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I am a muslim man since I was born alhumdulillah but I went through a rough patch in my life and I caused zinnah with a non muslim woman out of wedlock. I feel so sorry for this child who is going to be born in a world where his father does not want to be a father.
It’s very clear that by divinely mandated Islamic Law, man bears full responsibility for the care and upbringing his children. If parents fulfill this responsibility, they will be free of the consequences on the Day of Judgment. Please grow a back bone and marry this woman and be a father and man enough to raise this child that you created. May Allah (swt) change your heart before it's too late and you are left with nothing but regret for not taking action at the right time. It's very hard for me to respond to your post, because I am shocked, disturbed and angry that any Muslim man would think there is "way out" to abdicate his responsibility towards his own innocent child. I do not want to be overly harsh towards you, but I find your attitude cowardly, un-Islamic and absent of basic human dignity. I am being critical of you, because I find your question to be that of a person who is turning away from God given common sense, heart and soul. Not only will you be a loser in this world, but surely you may face the torture of the hereafter, with Allah (swt) being the Supreme Judge over you. How many stories are in the Qur'an of prophets crying and lamenting for their children for years, if not decades?
Look at Lady Khadhija (sa) when she was pregnant with Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) and the women of Mecca abandoned her because the community was persecuting her husband the Holy Prophet (saw). Do you know that narrations state that when she gave birth that angels descended from Heaven and that the special ladies of God's religion came down to assist her by the Mercy of Allah (swt)? Here is that story:When Khadijah (sa), who was a lady of status famous for her greatness, married the Prophet of Islam (saw), the women of Mecca broke off their relations with her, saying she married a poor, orphaned young man and has lowered her personal status!
The faithful Khadijah (sa) was greatly saddened by this ugly, meaningless message, but deep in her heart the light of hope shone, that her God would not leave her alone at a time like this.
The difficult, critical moments of giving birth began; she was alone in her home, and not a woman who could aid her was there. And they remained with her until Fatimah (sa) the Lady of Islam opened her eyes to the world. Here in addition to angels, women of high worldly status rushed to the aid of the faithful persevering Khadijah (sa).
Therefore pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice; surely your enemy is the one who shall be without posterity.It is evident then is is not?
I am in a similar situation as Ali the only difference is that I tried to stand up for my child and my girl, whom i am legally married to in court, but my parents rejected her and the child and told me I had to choose between my parents and my new family. Lost soul, if you want us to look at your situation and advise in detail then please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you.
Does a man who begat children out of wedlock before becoming a Muslim have any connection with those children under Islam? To say that a man who has children out of wedlock before becoming a Muslim and then upon becoming a Muslim ceases to have any responsibility for such children is completely unacceptable and should by no means be allowed or admitted. Even in the latter case, the matter cannot be dealt with summarily by the man acting alone.Islam does not actually recognize non-Muslim marriage rules as having a bearing on Muslims.
On the other hand, once people are Muslims, Muslim law applies and children subsequently born out of wedlock to Muslim parents are not supposed to be recognized, according to the hadith.
While in general this requires a statement of the father before the judge, other proofs are also accepted to establish the supposition of a lawful marriage, thus recognizing the legitimacy of the children. The hadith that the questioner bases his argument on, while it is a sahih hadith found in both the collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim (6) as well as al-Muwatta’ of Malik as cited above, does not at all support the conclusion that he has stated. As for the aspect dealing with the statement in this hadith, “The child belongs to the marriage bed, and the adulterer gets the stone (or: gets nothing),” that only applies when people have become Muslims, at which time Muslim marriage becomes mandatory.
It seems that Allah has brought many men to this world to teach us women just how strong we are and can be. Many couples who have tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for many months may find themselves wondering, "How do you get pregnant?" Follow these 3 simple steps to get you moving in the right direction toward the baby of your dreams.
First of all, you have to evaluate your body’s health and make improvements where your physician recommends.
Daily exercise, acupuncture, relaxation techniques are also recommended to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Currently the only way to conceive a pregnancy is for a sperm to fertilize an egg–meaning you do need some sort of male involvement to get pregnant. How are you ever going to be a good muslim when you do not want to provide some money for child support to your own flesh and blood.
Just become a mature man and learn how to be responsible not be more preocupied how to avoid to be involved in his life physically and financially or keep him away from knowing is grandparents. Its important that you take measures to avoid it again by keeping contact with non-mahram women (both Muslim & non Muslim) within Islamic boundaries.
Those who willfully violate the Law will be held accountable, especially on the Day of Judgment.
