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I was chatting with a mum-to-be on Twitter the other week because she was having some issues and I've now decided to write a few posts about my pregnancies as I did experience some problems and I thought that sharing might help. I'm not going to tell you about No1Son or Eldest daughter as it was all way to long ago to remember any real detail.
The good news was, even though I was now in complete agony almost every moment of the day and night (it was a bad case of SPD) the bleeding seemed to have stopped. ON the 30th July and just weeks away from the birth, I went for a routine anti-natal appointment and the midwife was concerned about baby's heartbeat.
My baby was due on September the 5th so I had decided to have a meal out with a friend on the 23rd August, a couple of weeks before. I will always remember that first night with my little girl, I couldn't sleep for looking at her. Alifletcher, TeeJay16, KristenRain, ciarared75, prego843 and 2 others earned the Second Anniversary badge.
I vote option three - random spotting.It can take your body several cycles to regulate after stopping BCPs. OP, of course your cycles were regular on BCP, that's what those pills do, they regulate your cycles into 28 days. Although I will always remember being told that Eldest Daughter was breach on the day she was due then actually feeling her turn around in the car on the way home (wow, I'll never forget that!) and then going straight into labour and having her born, the right way up, later that day. I would have liked it to have been sooner but I did suffer a little unexplained infertility, and a miscarriage. The bleeding was never explained but apparently it is quite common for women to bleed during pregnancy and it doesn't always mean that the pregnancy is going to end. So glad everything was OK and you had a beautiful little girl in the end - and you were brave enough to do it again!
I will reply to as many as I can and if you are a blogger you can expect a return visit from me. I'm an older mum with five children and love blogging about our family life and adventures.

When I was on the pill my periods were very regular - came on day 28 and lasted about 4 days.
It always makes me laugh when people feel the need to say they regular while on BCP, as if that's something odd or unheard of; I mean, if they weren't regular then obviously the pills weren't really doing their job! When I first came off BC I had lots of mid-cycle spotting throughout my cycles and was never pregnant.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I suppose I should also add that my first born was an emergency C-Section after a long labour which left him in distress. IB is really rare and you can't tell if that's what you're having at the time, it's really only something you know in hindsight after getting a positive HPT. Keep testing once a week until you get a +HPT, get your period, or go 60 days without anything. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). My first scan was on 25th February and I had bloods done which put me at a high risk for Down's Syndrome. It was funny as he had to keep moving further and further away to fit us and our huge bumps into the photo. Spotting before your period comes is much more common and is likely what you're experiencing. I carried on spotting (Which means I had small amounts of bleeding all the time) for a few more days.
I was shown how to move without causing myself too much pain and advised to get a support band to hold up my bump and ease the pressure. Stirrups where a definite no-no and it was all a little difficult, but worth it in the end. This would be a good place to start to monitor your cycles and "symptoms" The newbie blog at the top of this forum has great information (titled "new to ttgp").

If you would like to participate in all the board discussions, read the newbie link at the top and check out Fertility Friend and TCOYF.
Just in case you didn't know the Sympathis Pubis is a bone at the bottom of the pelvis and when you get SPD the bone becomes softened and moves around too much which causes pain when moving and walking (and if you get it bad also when sitting and lying down.) It happens in pregnancy when your bones naturally soften to allow for childbirth, it can become quite serious if it continues after the birth.
It was still a little early for my little girl to survive if she did arrive but I was given steroids just in case.
She was moving around an awful lot, getting impatient I suppose, so it looked like she was tachy cardic, but the hospital was happy enough with the results and I was sent home after another scan just to make sure she was ok.
It doesn't always happen in pregnancy and although it can be sign of pending labour, the plug can also come back again. I'd had no assistance during the birth, just my TENS machine and a little entinox, which made me sick. And pregnancy symptoms this early would be rare too, most women don't feel anything truly pg related until 6 weeks along or later. We can't tell you anything a HPT won't without knowing a little more information, like what your chart looks like. The spotting continued but as the blood had become old and brown I tried really hard not to worry too much, I didn't want to raise my blood pressure and cause any more problems. I know it is a little early to test since I haven't actually missed a period yet (especially since I have started as late as day 33). About the only things I noticed is more frequent peeing (which is not unusual for me during my period), as well as slight back aches and nausea neither are not that bad and come and go. Does this sound like I had impantation bleeding and just don't have a lot of pregancy symptoms or did I just have an odd period?

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