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Anyway, just wanted to say my grandmother had a good friend who way before IVF had her first born at 48.
Having a 7th baby at 48 is not the same as a first baby at 46…the latter is a tremendous risk.
Seems like Slimm prefers to sit in a bar somewhere drinking beers with his peeps than stuck in a room filled with estrogen and screeching women.
ITA with Maud the only way that she is positive she is fertile is if she has had pregnancies that she terminated. The age difference MAY be good in the sense that at least one parent statitistically may still be around and more active to take care of the child. The next time someone asks you something about a BODILY FUNCTION, just laugh & change the subject.
Maybe I’m looking at the pics wrong, but I think she looks better than when she was younger.
I’ve seen a lot of people who are 46 who look jacked, wrinkled, haggard, hard lived and old.
There are so many horrendous stories of children being neglected and worse and people are talking about the fact that she may not be around to meet her grand kids-thats a ridiculous attitude-in other words unless theres mommy and daddy and a white picket fence and the woman is under 30 then its not OK?? The way parenthood looks nowadays is changing with gay parents and older women having babies so I suggest we all get used to it. Oh, and I don’t know when the pics were taken, but I think the bottom one looks the best.

The screenshot shows a mandate released by a credit union in Shanyang District in Jiaozuo, central China's Henan Province, stating that all of its female employees will be fined 1000 yuan ($161) and will lose their chances of promotion if they don't get pregnant according to schedule. A company in Jiaozuo of Henan Province recently released a regulation, ordering all its female workers to get pregnant according to schedule.
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One in ten UK women have PCOS – but might never find out until they struggle to conceive. PCOS Awareness Week 2012 kicks off on November 3rd, with events all week, including a conference in York on November 10th, held by UK PCOS charity Verity. Celebrities with PCOS include Natalie Cassidy, Kym Marsh, Victoria Beckham, Jools Oliver and Emma Thompson. Those home fertility tests are not very accurate compared to the ones they run at the doctors. It is completely rude, tacky and classless to ask someone about their period in a TV interview- but remember this is Wendy Williams we are referring to.
Also at her advanced maternal age, she wil have a much higher chance of having a child with down’s syndrome or other developmental problems. Anyone who gets pregnant outside of this schedule will be fined at 1,000 yuan and lose her chances of promotion.  Is it ridiculous?

Such information is provided as reportage and dissemination of information but does not necessarily reflect the opinion of or endorsement by CRI.
Written by two women with PCOS at different stages of their fertility journeys, this book is packed with the latest scientific insights, useful, up-to-date practical advice on everything from IVF on the NHS to complementary therapies, expert research and stories from other women dealing with PCOS and fertility issues.
She has written numerous pioneering articles on PCOS for the media and has campaigned to raise awareness of this condition. Wendy asked her if she planned on marrying her 26 year-old boyfriend, a club promoter who goes by the name of Slimm. If I can get a girl and a boy that would be fabulous and I’m shutting up shop and shipping these eggs to Africa somewhere.
The age difference with the father is way to big, realistically it won’t work out in the long run (and I am pessimistic, because this is Hollywood we are talking about). PCOS Awareness Week on November 3rd coincides with the Fertility Show at London Olympia because in the UK, because PCOS is one of the leading causes of fertility problems. It seems silly for her to even discuss this sort of topic when she’s not even sure of anything.

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