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How to Handle Rude Questions How do you respond when people ask rude and personal questions? Not Winning Mom of the Year10 Rude Questions To Stop Asking… Yeah I’m Talking To You!
10.“Oh you look great, you’ve lost weight?” (while you smile strangely at someone’s belly). 7.“What happened to your face?” Whether it’s a pimple, a cold sore, or a freakin’ third eye… why do you need an explanation of what this person is already aware of, and more than likely very self-conscious enough about, on top of having to answer to you a self-proclaimed  dermatologist or something? Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon YummlyIf you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my e-mail updates or follow me on Pinterest. Following yesterday’s post about when your family is a walking ad for a certain type of non-traditional role, I received a lot of comments both on the blog, on Facebook and via e-mail. I want to first clarify that I am not speaking about the usual curious questions that families that stand out get when in public. There are three main ways that I think these scenarios can be handled…by being blunt, by being honest or by being cheesy. I previously wrote more on some of the real world questions we have encountered that are so strange they just boggle my mind and on how I chose to respond to them. The benefit of generalities is that it allows you to answer the question without divulging any of your child’s personal story. By far the single most effective way to shut down conversations that are making you uncomfortable is to use either the cheesy technique or to bring God into it because who can argue with God?
By using the cheesy technique, you are able to stop the conversation before it starts while at the same time reinforcing to your kids that they are a blessing. After a rude encounter with a stranger, I feel that it is important to acknowledge it with your kids afterwards to see if it brought up any feelings in them that they need to discuss. With extended family, it’s trickier than with strangers because strangers you never have to see again whereas with family, you will have to presumably have a relationship for years to come.

I definitely go cheesy first for well-meaning but nosy strangers, blunt for nasties, and general for people I like but aren’t close. I have to echo the sentiment about the conversation continuing later… sometimes I even start it in front of the person, to teach them too! As a foster parent, sometimes I get asked some interesting questions from people, and sometimes the questions can honestly be quite rude. Regardless, the foster parenting community on Instagram gave a variety of replies for you to stash in your arsenal when you are asked a rude question! Marshall, The Public Speaker October 16, 2015 Episode #315Page 1 of 2Why do people ask rude and personal questions? I don't ask fat people when they will go on a diet or unemployed about when they will find a job and so on.
This is not a compliment!!!  The look great part is fine, but the follow up with you’ve lost weight only implies that you were noticeably overweight before to the point where it’s worth letting you know what you already know. The main issue people raised was not knowing how to handle when strangers ask rude questions. These techniques are for using only when the questions or comments are rude and spoken in a tone that conveys that rudeness.
I will give several examples of each of these in real world scenarios to give you a good foundation on how they work and then I will tell you which one I have found to be by far the most effective.
The negative of generalities is that when using this technique, the answer is usually followed by many more questions. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it), I’ve had a lot of practise with answering rude questions! Believe it or not, there is a large community of foster parents sharing their stories on Instagram.
However you want to take this, if you are unsure if something  is real or fake, keep yourself guessing.

Salary or cost of things  is such a sensitive topic since what may seem enough to one person is not enough for the other and vice versa. I tailor every answer so  that it builds my kids up and lets them know that I love them, am proud of them and would do it again (adopt them, birth them, homeschool them) in a heartbeat! You can also turn it into a learning experience by discussing what sorts of questions are and are not appropriate to ask of strangers. There is no need for you to announce it via a flashing billboard sign, I am sure this person has a mirror. I can also speak to what I have found to be the most effective method over the years of trial and error in this regard. People start conversations by talking about marriage, then ask how long you've been married. You recognize a sensitive subject and assume that if the other person wants to talk about it, he or she will bring it up. If any woman is married for over two years, the next question is, when is the baby coming?I get annoyed because I don't want to have babies and as I am eight years married, society pressure is getting high. They have their own views and apply them to other people, without considering how those people feel about it.I lived in Panama (Central America) for several months, learning Spanish. But then people, family, and friends start pushing, telling me that I must have a baby, that I'm selfish, that I need a kid, etc. I was married and had not yet had any children, and I used to get asked this same question almost every day. At first I was uncomfortable, but then I realized they were just trying to make conversation, that talking about having kids was just a societal expectation.In essence, they were asking in order to show interest and concern for my future.

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