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The Duchess of Cambridge and the reigning reality TV princess are both due in July, but their pregnancy styles are completely different! Both women are due in July and are about four-and-a-half-months along, but Kim has started to show a lot more, and has been flaunting her bump more than Kate.
The Duchess of Cambridge, however, kept her tiny baby bump more covered up in a MaxMara wrap dress when she attended a charity event at Hope House on Feb. On another rare public outing for the Duchess when she presented at the BBC Sports Personality Awards on Dec.
Kim, on the other hand, has been flaunting her bump — for example, she wore a sheer top and wide leg trousers on her way to a meeting on Feb. Belly Button (in or out?): Almost out–mostly flat right now, but not sure if it can hang on for 8 more weeks! Take a look at our maternity fashion pics of the two beauties — whose style do YOU like best? Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, however, has taken an edgier and sexier approach to her maternity style.
During a vacation to Rio de Janeiro with boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West, Kim posed with Kanye in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue, with her arms outstretched and her baby bump on display in a clingy, hot pink dress.

That means baby will be here next month (WHOA) and we are definitely now in the home stretch with just single-digit weeks left to go!! Very few new ones, but elastic skin is not something the women in my family have been blessed with. And the little stinker was STILL transverse across my belly, complete with his hands & feet all up in his face.
My doctor wasn’t even concerned in the slightest about our Disneyland trip in 10 days! Already have 6children and have never gone through anything like this.But it will be worth it in the end!!
Kate has also been photographed with her hands in front of her midsection a lot, looking like she’s protecting her baby.
She has also been wearing sexy leather leggings a lot, and choosing trendier outfits and dresses for appearances — including the feather dress she rocked at the Top Shop LA store opening (with leather leggings, of course) on Feb. But, there actually are still some non-maternity shirts & comfy pants I can wear just fine . From time to time, I have those lovely things like pelvic pain, sciatica, shortness of breath, and the pregnancy waddle.

After that, we need to get in serious new-baby prep mode (since we still have done almost nothing, lol!). I told myself as I was reading your blog it’s probably because this is your first while this is my third, but nope, I see this is your third too! Seriously, I have known people that have delivered FULL TERM babies in the 5 pound range where as he is only 32 weeks! With averaging all of his measurements, he’s still hanging out in the 75th percentile+!!
And, most concerning from his mama’s perspective (who is hoping for yet another vaginal delivery), his head size measured at 35 weeks+!!

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