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Your baby is producing surfactant, which will help him take those first breaths while you're producing colostrum, the precursor to breast milk. Your baby’s eyes right now are blue, grey or brown, but once they’re exposed to light, they will change. Your baby’s lungs have strengthened and his vocal chords have developed, which means he’s ready to communicate through wails and cries.
Your little one isn't quite so little anymore, weighing close to seven pounds and measuring nearly 21 inches long. Two weeks and counting (unless, of course, your baby decides to stay on for the tenth month…). Have visions of yourself, newly-delivered domestic goddess, whipping up gourmet meals in those postpartum weeks?
If you're going to the bathroom a lot these days, it's likely that your baby's head is in your pelvis and it's making less room for your bladder. The vaginal discharge can also be tinged a pinkish or brownish color as the blood vessels in the cervix rupture during dilation and effacement. Loose bowel movements are nature's way to make enough room for the baby to emerge, so if you're having diarrhea this week it may mean that labor is imminent (yay!). If swollen ankles and feet are getting you down, now's the time for some support — hose, that is.
Your breasts may be bigger than they've ever been (though they will get even bigger!) and leaking colostrum.
While 16 weeks pregnant you’re going to have to face up to the fact that it’s time to say goodbye to your waist for the rest of your pregnancy!
With all the changes happening to your body at 16 weeks pregnant you may find that one of the annoying pregnancy symptoms you encounter is having a bit of trouble sleeping. Part of being 16 weeks pregnant is knowing that it’s okay to ask for some help during this next stage of your pregnancy as more annoying pregnancy symptoms pop up. A good rule of thumb: If the contractions are irregular and stop when you move around or change positions, you're probably not.
Once your underwear (or toilet paper) is tinged pink or brown, it could mean that you'll be face-to-face with your baby sooner rather than later. Drink lots of water and eat lightly — broth, toast and iced fruit pops are the way to go now. Don't turn on the computer to get on the message boards or search for info on labor and delivery. You may be increasingly exhausted or you may get a burst of energy (also known as the nesting instinct) as you try to organize and clean the house before the baby comes.
But don’t worry, this is one of those natural pregnancy symptoms and just means is that your baby is growing nicely inside you and your body is doing what it’s supposed to do!

Although more common when 17 weeks pregnant, some women who are 16 weeks pregnant may feel pregnancy symptoms that are known as “quickening”.
Don’t worry, there’s a lot going on both physically and emotionally for you.  The key to overcoming any troubles you have sleeping is to try to relax and get rest when you can. Travelling during the second trimester of your pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby. Cooking will be the last thing on your mind or your to-do list during those first few weeks (make that months) after delivery.
Just don't skip liquids altogether — you need fluids now so you can stay hydrated as you get closer to delivering. In fact, you might want to stock up on an extra bottle of vitamin E capsules — it's also great for sore nipples, which are in your near future if you're planning to breastfeed. Neither is a sign that you'll have difficulty breastfeeding (if that's what you plan to do). Your baby’s little facial muscles are developing more all the time and at this point in your pregnancy he or she is making all kinds of faces. As your uterus grows you’ll start to feel more aches and twinges as the ligaments in your stomach stretch.
Many pregnancy symptoms are all about your baby’s movement in the uterus as he or she swims around and gets more comfortable. If you’re working during your pregnancy try and make time during your work day to sit back, close your eyes for a few minutes, and breathe deeply.
While every woman experiences different pregnancy symptoms most woman at this time are starting to feel a bit tired during the day. Fitting in a three-minute shower will trump slaving over a hot stove for sure, as will using the bathroom when the urge strikes. Of all the pregnancy symptoms, this fluttering feeling is perhaps the most welcome and desired.
Enjoy the way your body looks and feels, knowing that there is this wonderful baby growing inside you.
If you’re not working during your pregnancy make time during your day to pamper yourself with a nap. To avoid serving Cheerios for dinner on a nightly basis (realistically, there will be nights when you will), plan ahead. Even now, at 16 weeks, you’re very aware of your baby’s size and can no longer hide your pregnancy, if you ever wanted to hide it at all!
There will be some days during your pregnancy where you won’t feel these aches at all; other days where you’ll feel them more intensely. If you’re still hanging out in baggy clothes why not go out and treat yourself to some fun and fashionable maternity clothes?

You may be used to being superwoman, but pregnancy means that you have to let some things go and chores around the house are good place to start. Yes, it's true: Many pregnant women find that their breasts begin to leak colostrum sometime in the third trimester. Do some cooking and stock your freezer now with individually-packaged, simple heat-and-serve options that you can get on the table in a flash. Pregnancy is a wonderful time…go forth and let it show no matter what pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing!
These are natural and expected pregnancy symptoms, so go with the flow and try doing some stretching to ease the twinges you’re feeling. You can think of these pregnancy symptoms as your baby’s way of making sure you know he or she is there! The days of unflattering maternity clothes are long gone and have been replaced by cute and exciting fitted maternity clothes. Being 16 weeks pregnant brings so many changes to your body and mind and now is the perfect time to start putting you and your baby at the top of the list of importance. His lungs continue to mature and produce more and more surfactant, a substance that prevents the air sacs in his lungs from sticking to one another once he starts to breathe. And if you’re not feeling the flutter at 16 weeks pregnant, be assured that you very soon will. Most other changes this week are small but important: He's continuing to add fat and fine-tuning his brain and nervous system (so he can deal with all the stimulation that awaits him once he makes his entrance into the world). Full of antibodies that protect your newborn, it has more protein and less fat and sugar (the better to digest it) than the breast milk that arrives later. Good candidates for the freezer include hearty soups, stews and casseroles, as well as mini meat loaves. If you are leaking colostrum, you may want to consider wearing nursing pads in your bra to protect your clothes (and get used to it, since this is just a foreshadowing of increasingly leaky breasts to come).
But not all women experience leakage of colostrum, even though it's being produced in the breasts. If not, no need to fret — your breasts are still producing it for your baby when the time comes (if you plan to breastfeed). If you don't already have your favorite takeouts on speed dial, now's a good time to enter them.

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