The children will become better citizens and a pleasure to the eyes of their parents, first in this life, and in the Hereafter.
So, you know the rights of mother (which I don't know how relate to yours case) but you didn't know that it was haram to sleep with a woman and create a life who is not your wife? If nothing else bothers you then read "Sin of fornication" and fear the day when you will be standing in front of Allah (swt) answering for creating a life out of wedlock who you denied their rights.

You have acknowledged this child and left him in potential harms way without spiritual guidance.
Nooh (as), Ezekiel (as), Yuqub (as) and even Lady Maryam (sa) whose whole story revolves around the birth and life of Isa (as). She was alone and brought her child into this world without another human being to support her, but yet, she had the protection of Allah (swt)!
Her heart grew heavier, and the roaring waves of the people’s unkindness tormented her pure soul. The birth of this auspicious child so pleased the Prophet that he began speaking in the praise and eulogy of God, and the tongues of the ill-wishers who called him “Abtar” were forever silenced. If you abandon this child, in my opinion, you have abandoned the religion itself starting with none other than Allah (swt) and His Most Holy Prophet.
One day the father's of our kids will come back to ask forgiveness and want to be around our kids, i'm sure about that i just hope is not to late. Unfortunately I am also a coward who is not necessarily running away from his responsibilities but I just never took action simply because my parents also brought up Islam in the middle and told me that parents know better and that our religion gives our parents the authority to make certain decisions for the good of the children and that it was the children's duty to obey their parents.
In particular, does not the well-established hadith, “The child belongs to the marriage bed, and the adulterer gets the stone (or: gets nothing),” prove that such a man has no responsibility to his children born out of wedlock before he became a Muslim? This is because all genealogies recognized in the Jahiliyyah continue to be recognized in Islam.
This is especially true of non-Muslim majority lands such as ours where the Shari‘ah of Islam does not prevail. But even so, there is in the law the provision of istilhaq or legitimation, whereby a man recognizes a child as his. These other proofs include sworn testimony of at least two ‘udul witnesses that the father acknowledged the child before.
The most important are principles drawn from Malik’s al-Muwatta’(4) and commentaries on it, especially al-Muntaqa sharh al-Muwatta’ of Abu al-Walid al-Baji (d. Husayn Shawat (Houcine Chouat) of the American Open University and Majma‘ Fuqaha’ al-Shari‘ah bi-Amrika, agrees with the position here taken. That did not suffice, however, to establish his nasab or genealogy as being from Zam‘ah; therefore, the Prophet (SAAS) told his wife Sawdah bint Zam‘ah to veil herself from the boy when he was around. In particular, note that both Sa‘d and ‘Abd were seeking to get custody of the boy in order to raise him, not to escape from their parental responsibilities.
The Prophet (SAAS) never required anyone to go through a new marriage upon becoming Muslim; thus, he recognized the offspring of the various types of marriage relationships extant in the Jahiliyyah as well as the marriages themselves as legitimate and established in relationship. If u believe u are still her father, meaning u are her waliy i.e u can give her out in marriage which u are not.
I am sure you can find a more eloquent manner in which to express yourself as I don't have time to keep replacing your blunders with little stars. That is the reason for which most of them will not feel complete and fulfilled until they have had a baby. A holistic approach will most certainly have better results, so be sure to learn all there is to know about your body and be prepared to make some serious changes in your diet and your lifestyle.
Follow these simple guidelines and do not lose hope, you can never say you have tried it all. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. However, that doesn’t mean you need to have sexual intercourse with a man if you are single or in a same-sex partnership and desire a pregnancy.
I have recently found that the person I was in a relationship with is pregnant and wants to keep the child. So contact should only be when necessary, no physical contact and never ever being alone with a woman even if it's innocent.
As the saying goes 'you have made your bed so you must lie in it.' The child bears no sin of what you did. I was once in your situation and i wish my ex be part of my son's life, i beg him many times but he just not want and i did that not because i was in need of him (of course i loved him but i can't force him to be with us) i did that because Allah will asking in the day of judgement about his first child and his abandonment.
Parents are essentially responsible for the moral, ethical and the basic and essential religious teachings of their children. When I left I left them homeless evicted from our apartment and I promised to send my ex money when I got backhome. You cannot undo this, so you must support this valuable life that Allah (swt) has given to you as a means of blessings in this world and the hereafter. You will be a hypocrite, every intention will be tainted and you will be like the people of weak faith who abandoned the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Abandoning your own innocent child is the act of an oppressor form the People of Ignorance who forsake their own children and killed them, a sign of sick mind and heart, but also the act of an unbeliever. If you leave this woman out in the cold, if you abandon this child, then you leave that Divine protection, as well. When it came time for the birth she sent for-the women of Quraish and asked them to come to her aid in this sensitive hour full of pain and suffering, and not leave her alone.
