adventures (now G Adventures), Royal Caribbean, Lionworld, Princess and many more. Join us for us fabulous group vacations and meet some great new friends that are passionate about travel.

When Saint Laurent Bridge lights up over the Saone River, expect a brilliant show of lights along the embankment.
Open to everyone - we especially want to make travel available to singles who do not have a travel partner - we will match you up with a roommate so there is no single supplement! Join our Toronto travelers for some amazing vacations and start scratching those places off your bucket list. Some of the ways we save you money: 1) Group pricing on trips 2) Group hotels if you want to spend time pre or post vacation 3) Roommate matching 4) Group air pricing when availalbe 5) Private excursions - which are more personalized and save you lots of $$$ 6) Pre trip get togethers and dinners 7) Airport buddies - save money be traveling to the airport together 8) Special group bonuses and discounts and so much more!

All trips are booked through a TICO designated travel agency so your money is 100% protected. I have managed 37 vacations - our biggest event our January Caribbean Cruise usually has well over 100 people cruising with us- our last trip to the Baltic 77 people, we filled the bus on our last summer Tuscany trip with 58 people - our vacations are popular and people come back year after year.

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