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The noses of babies with Down's syndrome have flat bridges, with a small or poorly formed nasal bone that does not show up on an ultrasound in early pregnancy (Cicero et al 2006). The absence of a nose bone still isn't a definite indicator that a baby has Down’s syndrome, but adding this finding to the combined nuchal translucency ultrasound and blood test makes the test more accurate.
Finding out whether a baby has a nose bone is helpful in working out the risk for Down’s syndrome, but, unfortunately, it can't always be done. The images below show ultrasounds which looked for the nasal bone at the bridge of a baby’s nose. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. My Baby This Week NewsletterKeep up with your baby’s development with personalized weekly newsletters.

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A new test which measures the angle between the upper jaw and the forehead is being introduced and will provide even more information to help calculate the risk of Down's syndrome. It shows up as a bright white line when the baby is in a good position, that is, when he is lying across, looking upwards. Thankfully my baby has a very nice nose bone, and my tests for Down Syndrome came back negative (They did not call, so when they don't call you, your fine) :).

If the baby is facing downwards, or is in a vertical position, it won’t show up on the ultrasound.
He was considered to have a very high risk for Down’s syndrome, and the condition was later confirmed by another type of test, chorionic villus sampling (CVS). It can take a long time to get the right view, and not many people are trained to do this ultrasound.

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