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Little Epiphany Reflexology Chart by Stacy Simone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
The creator of this foot reflexology map is the director of the American Academy of Reflexology in Burbank, California.
This ear reflexology chart will help you to determine the correct points of the ear on which to apply pressure. From Greek medicine to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), facial analysis has been used as an indication of the health of the organs or to provide useful clues as to the systems involved in any health issue. Skin conditions that affect the face such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne don’t usually affect the entire surface of the face. As a guide, go over each zone of the face and look for any changes in color (from your normal skin tone), deep lines (that aren’t part of the normal aging process), congestion (pimples, blackheads, milia, whiteheads) or puffiness. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the hands and feet are the confluences of the body's yin and yang meridians which make the regions have vigorous blood and qi activities.
Generally, the techniques of hand and foot reflexology are simple, but a stronger stimulation is required to get the desirable results. Selected according to the pain locations: anterior headache point (1), posterior headache point (2), crown headache point (3), migraine point (4). Midline of the sole and one thumb-width apart from the edge of heel (1), the web between the big toe and second toe (24), the web between the second toe and third toe (25). It differs from an ordinary foot massage in that rather than just working on the muscles, tendons, facia and circulation, it actually addresses other areas of the body. Go here for a great at-home reflexology course, and some tools that will enhance your learning experience and get you going in no time. In particular TCM has a detailed map of the face including lines, organ zones and color indications. The affected areas are often confined to particular areas or zones so just by looking at your face you can find out more about the underlying cause of any skin condition.
A red patch between the eyes is a possible indication of poor liver detoxification and even heavy metal toxicity (particularly mercury). Puffiness and fluid retention in this area is a sign the body is holding on to too much fluid (watery and swollen with a blue tinge) or is mucus congested (fatty and swollen with a yellow tinge).

Congestion in the form of blackheads usually represents poor stomach digestion and possibly low hydrochloric acid levels.If the nose is red or has broken capillaries, this usually indicates excessive intake of heating liquids including alcohol, coffee and tea. Pimples or congestion in this area are often the result of a high fat and mucus forming diet (simple sugar, dairy and processed foods).Pale cheeks may be a sign of low iron levels whereas overly flushed cheeks show poor circulation and the consumption of too many hot foods such as alcohol, coffee and spices and poor elimination. Once again congestion in this area can be a sign of a diet high in processed foods, sugars and fats.
Cysts rather than pimples may indicate lymphatic toxicity, which may result from medications, environmental toxins or a highly processed and sugar rich diet. Based on the order and arrangement of the twelve meridians flow, internal organs and tissues have their corresponding reflection areas on the hands and feet.
Needling can achieve immediate and effective results, however this produces an intense pain that is not acceptable by most individuals, and so massage or moxibustion is usually employed.
I generally like to combine reflexology with a regular foot massage, as reflexology can be a bit 'pokey,' and people often like to have a bit of  'feel-good' stuff mixed in. These form-fitting reflexology socks and informative reference books will also help get you on your way. Later, I moved to the Sierras, where I developed a deep and endless appreciation for more outdoor passions. I knew the feet, hands, and ears had all the pressure points related to the entire body, but I never knew the face did too. Or even why you seem to get blackheads on your nose and can’t get rid of them no matter what topical creams you use? Using TCM facial analysis principles with relation to skin conditions, the map and colors of the face can help indicate the underlying causes and support the choice of treatment. Congestion or acne in this area represents digestive congestion and possibly poor detoxification. Salt intake should be monitored, as should excessive sugary drinks such as fruit juice and soft drink. Dry flaky skin or wrinkles can indicate dehydration.Cracks or sores in the corners of the mouth are signs of low B vitamin or iron levels. It can also indicate unbalanced kidney function, which is usually the result of pushing the body by working too hard, stress or going beyond normal physical endurance.

Stimulating on specific areas of the hands and feet can help regulate the organ functions, and thus facilitate healing. The following areas help relieve headache, which are usually act on them forcefully and for some time during a hand or foot massage session. I spend my winters on the snow, snowshoeing with my dog and best friend and the summers are spent on the numerous truly breathtaking Sierra lakes in my kayak. Facial massage feels amazing, and I regularly use pressure points around the eyes to relieve headaches.
These issues are actually signs that your body is giving you, and using facial analysis, you can work out what the root cause of your dark circles and flushed cheeks and finally do something about it. To reduce mucus congestion, reduce fat and dairy consumption.Blue circles or white under the eyes indicates tiredness or even exhaustion. Red, hot or bleeding gums are a sign of a hot or over-acidic stomach and so animal fats, simple sugars and heating food & drink needs to be avoided. If I have my stones heated up, I will use the smallest stones on the face, which feels amazing–especially this time of year. A yellow tinge shows the liver and gallbladder are working too hard.Dry, flaky or red skin in the creases above the eye shows liver stress. The outdoors have helped to shape, form,A and make me proud of being the person that I am today.A I am also an avid gardener. I believe this desireA began as a young girl watching my father bake biscuits for his girls ( my Mom, my sister and myself )A on Sunday mornings.
I will hopefully continue and be able to learn and apply the art of pastry and baking in my life.
And over these many years, I have been able to apply this intuitiveness into a unique massage practice by having the capability to "read" a persons body. This is now a regular part of my massage appointments, with my clients knowing and sometimes trying toA challenge me on what I will find within their bodies.

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