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Dam Ci Ci, its all good u are pregnant and what not, but why u had to select a struggling deadbeat dad, of multiple kids, to be the donor? Damn anything to have a check know good and damn well this shit was for TV now you bringing a life into it should have did what Lauren London did and fu** Wayne shit. I remember that within a span of 2 weeks, I went from not looking pregnant at all to looking about 6 months pregnant. Soon your baby may let you know that he's ready to try eating finger foods by grabbing the spoon you're feeding him with or snatching food off your plate.

Your baby may have already started feeding himself finger foods, although this can begin as late as 10 months.
By now, you may have already told your baby that the phone isn't a toy, or that rattles aren't for throwing, or that her sister's hair isn't for pulling. But you can't really tell whether she's a lefty or a righty until she's about 2 or 3 years old.
Scatter four or five pieces of finger food onto your baby's highchair tray or an unbreakable plate.

At this age, your baby may begin testing your authority by refusing to follow your simple directions.
We had intercourse after since we couldnt wait any longer lol and well we didn't use protection thinking everything will be fine and well on week &7 i had like spotting for a day or 2.

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