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Simple Tips for Getting Pregnant FastIn case you have decided to start your family or extend it,heartiest congratulations!
Stay connected to the outside world – the first few days may feel like a dream vacation, but after that you may feel isolated. Bond with your family – when the baby comes you will be so busy and exhausted, use this time to bond with you husband, significant other, kids, etc.
Organize – now that you have time, organize all those photo’s sitting in a box, get your baby shower list together, make a list of  what you want for your nursery, things you need to buy for the baby, there are endless things to do when getting ready for baby, now is a great time to get organized! If you are crafty – now is a great time to knit a blanket, crochet a baby sweater, or learn to do this. Like to write? – Start a journal about your pregnancy experiences, write letters to your baby, or even write a book! When I started researching this topic I saw nothing but hate bashing and negative comments online towards the mistresses who were asking questions and especially the ones who’ve gotten pregnant by their lovers. That baby didn’t ask for the situation and deserves the best and if the mother has some info and support it will benefit the baby. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section.
My half sister never saw the papers and when I met him he was trying to be a smooth talker.
Look men cheat always have and will…the only way to prevent a unplanned pregnacy is to NOT have an affair or just use PROCTECTION and hope it works!!
Why in the hell would women put themselves in the predicament to have an affair with a married man?? You can use those same tips when you get knocked up by a dude that aint about shhhh… So whatever. Whether you have been trying to get pregnant or it came as a surprise, it usually is a joyous time with great expectations! Strict bed rest you may be able to get up for just the bathroom  or brief shower, but otherwise you have to stay in bed. Have family movie night in your room, play board games, or just talk about the day, whatever your family likes to do that can be done with you in bed. The Bidwell Group offers many services including concierge support services to moms and women on bed rest about to be moms.

And I totally get it, I’m married now and if my husband had an affair I would be beyond devastated.
Obviously you had an affair with a married man and there is a chance he may not want to be involved with you or the baby. You could say you want nothing to do with him and then when the baby is two-years-old change your mind, so it’s better to have legal knowledge and stuff in place earlier on.
The kicker here is their husbands know and raise the kids.Its a mess but not always resuls in being a single mother, of course it may result in a divorce between the married spouses. Tell her to stop hurting the wife by messing with a cheating, lying, backstabbing husband who’ll drop her like a sack of bricks the second she gets pregnant.
What about being a role model to younger ladies who frequent this site and post an article on “the kinds of men to avoid dating” and let married men be numero uno? Avoid positions where the woman is ontop since the natural gravity will allow sperm to leak outwith these positions. You can research the web for all the things you will need for your baby; from nursery furniture to items for your baby shower registry to most popular names! And with the recent Ashley Madison (a site that promotes cheating) breach, I wondered what do women do when they get pregnant from their affairs. Affairs scream deception, manipulation, and the potential to cause lots of hurt and pain to all involved. If that is the case, and you decide you are ok with that, then start mentally preparing yourself while you are pregnant.
Once the baby is born, the mother or father can file a paternity suit to prove who the father is. It’s better to get their advice and support because they are going through the same thing and may be able to offer you a different perspective or outlook other than your own. A large amount of ppl dont take adultery seriously even though its devastating and biblically a sure ground for divorce.
Epsecially as a Black woman we need to have standards and find a husband of our own … while the reality still stands that men do cheat, don’t be apart of that!
Baby girl is getting older now and starting to ask her mommy a lot questions that are not easily answered.
There arecertain aspects of getting pregnant which can be controlledand others which cannot be.
It would also be useful to place apillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis and keep thesperm in longer.

Now the computer will get old too, so make sure you speak with friends, family, your best girl friends.
Affairs are complicated and messy by themselves but when innocent kids are involved it really gets tricky. Your actions don’t dictate who you are as a whole person so try not to beat yourself up with guilt and shame and figure out a way to move on. If he is definitely the father he will be obligated to pay child support and as a part of that he will have parental rights (if he wants) like visitation. I think what’s selfish is that her mother basically decided she was at a place in her life where she wanted a baby at whatever cost. Don’t get up right after sex- keep lyingdown for a few hours so as to let the sperm stay in thevagina as long as possible.
Have people come over and visit as much as you feel comfortable with, you won’t believe how many people will want to help you, bring you dinners for your family, take your older kids (if you have them) out for play dates to help.
You have to think like you are going on vacation, what are those must haves that you would bring? Buy motivational books, talk to a therapist, or your spiritual counselor and try to find an outlet to start mentally moving forward. The best thing to do right away is contact an experienced family law attorney to schedule a consultation.
If you are going to be on bed rest for a long time, try to set up a schedule with family and friends that are willing to help to get necessary things done. This will make the stay at the hospital feel more like home, also make sure you have your cell phone and if allowed a laptop. Also check with your hospital and see what they have in place to help make your stay more enjoyable.
We spend our lives taking care of everyone else, now its time to take care of yourself and your baby! So whether you have to stay in the hospital or stay put at home, here is a list of things to do and ways to cope while you are on that “forced vacation”! Hencehaving sex two to three days before ovulation will increaseyour chances of getting pregnant.Sex positionThis is one aspect which is ignored by most women.

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