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This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: The two synopsis lines has not been explained, including the fact that there seems to be missing ending "]" and "}" in both lines (although taken together as one line they actually have the correct amount of brackets, but that would not make sense - I guess?) Someone seems to think the explanation for the copyright is lacking and has left a [text in square bracket] above that explanation. Unix man pages are meant to provide a brief reference on the usage of a command, not verbose and well-written explanations as you may find in manuals which is another common type of documentation. Command-line options, also known as flags, are typed following a program name to change how the program runs. This would run blerp in attack mode, outputting to DEBUG.EXE, with tumble dry, and with POPE set to AVIGNON. Finally there is a "copyright" line which references several variously open-source content licenses which is also a recurin theme on xkcd (see 225: Open Source). In the title text there is a list with even more info, again with crazy names like blarbl and birb. Command line options (flags) typically use hyphens (short horizontal lines largely used within words).
Also implies a paradox where if flags were to use em dashes, this flag itself would be invalid. As an actual program flag, a bit hackjob-ish, but it is possible it is telling the user to use Google to find out what this tag does. Usually, ignoring case means that a program will run without differentiating between upper- and lowercase.
Standard program flag, usually meaning that the program will overwrite a file rather than make a new one when data is output.May work strangely with -d. Strange flag, possibly means that all other flags (or maybe even including this one!) have the opposite effects - if so, a lot of strange things would happen.
In most cases, a program will output basic information to the console, and running it in quiet mode will make it run without outputting anything.
Almost standard flag, in ordinary programs the opposite of -q - instead of silencing output, it makes it more specific, usually to help with debugging.

You can browse the comics from List of all comics or by navigating the category tree at Category:Comics. There are a lot of comics that don't have set-in-stone explanations; feel free to put multiple interpretations in the wiki page for each comic. This fictional man page seems to exaggerate its crypticness, thus making fun of a common trait that many man pages have. In most cases, any number of flags can be used in any order, and applicable flags can be followed by arguments (such as "AVIGNON" in this example). For instance GPL references GNU General Public License and the (2) and (3+) refers to GPL 2 and GPL 3 or higher.
In context, it suggest the person who has the highest offer for blerp will be sold the rights to the program. Again there are page references, but for the last the person writing this stops writing the reference and begins to laugh at who ever still reads this man page and telling them that he is kidding and suggest that they just Google it like a normal person. Em dashes (longer, with the same length as the letter "m") can't easily be typed into a command line interface, so switching flags from hyphens to em dashes is excessively difficult and nonsensical.
While the option should still work, the documentation is changed to say "deprecated" to discourage further use. This flag suggests that blerp will run ignoring all the lowercase characters completely, or ignoring all the uppercase characters with -I. Also note that standard behavior of Unix command line options is that a single "-" can be followed by multiple one-letter options, making -jk equivalent to -j -k.
Blerp, on the other hand, outputs information through audio, and the quiet flag causes it to run like a normal program. Using ANSEL as a default would be strange and largely incompatible with most modern systems.
The default here suggests posting a status update to Facebook, sourcing an update form Facebook, or updating Facebook itself.

Instead, this flag gets replaced with a command that prints the contents of all files in the filesystem tree. Explain xkcd uses ads to pay for bandwidth, and we manually approve all our advertisers, and our ads are restricted to unobtrusive images and slow animated GIFs. It details the command line options for this program, many of which are strange, annoying, or even impossible. The last blorp(501)(c)(3) is not a valid chapter reference for a man page, it is however a slightly covert reference to 501(c)(3) which is an organization that is tax-exempt.
Since the other licenses mentioned would allow for free usage without paying royalties, it would usually be pointless to buy the rights to the program. A debugger is usually called by calling the debugger with the program (or script) to be debugged as parameter.
Many clothing items are marked "do not tumble dry" in the care instructions, but this would be extremely difficult to make relevant to a program. These options are in alphabetical order (putting lower case before upper case and with an em-dash inserted between b and c the only exception to this order). The writer of this text thus also stops finishing the brackets as the ending ")" for the last chapter is missing. After the Papacy was returned to Rome in 1377, the Church split (the so-called Western Schism) as not everyone accepted the move and the Pople who ordered it. This copyright line, which includes a lot of mashed-together text that might appear to match any of several different licenses, resembles a user-agent string.

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