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These three trimesters are a means by which the entire process of forty weeks is classified into distinct stages in which both the fetus and the mother experience considerable changes.The First Trimester of PregnancyThe first trimester of pregnancy is the initial stage of pregnancy which extends from the time of conception to twelve weeks of gestation.
I take the skytrain every day, to work, and back home, and I am presently 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Back pain, nausea, poor balance, blood pressure,fatigue,weak joints… just to name a few. As of tomorrow, the 1st of February, I am going to start keeping track of the data on seat offer-age on Vancouver’s transit system.

So okay, maybe you were really immersed in your Kindle, or you’re finally beating that level of Angry Birds, when you finally look up, you see a woman and simply put… is she pregnant or is she exceptionally large?
If she’s like me, she made a point of taking the book out of the bag, not to read on a crowded train, but to politely inform you that, she is pregnant. In addition to this, there isn’t technically any rule that says you have to give up your seat for a pregnant woman.
It’s no balancing act, her belly is heavy and her hips and back are aching with BABY.

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