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Pregnant Michelle Heaton wrapped up warm last night as she treated daughter Faith to a festive evening at Winter Wonderland.
Michelle, who is pregnant with baby two, looked warm in a black jacket with faux fur collar, teamed with an oversized black scarf and bobble hat.
For Michelle, the family outing came on a particularly important day marking twelve months since her brave decision to have a double mastectomy. Kelly Clarkson announced she was expecting her first child just a few weeks after marrying boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. Counting the days of your menstrual cycle will help you figure out when you’re most fertile. As much fun as it may be, increasing the frequency of sex isn’t as effective as choosing the ideal time to have sex. The closer sperm is to the cervical mucus, the better chance it has of surviving the acidity of the vagina, so choose a position that facilitates deep penetration. Research shows that having an orgasm during insemination increases the chance for fertilization. Stress can interfere with your ability to conceive because it affects the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs. You’ll want to consult with your doctor about any preexisting conditions you have such as diabetes and any genetic conditions that run in your family, so that you can be properly monitored.
Though this isn’t necessarily a conception tip, most women trying to get pregnant should take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid daily in addition to eating folate-rich foods such as spinach, citrus fruits, legumes and whole grains.

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The Liberty X singer and hunky husband Hugh Hanley brought their one-year-old to the opening of the annual Christmas event at London's Hyde Park on Thursday (21 November). She stayed comfy walking around the fairground in leggings and pretty amazing embellished boots.
She opted to have the procedure last year after learning she carries the BRCA2 gene, which could increase her chances of having cancer in the future. Ovulation generally occurs about two weeks before your period begins and you’ll notice a change in your cervical mucus and your basal temperature. Your best chances to conceive are 1 to 3 days before ovulation starts, so try then and take a break later (if you need one, that is). To further optimize your chances of conceiving make sure to keep the penis in the vagina post-ejaculation and lay flat for a half hour after sex — if you stand up, sperm can leak out without ever reaching the cervical mucus. Alkaline secretions in your uterus and vagina increase during orgasm aiding sperm motility, and uterine contractions help move sperm towards your fallopian tubes, particularly if you orgasm before or at the same time as your partner.
You’ll also want to be up to date on your immunizations as some infections can cause birth defects. In addition to taking the proper vitamins, you may want to talk to a nutritionist about starting a pre-pregnancy diet. Neural tube defects such as spina bifida, develop within the first 28 days after conception when you may not realize you’re even pregnant yet.

We want!We reckon little Faith, however, won the best dressed among the family award in her pink and purple outfit. When you’re fertile, cervical mucus is slippery, wet and clear, and your basal temperature will be higher than usual.
If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for over a year, it could be beneficial to look into infertility treatments. Being overweight can hinder your chances of getting pregnant and result in pregnancy complications. Folic acid reduces a baby's risk of neural-tube defects and is linked to a lower incidence of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes. Some women find that activities such as acupuncture, yoga or getting massages help to reduce fertility stress.
Some supplements to try: primrose oil, grape seed extract and lactobacilli (found in yogurt).

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