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The BabyWise book is controversial, but we are interested in a respectful discussion over which baby sleep books and techniques readers found helpful. For our family, Babywise didn’t work with one of our children but did work for the other two. The problem with a book advocating a schedule is that breastfed babies cannot and should not be on schedules. RUN FROM BABYWISE, I was foolish enough to use it with my first child and still regret nine years later.
I recognize that it is not for everyone, but I guess I don’t understand why some people are so obsessively against it! But I have read the book myself and no where did I read in Babywise that you were to require your baby be on a rigid schedule, or go hungry. I don’t know anything about Baby Wise, but I do know a well rested mom is a good thing for the whole family. It is a highly conservative Christian baby rearing method which was circulated through churches, and then the religious aspects were edited out for mainstream sales.
This isn’t meant to spark debate, but simply to let people know the history and roots of the movement.
I think the major problem with Babywise is parents following it too strictly, and thus depriving their children. In that book, she explains why babies cry, how their bodies work, why they need so much sleep, how their sleep cycles works, and gives you tons of advice and leeway to make a plan that works for each parent-child relationship. As far as I remember, the babywise book was created by people that had not had children, correct?
Elizabeth Pantley has 4 kids, and tested her methods with hundreds of moms-children before putting her book out. But leaving a baby to cry alone or making a hungry baby wait hours to eat is just plain mean. I wonder if Candace’s strong conservative christian beliefs have influenced her choice in parenting manuals. I used Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child for both of my children and it was great, I’ve recommended it to everyone I know simply because it worked so well for us. That makes me so sad?? And it makes me lose any respect I might have had for Candace Cameron. I was hoping she wouldn’t fall into all of the stereotypes, and that she would be in favor of a more gentle style of parenting.
Does anyone who’s good at this kind of thing want to write an open letter to Jodie Sweetin? I have not read the book but I will say that I did use the CIO method with my DD who is now 4.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the reigning reality TV princess are both due in July, but their pregnancy styles are completely different!
Both women are due in July and are about four-and-a-half-months along, but Kim has started to show a lot more, and has been flaunting her bump more than Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge, however, kept her tiny baby bump more covered up in a MaxMara wrap dress when she attended a charity event at Hope House on Feb. On another rare public outing for the Duchess when she presented at the BBC Sports Personality Awards on Dec.
Kim, on the other hand, has been flaunting her bump — for example, she wore a sheer top and wide leg trousers on her way to a meeting on Feb.
I know that being a mom makes you really busy, too busy, in fact to read a book you fear you would disagree with terribly (I know, because I am the same way). I didn’t follow it by the book, but used the ideas from it to create the best plan for my son. How would they be able to say their method works if they haven’t have years of experience, ya know? If that type of sleep scheduling is desired, I’d recommend the Secrets of the Baby Whisperer book as an alternative to the potentially harmful Babywise. The Babywise author is a known evangelical christian and the publishing company offers many other christian books. It took me from getting no sleep with my 4 month old nursing baby to her being able to self soothe and sleep through the night by 6 months. Rather then feeding to sleep(and starting a very hard habit to break) or over-feeding and making things worse. Why would anyone lose respect for Candace based off one book recommendation that you don’t agree with? Take a look at our maternity fashion pics of the two beauties — whose style do YOU like best? Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, however, has taken an edgier and sexier approach to her maternity style. During a vacation to Rio de Janeiro with boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West, Kim posed with Kanye in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue, with her arms outstretched and her baby bump on display in a clingy, hot pink dress.
They learn that you will *not* always be there for them, and that they cannot depend on you to meet all of their needs.
You don’t nurse them to sleep and you put them in their crib awake from the beginning. Jodi Mindell who is a specialist in sleep disorders and is also from the Philadelphia area. What is so great about it is he not only breaks the book into ages and stages, but also into your parenting style.

She did what works for her family, and from what I’ve seen, her kids are happy and healthy.
But there is no book in the world that will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your baby.
My daughter developed her own schedule and while I believe there is an element of luck involved, she was sleeping 12 hour stretches at 8 weeks. Kate has also been photographed with her hands in front of her midsection a lot, looking like she’s protecting her baby. She has also been wearing sexy leather leggings a lot, and choosing trendier outfits and dresses for appearances — including the feather dress she rocked at the Top Shop LA store opening (with leather leggings, of course) on Feb.
Everytime you nurse, no matter how long it has been since your last feeding, make sure they take a full feeding (no snack nursing). It isn’t surprising that Candace is advocating this, since she and her brother Kirk are known for their extreme religion. I also nursed him for more than the first year, and never had any issues with my milk supply.
I haven’t read the book, but it seems like a few of the posters here have found some success with it.
Only when he felt his needs were being met, did he allow himself and trust us to sleep well. I think it’s important for parents to find what works for them, and this book surely did!
I strongly recommend this book to any parent, rather it be with a newborn or 3 year old who is refusing to take his naps. If she ever did cry when we put her down, she had stopped crying by the time we were leaving the room. She gained all her birth weight back before she was a week old and she kept gaining weight thereafter at a healthy rate. I agree in that reading only opinions of books or a review and not reading the WHOLE book for yourself is unfair. I had to let him learn to sleep on his own, which meant he had to cry it out (with me bawling on the other side of the door) and eventually he did sleep through the night.

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