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As many of you already know we host the busiest, most frequent, and best Wedding Band Showcases in Scotland.
Finding the right entertainment for your wedding can be daunting, with a million websites out there all claiming to be the best it can be tough knowing who to trust. Is it more expensive to book my band with you?Absolutely not, we guarantee that it doesn’t cost a penny more to book your band with us.
Fresh or Frozen Raw Milk – Natural Beauty Products – Supplements for Kids – Alternative for Milk Based Formula – Feeding a Picky, Teething Toddler – Is my Baby’s Vein a Sugar Bug? My inbox and Facebook wall runneth over with questions from readers about Real food and holistic health, so I have created this Q&A to get your questions answered and for other folks to benefit from the answers as well.
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Hi Amy Jo – I understand your frustration, having had bouts of lactose intolerance at different periods of my life as well. If I were in your shoes now, I would first take a break from dairy (other than ghee) and drink lots of bone broth to help heal your gut and get some good nutrition at the same time.
I am new to your sight and was wanting to know if you could share with us females about makeup, I am looking into buying all new makeup for myself – but it is so confusing!!
I got my 10 month old son since 6 weeks old on Nordic Naturals fish oils DHA along with probiotics, multivitamin, all organic homemade food, etc. I am looking to use the liver formula for my newly adopted daughter, I noticed she had cow formula reactions whilst in Ethiopia so I put her on goats formula which caused diarrhea too.
Can you please let me know if there is another formula I can use for when I am out and about? If she does well with the bone broth formula, I would do my best to stick with it until she well-established on solids.
Personally, I don’t worry too much when my kids go through phases like this because I choose versions of these foods that are nutrient dense and healthy. I would have to see you daughter to confirm, but it most likely would not be considered a Sugar Bug unless the vein is on the bridge of the nose. My daughter is almost 2 and just recently I have noticed her rubbing her eyes a lot during the day and she’s had a mild cough as well. For all responses, please note: While I am a health practitioner, I am not your health practitioner. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, I brought along a newlywed book, and among the information in the book, it also contained some questions to ask each other. Then a little while ago I found a pin that has a printable game to ask some more light-hearted questions and quiz each other on your answers, played sort of like the Newlywed Game on TV. Going into it, I thought for sure we’d both do amazing and get very few wrong answers. The point is that no matter how well you think you know your spouse, you don’t know everything. The way the particular printable I first found was structured seemed way too involved, so we modified (read: simplified) it for our own use. Once you download the files, just print out a copy of each page for both you and your spouse (or boyfriend!). You could just skip the second page entirely if you want and just read the questions out loud then take turns answering them.
I hope some of you readers in a relationships take some time to do this activity, have some fun and learn more about your partner. If we tell our kids half-truths they will find out once they discover our half-truths we have used to deflect or delay from tough conversations our kids will begin to wonder which half of everything we say is untrue.
Every parent needs to invest in filtering and using parent safety procedures most technology provides.
Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my NEW Online Safety e-resource. My name is Sam Luce and I have been the children’s pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica NY for the past 18 years. Disclaimer Hi my name is Sam Luce and although, I am the Utica Campus Pastor at Redeemer Church everything in this blog is my opinion. I'm a 20 something foodie, writer, baker, animal lover, world traveler, gamer, and avid reader.
How much do you charge?This is dependant on so many factors such as location, date, set length, equipment required, venue size and type of event.
With over 50 successful events behind us we’ve gained powerful insights into what makes a great wedding band showcase.
Then after at least several weeks, I would try introducing raw, unfrozen, cultured dairy like yogurt or kefir in very small amounts (a spoon or two per day).
My DD, 2 months old, has a dark blue vein across her right eye lid…could that be a sugar bug?
In any case, consider that this diagnostic technique from traditional Japanese medicine is not an absolute life-sentence for sensitivity to sugar or a predisposition to hyperactivity.
Question about cooking it down before you freeze it – I think I read that you do this to concentrate the flavor? Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. We realized that both of us were in the dark on some of the other’s new favorite things and some of our life dreams. I personally recommend writing down though because then your answers are more genuine and uninfluenced.

I hope you had as much and learned new things about your partner if you got a chance to do it! I’m going to do this on our drive to our anniversary getaway next weekend ?? And I pinned it!
If they understand enough to ask tough questions than chances are that they are old enough to hear tough answers.
When you answer a question with age appropriate directness you remove the power of curiosity. For example if you run a pub or venue in the Glasgow area and you want us to play through the house PA with a supplied backline for 2x45 min sets of blues and classic rock plus some original material, this will carry a reduced price tag compared to a 4 hour wedding reception in Inverness where we would take our entire rig and play whatever keeps your dancefloor jumping all night, no matter how cheesy the requests :-)2.
