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Viewers saw distraught Kim reduced to tears and in agony as she jetted into Los Angeles amid fears she had appendicitis. And the pain was so extreme Kim even said she did not want to go through another pregnancy.
After blood tests doctors told Kim that she could have appendicitis and that she might face a risky operation.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. You can suffer from a toothache at any given point and invariably it occurs due to a dental problem.
Chronic pain may be the result of inflammation or injury to skin or superficial tissues, termed as nociceptive pain.

Neck pain, of cervicalgia, is a common complaint that affects about two thirds of all people at some time in their lives. One of the causes of severe stomach pain may be reflux or better known as acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophegal reflux disease). I want her to relish this pregnancy it is the most amazing experience and I feel she is just not having that yet,' said Kris.
However, sometimes the pain becomes too unbearable or even so nagging that it affects the quality of our life. Doctors generally refer to it as pain felt in the groin, a place where the hip joint itself lies.
Although the pain manifests itself in the neck, neck pain can arise for a number of reasons, mostly originating from the spinal tissues.

It is a major muscle and is prone to injury, especially among weightlifters, bodybuilders and those engaged in contact with sports.
The word cluster is used because these types of headaches typically comes in group or clumps. Since the head is supported by the neck and upper back, it is these areas that are most prone to neck pain. Knowing the signs and understanding the basics of first aid for a torn pectoral muscle can save a lot of anguish and medical expense.

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