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Dog agility is not only great fun and great exercise for the dogs and people that get involved in it, but it is also a highly visual sport that many people enjoy watching as well! If you are wondering if having a crack at dog agility might be fun and beneficial for you and your dog, read on for answers to may of the frequently asked questions from dog owners who are interested in finding out more. Literally any type of dog can have a go at canine agility, and benefit from the training and fitness that agility instils within dogs. It is important to tailor your dog’s exercise regime to their specific needs, and agility should be seen as an extension of this.
Agility work is an extension of your dog’s everyday training, and of course it is important to start training puppies from a young age.
This is very much a “how long is a piece of string” question, and there is no one answer to it!
If your dog is active and involved in a lot of energetic agility work and training, you may have to adjust their diet to suit their nutritional requirements and the extra expenditure of energy that agility requires.
There are a plethora of benefits to canine agility, for both dog and owner, and dogs that do agility are usually among the fittest, healthiest, best trained and happiest dogs around! The answer to this really depends on two things: how well the individual dog does on the food and your own personal preference. You can rest assured though that both are ideal foods offering a complete and healthy diet for dogs. Firstly, Pro Pac is made by an independent company that has made a deliberate policy to put their efforts into quality of the food rather than marketing. Secondly, here in New Zealand we the importer sell it direct to you, thus avoiding a retailers margin. Every Pro Pac formula is designed to by hypo-allergenic, even if they don’t say so on the label. Can Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic be used in place of breed-specific or vet prescription formulas?
Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic have been formulated as being complete formulas for all breeds and life stages of dogs, backed up with meticulous research (the company’s scientists are amongst the most respected in the industry).

Vets in many countries around the world are recommending Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic too. Since the first dog agility competition at Crufts in the 1970’s, dog agility has come on in leaps and bounds- literally- and is becoming ever more popular within the UK year on year.
How well suited any particular dog is to the rigours of agility will vary from case to case, but there is nothing stopping you and your dog from having a go! It is important not to push your dog too hard, and if your dog is elderly, very sedentary or very heavily built, they might find agility too much of a struggle to be worthwhile. So in this respect, the groundwork for agility training can begin from as young as your dog is able to start to learn and follow training commands, and it is never too late to start!
How long it will take for your dog to be ready compete can vary from a few months to never! Agility involves exercise, play, brain power and bonding, all things that dogs generally heartily enjoy! You should of course also take extra special care of your dog’s health, and always be alert to any signs of strains, sprains, lameness or muscle soreness, and take pains to ensure that you never push your dog too hard. Agility training can help to improve your dog’s fitness and suppleness, help to support a healthy immune system, teach your dog about socialising with other dogs, keep their brains active, and of course, dramatically improve their training and responsiveness. The main difference in the actual foods is that Earthborn Holistic Grain Free uses no grains whereas Pro Pac uses corn or rice in their formulas. Neither contain any by-products, wheat, cheap fillers, artificial additives or genetically modified ingredients.
It is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the world and most of the marketing is done by word of mouth, rather than spending money on advertising (which gets passed on to the customer of course).
That’s why we can sell it to you at a lower price and also offer free delivery throughout the country.
However, chicken meal has already been dehydrated (had the water removed) before processing. That’s because none of them contain any of the common ingredients which cause allergies, such as beef, wheat and artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives.

Herding dogs, retrieving dogs and medium build dogs that are highly energetic and intelligent are the types of dogs most commonly seen competing in agility classes, such as the Border Collie, Jack Russell, Labrador retriever and Springer Spaniel. However, you can always go at your own pace- agility training for fun and entertainment does not have to be competitive or high speed, and taking your dog slowly around a low course or trying out low impact obstacles at your dog’s own pace are generally fine for most canines. In terms of agility competitions, within the UK dogs must be aged 18 months or above in order to compete. The experience of the trainer, the enthusiasm of the dog, how intelligent the dog is, how much you practice and how well you work together are all factors to bear in mind! However, there are always exceptions, and dogs that are not very quick on the uptake or particularly energetic might heartily dislike agility.
Tailor your agility work to match you dog’s fitness, building this up gradually until your dog is in peak condition.
These are benefits that can apply to all dogs, so don’t be afraid to give agility a go! In practice, we have seen some dogs do better on Pro Pac and others do better on Earthborn Holistic. Alternatively try Earthborn Holistic Grain Free which again has no common allergy-causing ingredients. This is unlucky if you are enthusiastic about doing agility and really want to be able to take part with your dog, but if your dog really does not enjoy it, you should of course stop and find something else to do with them instead. Because this has already been done before processing with chicken meal, you end up with a much higher amount of actual meat in the final product.

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