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One thing that looks really annoying to me about watching pregnant women try and go about their day, is witnessing people who want to lay their hands on the belly. I know that it’s not the end of the world and the sentiment behind is usually pretty innocent and all. What it is that possesses certain human beings to simply have to get a Buddha rub on your baby momma’s belly? See, after two pregnancy go-arounds that included plenty of trips to Walmart (a veritable snake pit of belly rubbers!) with my lovely but leery wife, I have been to the mountaintop my friends! Take your toddler with you everywhere you go (grocery store, mall, for a walk, etc.)—the more tired they are, the better. Do yourself a favor and stay away from those buffet restaurants while your baby belly is visible. There are going to be people you work with who feel it is their duty, their job even, to touch your baby belly.
Some people are so clueless that it's almost impossible to avoid their unwanted advances toward that bun in your oven.
No matter how unconscionably reckless many humans reveal themselves to be during the course of an average day, one eternal truth holds fast: no one messes with a hungry pregnant woman! If you are pregnant and simply have to be in a place where there might be some drunk people, by all means be vigilant.
If religion is a part of your life, then by all means enjoy church or temple or wherever you go to worship while you are pregnant.
Dear Glowing Pregnant Ladies, please don't worry about people trying to get their mitts all over your baby belly if you happen to have one like this woman.
I know you know this, but if it's kids who are the ones trying to rub your baby belly, well. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Nick asks: Is it true that there was once a girl with no vagina who got pregnant after giving oral sex, then getting stabbed in the stomach? So it would appear that unless the author simply was writing up a very detailed practical joke, and then managed to somehow slip it by the editors of that esteemed journal, that it very well might be true.
The young girl, whose name is not given in the case report, arrived at a local hospital with all the signs of a woman in labor.
While closing the abdominal wall, curiosity could not be contained any longer and the patient was interviewed with the help of a sympathetic nursing sister. The girl’s hospital records showed that only 278 days earlier (about 9 months), she had arrived at the hospital with knife wounds to her stomach. The patient was well aware of the fact that she had no vagina and she had started oral experiments after disappointing attempts at conventional intercourse.
Well, in the first place, her stomach was mostly empty of stomach acid and sperm is protected from non-favorable environments by a nourishing medium called ejaculate. In fact, getting pregnant as the result of sperm originating in your abdomen is possible enough that in the 1980s, during the early days of fertility treatments, doctors performed a procedure called DIPI (direct intraperitoneal insemination) during which they injected sperm into the lower abdomen hoping that it would find its way to an egg. So, in the end, did it really happen?  Well, we have a reputable journal where the case is well documented (and it wasn’t published on April 1st, rather in September of 1988).
The young mother, her family, and the likely father adapted themselves rapidly to the new situation and some cattle changed hands to prove that there were no hard feelings.
The world’s youngest surviving premature baby is James Elgin Gil, born May 20, 1987 in Ottawa, Canada.
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Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Am 38 weeks today, but am having serious headache, carttah and cough and more so, am hving sleepless nights and back pain. Iam 38 weeks today and since yesterday morning I'm having vaginal discharge more than normal, I'm afraid is this normal or not?
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September 12, 2012 in babies, good ideas, i heard shredder impregnated an entire pantry of canned goods one time true story, i like, my stomach is so hairy it looks like there's a chestbursting bear popping out of me, painting, pregnant, smart thinking, stomach, sure why not, that baby is gonna grow up to be a star i can feel it, tmnt, viral, why don't more people do cooler stuff like this? Thanks to my buddy Terry, who's probably gonna paint a dinosaur on his wife's stomach in a bid to be DINO FAN #1 but he will never beat me (I'm planning a tattoo on my wiener). Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. Then watch as people who might have had that strange belly-toucher glint in their eye run for the hills when your exhausted little cranky monster has the inevitable tantrum and drops to the ground like a rabid honey badger.
Let's face it, here in America food is a narcotic and those all-you-can-gorge places are loaded with people who are tweaking out on saturated fats and atomic sugars. Make sure you cut them off early in your first trimester by mentioning (as much as possible) that you can't stop eating these crazy garlic sardines you found at the Dollar Store. So it might not be a bad idea to invest in a few comfortable t-shirts that use clear language to present warnings to potential violators.