We’ve listed some tips below to make sure you maximise the event and hopefully come away with the dream live band for your weddingIs the venue suitable and does it have parking?We’ve seen our competitors make every mistake in the book, from booking community centres and pubs with terrible acoustics and no parking, to venues that don’t have disabled access and that you can’t bring kids along to. We make our money by charging the bands a small commission for doing all their marketing and dealing with the booking from start to finish.
You can read my recommendations from best to worst options for feeding babies in this post: Is Breast Always Best? Once the broth is finished in the crock, do you strain it into a stock pot and then simmer on the stove until reduced?
I get it every spring and because I don’t take meds, I basically power through the season and take Allestan (with Quercetin in it). As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals before acting on something that I have published or recommended. Things like how we’re going to save for retirement together and what family traditions each had as kids that we wanted to incorporate into our new family together. I took some of the questions from the printable I found and added some more in inspired from my newlywed handbook.
I’d much rather chat with my spouse than zone out to music or something for hours on end. Kids have always been curious the only things that has changed is the internet allows our kids to not only satisfy any curiosity but it feeds their curiosity. When do we need to let you know our first dance?Up to two weeks before your date is enough time for us to learn your first dance.3. If for example the act had to cancel or if there was an issue on the night, all these scenarios can cause tension and frustrations to spill over into your personal life.
In the highly unlikely event that you find a cheaper price on another site, just let us know and we guarantee to match itAre there any fees to pay for booking with you?Most of our competitors charge admin fees of around ?35. Then gradually introduce raw, unfrozen dairy in the same way before moving onto the frozen stuff. I prefer to make my own elderberry syrup, but if you want purchase one, check the labels and avoid products with addition flavors, preservatives, or junky sweeteners. I make my own peanut butter, use jam with natural ingredients, and non-junkie granola bars. In my practice, I typically recommend probiotics, fermented cod liver oil (the omega 3s will help reduce inflammation and the vitamin D is essential for immune health), plus Chinese herbs to address the lungs and allergy symptoms. By going down the list, we both learned so much more about each other and helped us understand the other’s hopes, dreams, goals and ideals. It sparked discussion that wouldn’t have otherwise happened, and it was such a worthwhile activity.
As my family was sitting on the couch the kids would take turns either turning the sound up or changing the channel.
It is our job as parents to know our kids enough to know what their questions are and be prepared so that when they ask we are ready to give them the answer that is based on a biblical worldview. In general its better to leave your entertainment to trained professionals who do this for a living.
With makeup, I tend to look for a fair compromise between natural and effective that makes sense for me. Other than that, keep offering other good foods, but don’t stress too much when she rejects them. Many folks find that nettle tea is helpful for allergies, and sinus rinses can be extremely helpful too. As we continue through life and have new experiences and grow up, priorities change, we have new hopes and dreams, we try new things, etc. This is huge because every answer kid get from the questions they ask help to form their worldview.
Importantly you want to check from the bands that are playing who’s still free for your date.
That way if any issues arise you can have a frank discussion without worrying about the collateral damage on your personal life.Dont choose a really niche band for your wedding Although you may love Pink Floyd B sides, your wee granny and aunties probably won’t. We guarantee you will never pay any additional charges when booking with us What happens if my band gets sick or injured? Now even a little cream in my morning tea or coffee makes me have terrible bloating and cramping. What our kids need more than their curiosity satiated they need to understand how to see the world through the lens of the gospel. Any other requests are welcome, but unfortunately not guaranteed to be played on the night. If not you could end up spending a lot of time travelling to one of these events only to find out that all the bands playing are unavailable for your dateWho’s equipment are they using?This is an important one!
Its best to choose a band that can cover a wide range of musical tastes to ensure all your guests can enjoy and participate fully in your night.

Of course we will do our best to get through them, but if we had to learn 10 new songs for every booking, we might as well move in to the rehearsal studio!4. Our competitors regularly hire in one high end PA and Lighting system on the night ensuring everyone looks and sounds a million bucks, but thats not the equipment they’re going to turn up with at your wedding. Make sure you look at the bands set list and that they can play a good range of classic and contemporary covers with the emphasis on fun and danceability.Don’t book a band because they’re really cheap It’s not always the case that the more expensive a band is the better they’ll be. As an adult I can remember back to being a child and my mom just making up answers to questions I asked that she either didn’t know the answer to or felt the answer was beyond what I should know at the time.
You might be saying right now I don’t have a world view, I would say you do and If you don’t think you do you are in trouble, because the lens in which we view the world both defines and informs our loves. What time will you arrive?We normally arrive 45-60mins before our start time (which is usually 8pm).5.
