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Ask any new mother what are some of the challenges that she faces after child birth and rarely will you hear constipation being listed as one of them.
Our bodies are creatures of habit, and so a change in your normal daily routine can affect your toilet habits. I’m sure many of you have had your fair share of experience with constipation at some point in your life and wondered what is the best or most effective way of treating this seemingly embarrassing problem. Apart from babies, constipation can also occur to their mothers, which explains the whole objective of my blog post today, that is to share about my experience with postpartum constipation when I was a new mum myself last year.
Towards the end of my third trimester, I began to feel a little constipated and things didn’t improve even after I delivered.
Despite having a confinement nanny, my first two weeks being a new mother was a stressful period and I was in great pain most of the time. When I first got my hands on a box of Dulcolax Laxative Tablets, I was a little doubtful that these tablets would get the job done. Whenever I feel constipated, I use Dulcolax Laxative Tablets about 30 minutes to an hour before my bedtime as it takes about 8 to 12 hours to work. Lastly, let’s remember to treat constipation during its early stages before things turn complicated! About missuschewyCharlene is the author and photographer behind Singapore Lifestyle & Travel Blog, missuschewy. Contact Us!We welcome blogger collaborations, sponsorships, advertisting opportunities, media previews, event invites, and product reviews. Enter your email address to subscribe to missuschewy and receive notifications of new posts by email. Constipation is a widespread and common problem but most people are embarrassed to talk about it and instead, choose to brush this issue aside.

Actually, some mothers might experience constipation during pregnancy as the pregnancy hormones relaxes and slows down the movement of food through the intestines. I guess it was also because of all the pain and stitching after a natural vaginal birth that made me extra apprehensive about trying to move my bowels in the hospital. Instead of light exercises like walking or swimming which I used to do when I was pregnant, I was in bed all the time, except when I had to eat or visit the bathroom. Also, it is readily available in all leading pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardian and Unity, which probably explains why Dulcolax sounded so familiar to me. In the past, I was not comfortable of taking laxative because I thought it would be addictive and harsh. In most cases, it is difficult to pinpoint a single cause as constipation is caused by a combination of things that have a negative impact on the digestive system. Or, if you’ve been worrying about using the loos on a plane, or a long car journey, it can have an effect. If you’re struggling with work datelines, money worries, relationship dramas or going through a big change in your life, it can have a knock on effect on your digestive system, as can long term stress. As pregnancy progresses, the baby gets bigger and increased downward pressure on the pelvic area makes constipation more likely to occur. As for my diet, confinement foods are known to be slightly on the heaty side as mothers are supposed to avoid cooling foods during confinement. The brand must have been registered in my mind subconsciously when I was browsing shelves upon shelves in the pharmacies! Although constipation is a common problem, most people tend to delay seeking relief with laxatives because of the many myths and misconceptions surrounding constipation and laxatives which are not evidence based. Thanks to Dulcolax Tablets for solving my constipation problem, improving my quality of life!

Happily married to misterchewy, missuschewy gives an insight into what sizzles a couple's relationship in the form of tested and proven dating ideas, travel experiences & Singapore staycation reviews. New places, eating different types of food or getting dehydrated when you’re abroad can leave you constipated too. Also, there is nothing to be embarrassed about as it is a common problem that can happen to anyone and everyone, babies included especially if they are formula fed. Having tried and tested these Dulcolax Laxative Tablets myself, I find it really work for me! She is enjoying being a full-time working mum to a lovely toddler, little misschewy and is currently expecting another baby. I remember confiding in my gynae that I was worried about not being able to empty my bowels before I was being discharged and she readily got a nurse to administer a rectal suppository for me. I believe all these factors contributed to my postpartum constipation in one way or another, and when a fellow mummy told me to give Dulcolax Laxative Tablets a try, I thought why not?
Dulcolax is a gentle laxative and is gentle on the stomach because it acts only when it is needed, at the bowel.
As a breastfeeding mother, I know most mums would be concerned if the active or derivative components of the laxatives get passed into mother’s milk and the answer is NO for Dulcolax!

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