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Achieving normal births for majority of women and normalising the process of birth for all women regardless of the type of labour and birth they will experience is our focus.
RCM believes that a policy of maximising normality through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period and facilitating maternal choice offers short and long-term health and social benefits to mothers, children, families, and communities. We are here to support you throughout your pregnancy journey and rely on your generosity to achieve our objectives as set out in our Declaration of Trust.
We work in partnership with the RCM which is the only trade union and professional organisation run by midwives for midwives. We are delighted to have the support of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), the professional leadership body for consultants and trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology.
Sands works to support bereaved parents and families, and to press for improvements in care during pregnancy and when a baby has died. We are delighted to support the work of Bliss, the special care baby charity, which provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies and their families across the UK.
The Child Bereavement Charity (CBC) provides specialised support, information and training to all those affected when a baby or child dies, or when a child is bereaved. COUNT THE KICKS™ want to empower Mums with knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy. Clients come to Cruse because someone they love has died and they need someone who will listen and help them cope with their pain and grief.
Across the UK, in 2010, Cruse responded to nearly 100,000 requests for assistance; it helped 32,700 bereaved people through face-to-face support. Cruse is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and follows the rigorous code of ethics set out by that organisation. Cruse Bereavement Care Hertfordshire has worked with adults across the whole of Hertfordshire for 10 years. Following requests for help for children and young people we set up a separate service for this group. If someone feels as if they would like to talk to Cruse they simply need to call the national daytime helpline (0844 477 9400) or their local 24 hour answer phone helpline (numbers here).
Every hour of time given by a volunteer helps a child or adult face the future knowing that they are not alone.
Was established in 1998 to provide support to parents and relatives who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, at, or just after birth. Our professional specialist counselling service provides confidential individual counselling and trained facilitators provide monthly open support meetings. Petals is a charity based in Cambridge that provides a specialist counselling service for parent who suffer stillbirth, neonatal death, miscarriage, poor foetal diagnosis in pregnancy, or other related trauma related to pregnancy.

Counselling Directory is a confidential service that encourages those in distress to seek help. When we first came up with the idea of helping charities whilst delivering a great car insurance comparison site, we were sure there was nothing else like it on the web. The Royal College of Midwives Trust, a company limited by guarantee, registration number 1345335. It is the voice of midwifery, providing excellence in professional leadership, education, influence and representation for and on behalf of midwives. We empower expectant mums on how to keep healthy and when to call their maternity unit for advice. Collins who is a leading Obstetrician in the field of studying Ubilical Cord Accidents (UCA). By learning continuously from children and parents, CBC leads the way in improving the quality of care offered by professionals to such families, both in the immediate crisis and in the time following the death of someone important in their lives. We want to encourage Mums to work with their Midwives and healthcare providers to promote a healthy outcome. The welfare services that Cruse provides, particularly via its telephone helpline, have also been awarded a Quality Mark by Community Legal Advice. This has been developing over the past two years and we now have a team of 12 Herts based volunteers who work on this project. People may also be directed to Cruse by their GP, health worker, school or other interested party. SPRING works closely with medical professionals to help provide a high level of care to bereaved families, alongside regular NHS services. SPRING’s aim for the future is to arrange Befriender Training for parents and professionals who wish to draw upon their skills and experiences to help create a wider area of support in the community. Based in Addenbrookes Hospital, this service is run by accredited counsellors, and provided free of charge. The Directory contains information on many different types of distress, as well as articles, news and events.
We wholly believe that by doing something for charity, this is the NEW wave of car insurance comparison sites, and we stand by this.
We’ve all seen the gimmicky adverts for car insurance comparison sites, but we wanted to be so much more.
We are continuing the Campaign for Normal Births as part of the RCM Better Births Initiative. We also support midwives by keeping them up to date with current research & guidelines.

They provide a wide range of training courses and award-winning resources for families and for professionals from the NHS, emergency services, schools, social care and the voluntary sector.
Empowering every Mum with the confidence to call for advice if she is ever worried at all and be confident that she will receive the best advice and monitoring from her healthcare provider.
Our 5,000 volunteers gave well over half a million hours of their time to their work with bereaved people. A number of our team are also trained counsellors, or training on counselling courses; this enables us to provide additional support and counselling to those who may have more complex needs following their bereavement. However, as Cruse will want to speak directly to the person seeking support we recommend that the potential Client makes the first call.
Over the years the charity has evolved to help many families and friends through such devastating times. Mary’s Maternity Unit at Poole Hospital (Registered Charity Number 1058808) and cover Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas. To ensure the professionalism of their website, all counsellors have provided qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body. The Monkey mission evolved to become a caring and sharing site which encourages drivers to choose a car insurance policy through Monkey so we can donate to some of the charities most in need. Their dedicated Support and Information Service - including website with an interactive family forum, national confidential Support and Information Line on 01494 568900 and Buckinghamshire based Family Bereavement Support Service - provides help and guidance for families and professionals. We aim to ensure Mums are aware of their health and wellbeing throughout their pregnancy enabling them to provide thier healthcare provider with accurate and specific information to assist them with an efficient, prompt support and quality of care. Mary’s Maternity Unit is funded by SPRING and provides a private environment for families experiencing problems during pregnancy. It is designed to promote the likelihood of healthier pregnancies resulting in well monitored, full-term live births. Ensuring Mums also know the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements and offering Mums information to enable her to make INFORMED choices. The RD4U website features helpful information and an interactive message board for sharing stories and supporting other kids and young people in a similar situation.

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