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Sexual activity can remain the same throughout pregnancy, unless indicated by your physician.
You may experience mixed feelings about sex during pregnancy; however, remember your partner will too. The answers to these questions usually depends upon the stage of pregnancy and the medical history of  would be mother.
How To Have Safe Sex Without Pregnancy Risk  Normal pregnancy doesn’t mean showing exit door to sex.
When Is Sex a Complete No During Pregnancy When the placenta of the woman gets very low the gynecologist suggests refraining from sex. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Unfortunately though, this is not something even your doctor will openly talk to you about unless you directly ask for information about sex during pregnancy.
However, sex during pregnancy is not so taboo today and many couples are more amenable to the idea. Sex during pregnancy is safe if yours is a normal pregnancy.  As for the baby, it cannot be harmed by sex during pregnancy as it is safely nestled in your womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid. There is a misonception that sex during pregnancy can bring on labor and perhaps cause premature birth. During the pregnancy first trimester, the nausea can be so bad that you may not even be able to eat sometimes, let alone have sex. So although sex during pregnancy is safe, the more apt question here is whether or not you actually want to have sex in the first place. One of the most wonderful benefits of sex during pregnancy is that it naturally puts you in a good mood. Orgasm increases the supply of blood to the vagina and the uterus, creating instant and lasting relaxation in those areas. Assuming that your pregnancy is a normal one, sex during pregnancy is more of a personal preference. So if you want to have sex during pregnancy, you’re going to have to work harder at it than at any other time.
Men, keep in mind that your partner feels vulnerable, highly emotional, and unattractive because of the weight gain.
Again for the men – if performing oral sex on your partner avoid blowing air into her vagina. Women, keep in mind that you truly are beautiful even during pregnancy and that many men are actually quite aroused by their pregnant partners.
You should use condoms when having sex during pregnancy as there is still a chance that you may contract a sexually transmitted disease. If you experience any pain, burning or bleeding during or after sex, call your doctor immediately.
Generally though, the woman on top position is popular during the first and second trimester, but not the third as the mother sometimes gets too big to find this comfortable.
There are alternate positions to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable when your bump is in the way as well! It can be tricky for some women, especially since many find that they have heightened arousal during pregnancy due to so many hormonal surges. TTC Talk – Should Doctors Require Weight Loss Before Administering Fertility Treatments?

Many pregnant women and their partners have questions about this topic; however, they are reluctant to ask. The hormone changes that occur in pregnancy can either increase or decrease your sex drive. This article tries to satisfy your inquisitiveness about this issue and also change your presumptions based on some common myths.
Both of you can of course enjoy sex by slightly alleviating your expectations about orgasm and by experimenting different safe sex positions. If the patient has a medical history of bleeding, abortion or pre-mature delivery during last pregnancy then too, sex can be risky. Most fathers-to-be also worry about sex during pregnancy as they feel that they will harm the baby in some way.
The reason for this could be that most cultures in the world do not associate pregnancy with sexuality in general (even though it is sex that led to the pregnancy in the first place), and thus the need to clarify or discuss it is out of the question. Here’s everything you wanted to know about sex during pregnancy, and a few tips about what you can do to keep your sex life going even during your pregnancy. Also, there is a mucous plug in your cervix during pregnancy that stays there until just a few days or hours before you actually give birth. If you had a thriving sex life before you were pregnant, you may think this a ludicrous statement.
If your pregnancy is normal, you can safely have sex without worrying about harming yourself or the baby.
The best way to determine if sex during pregnancy is safe for you is to speak with your doctor as she knows your medical history and current physical condition and is thus better equipped to advise you accurately.
This means that it is really up to you whether or not you want to have sex when you are pregnant. Here are a few things both partners should keep in mind when contemplating sex during pregnancy. This is more important than anything else because sex begins long before you hit the sheets. Assure her that she is still very sexy and that you find her beautiful and want to have sex with her even during pregnancy.
Although it is rare, there have been cases when this has caused a blood vessel to block, which in turn is a fatal condition for both mother and child. There is thus no reason that your sex life should come to a screeching halt just because you are pregnant.
However, you can give the condom a miss if you and your partner are in a monogamous relationship and are both in good health. There are plenty of other ways to create intimacy like kissing, cuddling, massage, having a soak in a hot tub, planning a romantic evening, masturbation, and oral sex.
As your body is changing, it can take an emotional toll on you, especially if your spouse is suddenly apprehensive about sex. Talk to your husband, get him to read up on the fact that sex is safe for most women during pregnancy, and see if that helps. The most sought after queries among, would be parents are, regarding sex during the trimester period. Safe Sex During Pregnancy  When Is It Safe To Have Sex During the first trimester, most of the women struggle with so many discomforts like nausea, mood swings, and tiredness that the thought of sex is the last thing that pops in her mind. Even during severe vaginal infection, Doctors advice to have no sex.Lastly when the Doctor observes loose cervix of the uterus, then too sex can be unsafe. However, these are not the same as labor contractions so you really have nothing to worry about.

In the pregnancy second trimester, you may find that your sex drive has picked up a bit as your genitals and breasts are engorged with the extra blood that is being produced by the placenta and your body. It is hardly surprising that sex increases intimacy and creates a powerful bond between the people involved in the act. And in the later stages of pregnancy, your burgeoning weight may make you feel unattractive and you may not want to have sex because of body image issues at the time.
It is important to talk about your expectations and feelings, especially because a lack of sex can cause a certain amount of estrangement in both partners. For some men, they just can’t seem to get over this but are only too happy to resume sex after the baby is born. Till she reaches the second trimester, the discomforts get subtle and the sexual desire usually accentuates due to increased vaginal blood circulation and breast size.
It also helps the woman to take the charge of the pace of sex and control the depth of penetration. If it is not possible to have sex due to some inhibitions, loving caring and fondling each other  is a good idea. And the pregnancy third trimester spells trouble for your sex life again as you put on oodles of weight and experience some of the most uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.
Then there is the emotional roller coaster ride you will be on because of the massive hormonal changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy. Try talking to your partner about the issue so that you are both comfortable with whatever choice you make about sex or intimacy during pregnancy.
Losing interest in sex in the first trimester is quite common, due to the nausea, vomiting and fatigue. In the last trimester the baby bump and back pain play a spoil sport and alleviate the desires.
Still if youcan help your partner to mastuburate to satisfy him is also a way to express your care towards him.
Quite a number of women orgasm much more easily during pregnancy, and several even begin to have multiple orgasms when they have sex during pregnancy. As you grow throughout your pregnancy, you may not be able to carry off the same positions that you could before.
So, in a normal case of pregnancy, leaving aside the first trimester and the last ninth month, the rest of the period can be enjoyed in bed with your partner. Saucy spoon is another languorous and safest position for love making that allows the partners to reach orgasm without sweating and bothering the bump. For example, the missionary position (commonly known as man on top) will not be possible or comfortable during the third trimester of pregnancy. Rather than get frustrated and give up at such a time, a better option would be to explore new sexual positions – a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about sex and also to add a little spice to your sex life. Also Read Reasons For Spotting During Pregnancy How To Have Safe Sex Important Tips For Having Safe Sex To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy And STDs You have to be careful about some more things too, like titillating breasts for a long duration must be refrained, as it leads to secretion of oxytocin hormone in the female body which can start uterine contractions and always go for sexual intimacy only when the woman desires, never against her wishes. There are certain myths that have no medical base and have been travelling from ear to ear.
Don’t worry that you might hurt the baby inside or the baby understands what’s happening. You just enjoy sex while paying heed to the mentioned precautions and your gynecologist advice.

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