How long do you take to set up?Depending on the load in and whether the stage area is ready for us it only takes us about 45 mins to set up. Always get the agent to level with you on what PA and Lighting the band will actually use at your event. Also from an aesthetics point of view there’s just something that doesn’t look right when the band is clearly too big or small for a venueDon’t wait after finding your perfect bandI’ve literally lost count of the amount of times we had a client who liked a band and knew they wanted to book, then by the time they get round to doing so the band had been booked elsewhere. If the night is running late due to speeches etc we will be ready to start 45 mins after we are granted access to the stage area.6. Can we extend your playing hours?"It's better to burn out than fade away" - Neil Young.Every Scottish wedding needs a big climax at midnight.
At our own wedding band showcases we insist that the bands have a settled lineup and perform as that so you know exactly what you’re bookingShould i book the band at the event or not?If you see a band playing live at a showcase that you like and you’ve got the right answers to the questions above, we would strongly suggest you follow through and make the booking on the night.
Having us play til 1am means that a lot of your guests in the "mature age group" would have hit the hay by the time we get round to the big circle round the dancefloor for Loch Lomond etc. We’ve lost count of the number of times a client has came back the next day to book a band only to find out that someone booked them at the event the previous night. If you really need the extra hour I would recommend a DJ set which I provide for a lower cost than the full band playing. Wedding Bands, like venues get booked really far in advance (typically 18 months to 2 years) At our showcases you can secure any band on the night with a ?100 reservation fee.
This gives you peace of mind that the date is locked down and you dont need to worry about them getting booked elsewhereSo watch out for our next Wedding Band Showcase in Scotland. We represent some of the best bands in the country and love showing them off on a regular basis to potential new clients. If there was an MTV Award for being able to play almost anything that's requested by an audience, you can bet your last Rolo we'd be going home with a silver planet on a wobbly spring.
In my opinion there's two types of covers bands - bands who have a repertoire of 100 songs which they play EXACTLY like the record (which is an incredible talent in itself), and then there's bands like us who can instantly put together a very recognisable arrangement of almost any song ever! We try to avoid having people get up spontaneously on the night as in our experience if you let one drunk uncle get up to ruin Mack The Knife, the best man then decides to try and top it with an even worse rendition of Wonderwall and the whole night descends into some Jaeger Bomb poisoned X Factor rejects mess. But like I said if it's arranged in advance even just before we start playing, and the singer is sober (enough to hold a mic at least) then yes by all means!9. Can he play with you?Again, if it's arranged in advance and they bring their own guitar then yes that would be fine.
Can we pick the setlist you will play on the night?Of course - feel free to email me a list of songs from our repertoire you'd like to hear on the night! However I often get emails from couples who say "We saw you rocking out at Box on a Thursday night - play that set at our wedding!"  We love that music, you love that music, but your aunties and grans might not appreciate a 20 min version of Voodoo Child by Hendrix haha!
Most of the time, you're better off taking advantage of our experience of what packs a dancefloor all night. If you really want a particularly hard rocking set (Foo Fighters, ACDC etc) then we would be overjoyed to turn your wedding reception into a scene from T in the Park, but in reality due to the mixed age groups at weddings, very few people dance to this type of music.Ultimately though, you are the boss! Turned out to be a great night - we even had a 90 year old jumping around to "Killing in the Name"!11.
Dance floor hits aside, what's your favourite song to play?Good Love is on the Way - John Mayer Trio12. Where can we see you play live?Always check with us or the venue before you head out.Howlin Wolf, Glasgow most Tuesdays 10pm-midnight. It's a very bluesy set mind featuring awesome guest performers joining us onstage for a jam.Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh every other weds from midnight.
If you do make it to one of these shows I apologise in advance if I accidentally kick your drink over while I'm walking along the bar with my guitar :-)Scotia Bar, Glasgow most Sundays 5-7pm. This is in no way a showcase for the band, so we wouldn't advise it if it's the first time you're checking us out for a wedding. It's a 6 piece jam band with a varying quality of guest performers who can sign up to join us on stage.
Mostly blues and classic rock.We also play every Coast Entertainments wedding band showcase which is every 8-10 weeks and usually at the Gailes Hotel Irvine.
How far will you travel?We have recently been signed by Coast North West which is an expansion to the territory they cover, so we are now available for bookings not only anywhere in Scotland but also North West England which covers everywhere from Carlisle and Newcastle to York and Manchester.
Travel fees apply for bookings outwith the central belt of Scotland.I hope that's answered some of your questions. Thanks for your continued support and for keeping us one of the busiest bands in Scotland, if not the UK!

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