Suddenly there shone a flash in the horizon of her soul, she opened her eyes and saw four women near her, and she became greatly worried. The other is Maryam, daughter of Omran; and this fourth that you see is the sister of Musa ibn Omran; Kolthoom! Now I was torn in half because no one should have to choose between their parents and their children.

Thus, if any man has children out of wedlock from before embracing Islam but has in any way acknowledged those children in the past or present, whether by explicit statement or merely by his actions of treating them as his children, those children are unalterably his children forever, and he cannot subsequently repudiate them. Thus, the children of such pairings are legitimate and must be attributed to their true fathers.
Had Zam‘ah been established as the boy’s father, the Prophet (SAAS) would not have said this. As stated in al-Muwatta’ cited above and even more explicitly in al-Mudawwanah,(7) ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab used to attribute children born in the Jahiliyyah to their real fathers as legitimate, even if they were the offspring of relationships other than proper marriages.
I think the one who has to seek opinions of scholars is you to don't offend people and talk in a better way. Female infertility may occur when there is a problem with the thyroid, pituitary and other hormonal imbalances during ovulation. Alcohol, caffeine in large amounts, smoking and, of course, drugs will significantly reduce your body’s ability to conceive, needless to say they are harmful for your health too. High levels of the hormone cortisol, which is related to stress, can also influence the ability to become pregnant. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! They will understandably be hurt but your priority now must be 100% this child and doing what is best Islamically. Imagine the humiliation of being turned away by Allah (swt) and His Holy Prophet (saw), instead. How is it possible that an non-Muslim will take care of his child, but you as a so-called Muslim think you can leave yours' behind? Read her story and how Allah (swt) talks about her suffering in detail in the Qur'an, which the people before had never known of. What I dont understand is why a father and a mother could not understand the pain that I had to go through with all this?
However, if a man has had children outside of marriage in the Jahiliyyah and has never recognized them as his own, that is another matter and has to be adjudicated before the qadi.
The fact that common-law marriages were until recently recognized by the State of Pennsylvania only further strengthens this point here in Philadelphia. If Ali is asking for advice is because he want to do the right things beside committing more sins.
It maybe sad that the child doesn't know the father or grandparents, but would you really want your baby to know someone who has a heart that cold? Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment may involve drugs, surgery or assisted reproductive procedures.
Pesticides may also influence the chances of a pregnancy, so you should eat organic plant-based foods like grains and nuts.
So as the father of the child you do need to pay child support and be a father to your child. If this woman's knowledge of Islam comes from you and your character how easy is it for her to turn away from Islam and to teach the child to do the same?
I am not sure how you expect to claim any amount of iman in front of Allah (swt) any minute of the day that you ignore this child.
Why is is that Allah (swt) showed the suffering of this woman in a whole sura named after her? How can you even call yourself a human being, let alone a man, if you do this horrible thing of leaving them behind? 443-444, traditions 1415-1420 (note that the Rahimuddin translation is an inferior abridgement, as it omits the words of Malik from the original).
Consider trying In-Vitro Fertilization, one of the most common and effective procedure and combine it with acupuncture.
Tofu, chicken and some seafood will enhance fertility, due to their combination of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and iron.
You do not need to necessarily marry this woman but as a Muslim you must be a part of your childs life. Maybe it is best this way, maybe you are not capable of guiding this woman and child in a healthy union with you and Islam.
My ex is really angry with me because now she has to go to court and spend money getting full custody of my son so she can get the passport.
The only thing that is stopping me from going to my child and my wife is the lack of knowledge of the teachings of Islam regarding this particular subject.
Common law marriage essentially exists as a means to determine custody of children and assets accumulated during the course of long term cohabition when issues are in dispute in the event that the relationship dissolves. I told her I would sign the paper but for 5 months I just lied to her , now she's very angry with me.
I know this much that Islam tells a man to take care of a woman who is pregnant with him, but with this whole parents situation and their status in Islam, I am just not sure what to do. I have been praying to Allah to show me a way but I have been away from him for far too long and I dont see anything clear, I just need to know what Islam tells me to do in this situation. These temporary marriages may or may not include sexual contact, some are arranged in anticipation of permanent marriage but my research suggests that this practice for a good number of Muslims is a means to engage in premarital sex. At any case temporary marriages have defined rules, end at an agreed upon time and would seem to have very little dispute in the end.

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