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THIS IS NOT THE SIGN UP THREAD.Description of the competition The Quickening Tournament is a contest for videos made using anime and music. I wanted to repost it to once again clarify that video game videos are allowed.Now, time to once again meet your incredibly sexy and talented judges~!Aerialesque - Aerialesque won last year's Quickening and has opted to judge this year as opposed to defend her title. I want to see strange videos, I want to see weird videos, fun videos, and videos that do things WAAAAAAY outside of the box. A member of Visualized Nightmare Studios, she is a long time member of the Org with a lot of talent.Chiiisus - While she may be a tiny girl from Belfast, North Ireland, Chiiisus can edit with the best. She was a top competitor last year and has returned to assist with judging this year's contest.Fall_Child42 - No stranger to Org Supported Contests, Fall_Child42 has a passion for the strange and original. The best way to impress this penguin man of Canada is to have a lot of fun and think outside the box.AimoAio - Aimo was a winner in the 2014 VCAs with her video Boxxed. Members of AnimeMusicVideos.org staff are allowed to enter as long as they are not involved in either judging or coordination.
She's a skilled editor and veteran judge from Code's Project Org Editor competition.Radical_Yue - And me? You may pre-prepare footage before your round begins but you may not alter it with effects. I understand making videos like these are pretty huge risks, they can either pay off really well for points, or drop them to nothing.
If it is discovered that have pre-prepared anything more than basic footage, you will be disqualified.
So I want to add one more special prize for this competition for anyone that is brave enough, strange enough, and has a vagina powerful enough to make a risky outside-the-box entry. This package are always filled with random interesting things and as far as I know usually make people smile.

The only condition is that you feel comfortable giving me your shipping address and you must post pictures of the contents when you receive the package. If you post that you're interested but do not post a group, then you will not be counted as an entrant. In order to signup anonymous, you basically have to follow the same rules as everyone else. I will not accept any private messages about signups until the official registration goes live. I will be checking time-stamps of the messages to make sure we follow the first come, first serve signup style.
Anonymous entrants will be treated the exact same as any other entrant, their name will just not be released to the public while they are competing. And on the subject of names being released, if you enter anonymous you must release your name when you are either eliminated or if you make it to the final round. The individual rankings each judge gives will not be made public, only the final result of the rankings.
There is NO point based scoring system in place.AudioEach entrant will be required to submit 3 songs that they wish to edit with. The audio must be uncompressed WAV format or mp3 (minimum) 256kbps.After audio is collected from all of the entrants, it will be randomized and assigned to different brackets.
This means that you may get audio that was sent in from someone else in a completely different bracket.
While we try to keep an open mind, the goal of this competition is to have fun and make great videos, not see who can edit with microphone feedback set to a beat and not smash their face into the keyboard in frustration. In addition to the troll songs, we are requesting for entrants to avoid sending songs that have been used in popular AMVs.

The top half will move on to the next round.The Championship Round will pit the six best amv editors against each other, these six editors are the ones who have won all their previous matches.
The final winner will be presented with a $70 Amazon Giftcard, second place will take home a $20 Amazon giftcard, and third place a $10 giftcard.
Note: Winners now have the option of having the prize money sent to them via paypal as opposed to an Amazon Giftcard. This is a video that can be an official entry or non-competing and can be from any round.This year, Fall_Child42 is offering a very interesting prize for the video of his choosing.
Fall_Child42 Discordian Trophy Prize Pack will be a video hand picked by Fall_Child42 from any round, both non-competing and official entries.
In the event of a drop(s) in the first round in any group, all non-competing videos that are submitted for that group will be presented to the judges and depending on how many editors have dropped, the best ranked non-competing entries will be selected to take their places. An editor may submit multiple non-competing videos for multiple groups, but only 1 video per round for a specific group.
An editor submitting a non-competing entry in the first round is not required to be a backup if they so choose. The videos are then evaluated by our panel of judges with the winners moving on to the next round while the losers journey ends.

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