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Some mysterious combination of hormones, increased stress, and other body changes (such as a sensitive sense of smell, or even a metallic taste during pregnancy) can seem to works against a pregnant woman, especially in the early months. Try high-protein or high-carbohydrate snacks such as peanuts, soda crackers and granola bars. Keep a damp cloth at your bedside to place over your eyes or on your forehead when you feel ill.

Nausea during pregnancy could be caused by the increased level of the pregnancy hormones and estrogen circulating in your body, or the relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract (making digestion less efficient) due to rising progesterone levels, or the rapid stretching of the uterine muscles. These will absorb excess stomach acid and prevent blood sugar swings that can lead to nausea. Skipping meals and your pregnancy food repugnance’s also can add to the empty and nauseous feeling.

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