As a result, when you're fully showing, try and make it a habit to carry around a visible snack when you're out and about. Unsteady and overly emotional drinkers will end up in full-conversation sessions with your unborn child if you're not careful. Break it out if you are "with child" and need a fresh new way to dodge the baby belly gangs.
Impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. The whole story did not become completely clear during that day but, with some subsequent inquiries, the whole saga emerged. Just before she was stabbed in the abdomen she had practiced fellatio with her new boyfriend and was caught in the act by her former lover.
So we definitely have a young girl with no vagina having a baby.  So aside from immaculate conception (which is ruled out as the baby apparently resembled the likely father somewhat, according to the case study), the theory listed in the study seems plausible enough.
He was born at 21 weeks and 5 days gestation (pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks) and weighed 1 pound 1 ounce. One hint may come from the size of your baby – boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.
They feel connected to the world in weird ways and all of those endorphins pooping off in their heads makes them think that they just HAVE to come over and rub your cute pregnant belly.
That way, if all else fails, you can always show the cops your shirt as you explain why you went all kung-fu on the fool. People who have just been a little bit closer to their Lord (just like gym rats) are often feeling very, very good about life in general for a short time after services end. To be honest, I'm a guy and so I can't speak for pregnant women at all, but I actually think that people laying hands on a baby belly is a pretty cool thing a lot of the time. That is why a 15-year-old girl in the small African country of Lesotho who was born without a vagina and who had engaged only in fellatio with her boyfriend had doctors puzzled when she gave birth to a healthy son. The stabbing also seems to have happened almost immediately after the girl ingested the sperm, so it needn’t have survived in the stomach long.

After unsuccessfully trying to conceive during her 50 year marriage, and going through menopause in her 50s, one would think that giving birth would be impossible. Babies at week 39 weigh between 3kg and 3.2kg and continue to build the fat stores that will help regulate body temperature after birth.
Intrauterine growth of live-born Caucasian infants at sea level: Standards obtained from measurements in 7 dimensions of infants born between 25 and 44 weeks of gestation.
And I called my doctor she asked me to took only paracetamol, plenty fruits and water and rest that the headache will definitely go.
To learn more about our cookies, including how to opt out, please review our privacy policy. It's all very exciting and I'm so grateful that people seem to love this as much as we did! So strike first and wear brightly colored ear buds (so they can't miss 'em), engage in no small-talk, and avoid any eye contact at all costs. Pregnant women can and should take advantage of the magic force-field that a cell phone offers whenever they sense a belly-nut in their midst. And believe me when I tell you that good righteous folks coming off a spiritual high just loooove to get their hands all over a big old baby belly. Put on an Academy Award-worthy performance as the most lovable insane woman to ever grace the silver screen and you know damn well that no one will bother you in the slightest. Plus, they'll probably be oohing and aahing so loudly that that tiny one swimming around in there is going to hear those young voices out in the world and smile. You might not be drinking it, but you'll be glad you have it when you need to spill it hard on the first blotto kook that comes along. Speak loudly and urgently, seem incredibly distracted and unapproachable, and pray that the darn thing doesn't ring while you're talking to yourself! Remember the last time you saw someone roaring down the aisle on one of these buzzing things?
She had been worried about the increase in her abdominal size but could not believe she was pregnant although it had crossed her mind more often as her girth increased and as people around her suggested that she was pregnant. Rajo entered a fertility program at an in-vitro clinic and with a donor egg fertilized with her 72-year-old husband’s sperm, Rajo gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I don’t know how early she was born, but she is the only sibling that is still going strong and is basically healthy considering she is 89 years old. Even after your baby is born, it may take a few hours before he establishes a normal breathing pattern. Even if ninety percent of them don’t survive the beginning of the journey, you are still left with millions of the tiny little swimmers and you only need one.
Yeah, you hightailed it out of the way and aimed your body toward some far flung corner of the store, that's what happened. Most white European babies are born with dark blue eyes and their true eye colour – be it brown, green, grey or blue – may not reveal itself for weeks or months.
Most babies of African and Asian descent have dark grey or brown eyes at birth, but it won't be clear what precise shade their eyes will be until after the first six months or year.

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