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When I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I feel hungry, but not crazy nauseous as I did much of my first trimester.
One thing that I’ve noticed this week is that my hunger level seems to be increasing. We are getting to ready to spend the weekend at the beach, even though the forecast is calling for rain and thunderstorms. I should have said he thought I was just getting fat because we hadn’t told anyone yet ?? Didn’t want that to be misunderstood! Glad that you’ve still been able to enjoy the foods you usually do, and what you are saying about protein intake is totally understandable.

Your baby's entire body may be covered by lanugo (soft hair) and a pasty white substance called vernix protecting the skin. My husband and I are trying to add a little bundle in our lives, so if it ever happens I will feel more educated.
Both lanugo and vernix may be present in varying degrees at birth, with premature babies tending to have more. Determined by genes passed on from your parents, the Rh factor is a type of protein that may appear on red blood cells. This generally doesn't affect your first pregnancy, because your baby's blood doesn't mix with yours until delivery.In your next pregnancy, your anti-Rh antibodies could cross through the placenta into the baby's blood stream.

Those antibodies will destroy the baby's red blood cells, causing mild-to-severe anemia to the fetus, or even death.To prevent Rh problems, mothers who are Rh negative receive a shot called Rhogam around 28 weeks or earlier if there were bleeding early on.
Rhogam binds up any blood cells from your fetus before your body can recognize them and begin making antibodies.

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